The Twelve Foundation Areas of the World

There are twelve Inspirational sacred site circles on the body of the living Earth. When these twelve areas are all in a state of vitality, then the will of the Earth is able to take the quality of life for all beings to the next level. If there is war, famine, or any major tensions within any of these regions, then the overall potential for the quality of life on Earth is restricted. It is essential to continually work for the advancement of light, love, life, and liberty within these twelve foundation stone areas.

Up to this point we have listed the locations for the world chakra system and the world elemental system. These two connected systems contain 9 of the 12 major Earth foundations. The next three regions to examine are:

Area Ten: Bali, world purification centre
Area Eleven: Southern Mexico, EI Tule Tree and Palenque, androgyny-balance centre
Area Twelve: Mt. Fuji, Japan, world immortality and beauty centre

Finally, after all twelve centres are investigated, a thirteenth world centre acts to synthesise the forces emanating from the twelve. When the twelve gateways of the world open, then the Red Rose blooms.

Area Ten: Bali, Indonesia - the World Purification Centre

The female and male Great Dragon ley arteries cross at two points on the Earth: Lake Titicaca, the world second chakra, and on the island of Bali. The sacred sites of Bali act to purify the blood of the Earth. All forces transmitted by the world ley system eventually pass through this filter.

There are six regions on Bali which are dedicated to the purity of the world. Four of these sites act as pivots to alter the cross of the two dragons into a swastika pattern. A fifth centre expands from the central area of this swastika, from the most sacred spring on Bali. The sixth world centre is in the western part of Bali, operating from a more invisible realm.

As the Rainbow Serpent enters Bali, from Australia, it is cleansed at Ulu Watu of any impurities contained within light. Ulu Watu, site of the immortalisation of Nirartha (a 500 year old immortal), is the world temple dedicated to the purification of the earth element and the quality of light. From there, the Rainbow Serpent shifts towards the northeast and arrives at the second centre - Batur. Batur purifies the fire element and the quality of liberty.

The Quetzalcoatl current is cleansed at two other pivotal points. Arriving from Lake Titicaca, this ley is cleansed at Batakau, the water element and love quality centre. Next, this current reaches the highest mountain on Bali, Agung, where the air element and the quality of life itself is made pure.

All the world's ley forces enter Bali through one of the above four gates. After the initial purification of one of the four elemental frequencies, any remaining ley impurities dissolve more easily within the central area of the swastika. By the time a ley artery exits Bali, it is totally purified. Tirta Empul, the fifth world centre, contributes to this central purification process. Its spring waters bathe the male and female Dragon leys with the amrita of immortality.

The sixth centre is called Pulaki, and exists on the inner dimensions in the area around Mt. Merbuk, in western Bali. This is where the immortal "highlanders" of Bali operate from. If one of these immortals desires to contact someone mortal, they may assume the shamanic form of a white tiger. Pulaki also is dedicated to world purification. On Sagittarius new and full moons there are special interactions between these immortals and the other world sites on Bali.
Area Eleven: Southern Mexico, El Tule and Palenque - world inner balance centre

There are many sacred sites near the centre of this circle. The El Tule Tree, near Oaxaca, is directly on the path of the Plumed Serpent. Sites such as Palenque are equally important, but at a greater distance from the main world ley artery. This region is the world centre for androgyny - the inner balancing of yin and yang forces for a living being, of any species. It is from this centre that the macrocosmic balancing of the world is governed. The northern hemisphere is yang, or masculine. The southern hemisphere is yin, or feminine. The masculine elements of fire and air have their spinner wheels in the yang hemisphere. The water and earth vortices are in the feminine, southern hemisphere. These structures, and others, have their formative matrix in Southern Mexico.

Is the Earth feminine? Despite the tendency of some to call Earth a goddess, the answer is no. All beings upon a spiritual path eventually arrive at a point where they are whole. What may have been previously thought of as masculine or feminine qualities ultimately reveal themselves as neither. All real qualities are eternal, beyond gender, and attainable by all who seek greater life. Palenque, El Tule, and other sites in this region teach this sometimes difficult lesson.

The El Tule Tree was the world focal point for the activation of the Plumed Serpent ley artery at sunrise of 17 August, 1987. Previously, on 22 April, 1984, the feminine Rainbow Current was activated. When the Earth force of the liberated Quetzalcoatl spirit rose up from the roots of the El Tule living Tree of Life, then all the earth chakras and elemental spinner wheels began to operate as an integrated system. Glasnost and perestroika began to rapidly accelerate after this point in time.

Palenque is the most famous temple city of the ancient Mayan culture. Legends suggest that several individuals attained physical immortality from this site hundreds of years ago. Palenque is one of those rare mysterious cities from which the entire population has suddenly vanished - for no apparent reason. Like the fabled City of Enoch, perhaps the residents of Palenque immortalised and went off to be with the Eagle People.

When constructing the expanded circle from this region, centre your circle at El Tule, or nearby Mitla. Extend your radius out to touch the extreme northeastern point of the Yucatan peninsula, and then draw your circle. All sites within this great circle contribute to the balancing function of this eleventh world foundation. Gemini new and full moons are particularly efficacious at any of these sacred sites.

Area Twelve: Mt. Fuji, Japan - World Immortality and Beauty Centre

The last of the twelve foundation areas has its inspirational centre at Mt. Fuji, Japan. Each of the world twelve is the "anchor" for one of the twelve zodiacal forces - particularly as those energies are expressed through the new and full moons. Mt. Fuji is the world sacred site focus for the Aquarius new and full moons. Thousands of pilgrims climb Fuji-san on the night of the Aquarius full moon, in July or August of each year.

Once every 19 years, it may happen that the Fuji Moon culminates on 6 August. As this date is Hiroshima Day, and also Transfiguration Day (the day Jesus met the immortals Elijah and Moses, and became immortal himself) 6th August Fuji Moons are very auspicious. When working with the rhythm of the moon, it is useful to remember that the moon does a very precise and complex dance in the heavens which takes it back to the same place in the sky, in the same phase, and on the same date, once every 19 years. This is known as the lunar node cycle. It is used to structure major portions of the sacred site work throughout the world.

The name "Fuji" means immortal, and is derived from a very ancient, aboriginal word. Many of the myths and features of the mountain emphasise this physical immortality. Several hundred years ago, a Japanese woman eternalised her body from the summit. There is a spring of Everlasting Life on its slopes. Fuji, in the Aeon of Aquarius now unfolding, is destined to be a world beacon communicating the truth of everlasting life. Keats said that Truth is Beauty, and Beauty is Truth, and that is all one ever needs to know. The Earth wisdom of immortality gracefully emanating from Fuji is a Truth of powerful Beauty. Hence, the designation of this site as the world centre for Immortality and Beauty.

Quest the Ideal: Devote yourself to seeking the most beautiful Truth. When you find this most beautiful truth in the universe, become that beauty, incarnate that truth, and remember Fuji-san.
Area Thirteen: Sergiev Posad, Russian Federation - World Synthesis Centre

When the twelve foundations are established, then a 13th circle begins to expand. The Red Rose blooms. The geometrical centre for this area of world synthesis is Sergiev Posad, northeast of Moscow. Known during the communist era as Zagorsk, Sergiev Posad is the centre for the Russian Orthodox Church. St. Sergius, the spiritual founder of Russia, established this community in the 14th century. Danilov Monastery, in Moscow, is an equally important part of this synthesis.

When the world heart chakra expanded in 1984, and the Rainbow Serpent began to circulate immortal change around the world, the initial impact of this force was upon Zagorsk and Moscow. After this event, both glasnost and perestroika began to alter the global structure. The central time period for this transformation is from 20 April, 1989, to Russian Orthodox Easter of 2008. In 2008, the cultural wisdom of Russia begins to be distributed - via the Rainbow Snake - globally.

This Russian sacred site circle is called a Synthesis Centre because it acts to integrate and distribute all positive forces being generated from the 12 great foundation areas. As stated before, if there is congestion of any nature within any of the 12, it inhibits the potential of the Russian centre to expand and function with maximum grace. At the present time the world throat chakra-air vortex in the Middle East needs to achieve harmony and peace, in order for the Red Rose of Russia to unfold its revolutionary, eternal bloom.

Like the 12 foundation circles, this 13th synthesis area has its own lunar zodiacal attribution. What is a zodiacal "Blue Moon"? Periodically, due to the 19 year lunar node cycle, there occur two new or full moons, in succession, in the same sign of the zodiac. An example of this: On 20 April, 1989, there was a Scorpio full moon. Then, a month later on 20 May, 1989, there was a second Scorpio full moon. Normally, a Scorpio full or new moon is attributed to the world 7th chakra, Mt. Kailas. In the above example, the 20 April moon is assigned to Kailas. The second, 20 May moon is the Blue Moon, with the world focus shifted to Sergiev Posad, Moscow, and their related areas. Over time, these Blue Moon events occur in all 12 signs of the zodiac. Always, no matter what the sign, the second Blue Moon concentrates itself on the 13th World Synthesis area.

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