Expanding the Foundations: The Three Circles

This essay is an introduction to the world Earth Chakra system. Additional, equally vital world structures are described in future volumes in this series: Earth Chakras - The Structural Centres; and Earth Chakras - The Creative Centres. Also, more detailed descriptions of the world structure are to be found in my books: Earth Chakras - The Definitive Guide and The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail (to purchase a copy see Books by Robert Coon). What is next, for someone who has mastered the contents of this essay? Each of the 13 areas detailed within these pages, when fully expanded, have three – not one – sacred centres. When healthy, these three related centres each expand their circles over large areas. These three circles form, in most cases, an overlapping pattern. It is essential to work with all three circles, in order to establish the full mechanism of the chakra, vortex, or centre.

The 13 centres of this essay are called “Inspirational Centres”. Each is an area where new seeds, new revelations, and new activities may be experienced and energized. In order for these new forces to be made useful, they must be shifted to the 13 corresponding “Structural Centres”. Then, what has been made useful needs to be transferred to the 13 “Creative Centres”. It is only at this stage that the full world chakra becomes balanced. An example: For the World Heart Chakra the Inspirational Centre is Glastonbury-Shaftesbury; the Structural Centre is the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin; and the Creative Centre is Montserrat-Barcelona, Spain.

For a full understanding of the first phase of world sacred site work, a total of 39 sacred circles must be studied. Begin with the 13 contained within this work, and then extend your awareness to the 39.
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