Walpurgis Dogs and Beltane Dragons - The Guardian Dogs of the Glastonbury Zodiac
There is a key annual event that vitalises the earth magick of the Glastonbury Zodiac, Britain and the world. The time for this regeneration is Walpurgis Night and Beltane. The sacred place is Burrow Mump in Somerset.

The Celtic New Year begins on Samhain (Halloween) at true solar midnight 31 October-1 November. Walpurgis Night-Beltane marks the spiritual midpoint of the Celtic cycle and, six months later, is the mirror opposite, astrologically, to Samhain.

At solar midnight – when the Sun is exactly beneath the feet – on Samhain sacred fires are ignited to sustain all life and the Earth through the coming months of cold and darkness. The Flame of Samhain is absorbed into the body of all life.

Six months later, when the Scorpio-Taurus polarity is reversed on Walpurgis-Beltane, these absorbed fires are given back to life by the Living Earth. During these six months the Samhain flames are nourished and magnified within the alchemical crucible which is the heart chakra of this world. The most sacred full moon for the Glastonbury-Shaftesbury: Berlin: Montserrat-Barcelona World Heart Chakra, the Leo (ruler of the heart) full moon, culminates approximately halfway (January-February) through this Samhain to Beltane period and marks an important stage in the annual evolution of earth energies.

The most famous World Heart Chakra site for Walpurgis Night (30 April) is the Brocken, in the Harz mountains in Germany (51.48N 10.37E). Goethe, in his epic drama Faust, recounts the Walpurgis Brocken tradition. All the witches and warlocks of Western Europe meet atop the Brocken at midnight, to drink of the telluric elixir pouring forth from the earth via the mountain.

When Goethe walked through the forests of the western approach to the Brocken (this pathway is known as Goethe’s Way) he passed the giant stone altars of the ancients. The ceremonial fonts carved into the tops of these structures should be annually filled with consecrated waters from Chalice Well in Glastonbury.

If the Brocken is the most famous sacred site associated with Walpurgis-Beltane within the Planetary Heart Chakra, then the Burrow Mump area in Somerset takes precedence over it, in terms of initiatory earth energy development.

Burrow Mump is like a miniature Glastonbury Tor – a mini-Tor. On Walpurgis, when the sun is in Taurus – the sign of the bull – grasp the end of the string materialising at Burrow Mump and thread your way through the labyrinth that is the Glastonbury Zodiac.

If the Golden Thread of Tao does not break then, someday, you will discover the Philosopher’s Stone, catch a ride within the beak of the Eagle-Thunderbird, and arrive at Shaftesbury. Shaftesbury is another story, for another time… The Gateway to the outer world of the great Planetary Chakras is opened there with a Wand.

But back to the nose and mouth of the male Guardian Dog at Burrow Mump…

There are two Dogs to the west of the Glastonbury Zodiac, the Great Dog of Langport and the Polden Hound. The Great Dog is male and the Hound is female. These two dogs are the entrance portals for the Glastonbury Zodiac. You can not enter the Zodiac and begin to understand it until you have passed the scrutiny of the Dogs. These Dogs will sniff you and read your intentions. Cerberus or Anubis will fiercely protect the Temple of the Stars. It is mandatory that these dogs devour the ego – so that you do not exist – before the journey can begin.

The word “humility” is derived from the Latin “humus” – the earth. Dante makes it absolutely clear that the real spiritual journey can only commence when the traveller perfects humility. Humility begins at Burrow Mump – the nose of the Great Dog. Do not advance beyond this location until you have been devoured and completely assimilated into the living humus of the earth.


Walpurgis Dogs – The Ritual

Go to Burrow Mump on Walpurgis Night (30 April-1 May). Ring the Tibetan bells three times. This is a signal to all creation to be alert. Lay both your hands upon the earth within the ruins of St. Michael’s Church at true solar midnight. True midnight at Burrow Mump is always eleven minutes after the hour. For the Dog’s Nose this is 1:11 am, British Summer Time.

Project with all your heart and will energies of blessing to all life on Earth. Let this energy flow from the open heart, down both arms and into the earth.

Then be silent for an hour between 2 and 3 am. Let your spirit and intention be thoroughly examined by the Dog. If you survive this supernatural smelling session then walk 500 yards to the confluence of the Rivers Tone and Parrett. This is the Mouth of the Great Dog.

The best way to walk from the Mump to the mouth is to cross over the Parrett on Burrowbridge and turn left down the lane to Stanmoor Bridge over the River Tone. At the edge of this bridge walk down to the confluence point.

Arrive at the river bank around 3:30 am. Be silent and meditate on the waters flowing in the dark. Wait for the Signal: When the first bird sings out its call to you, heralding the coming of the dawn, listen to its message. Important: The Call of the Bird inviting you to proceed is vital. Do not continue with this ritual if the bird fails to extend its invitation. Try again next year.

The Walpurgis-Beltane Burrow Mump experience involves the interplay of creative earth forces, birds, fish, wind, sun, moon and stars. All of creation interacts to feed the Great Dog. The Call of the Bird is the signal to feed the Dog. Bread crumbs should be scattered on land for the birds and cast into the merging waters of the Tone and the Parrett for the fish and the Dog. Finally, throw a stone or jewel charged with blessings for all life into the mouth of the Dog – the confluence of the two rivers.

The quality of the grace that you contribute to this nurturing the Dog ritual will flow from this point through the entire planetary ley-sacred site system over the coming solar year.


Beltane Dragons

By 4:30 am the River Ritual should be complete. Return to the summit of Burrow Mump by 5 am.

With deep breathing establish a two-way flow of prana between yourself and the Living Earth: With every exhalation of breath project blessings for all life into the nose of the Dog. With every inhalation draw the Living Earth’s blessings into your body chakras.

Beltane sunrise is approaching … Local sunrise is approximately 5:45 am British Summer Time. Look to the northeast, towards Glastonbury Tor, and await the rising of the sun on May Day.

Sunrise of 1 May is the one unique day of the year when the Sun has its maximum impact upon the body of the Rainbow Serpent as it flows across the British landscape. Sunrise on this day shines directly down the Dragon ley-artery. From Norfolk to Cornwall, along the pathway of the Rainbow Serpent, the magick touch of sunrise takes 30 minutes to caress the back of the Dragon.

When this solar stroking of the Dragon reaches Burrow Mump, let its golden threads enter your heart, your eyes and your brow area. Hear the Rainbow Serpent purring… Witness the Guardian Dog transform into a Guide Dog. It is now time to enter the labyrinth of the world.

I give to you the end of a golden string,
Only wind it into a ball:
It will lead you in at Heaven’s gate,
Built in Jerusalem’s wall.

- from Jerusalem, plate 77
William Blake, circa 1812

With intuition and purity of heart and purpose, hold on to the golden string of Beltane and follow the Guide Dog of Langport. Along the Road you may find a Griffin, a Rainbow Serpent and a Plumed Serpent. But first, the Great Dog will introduce you to its companion – the Polden Hound.

After sunrise, travel north to the Edington Holy Well, located just above the crown chakra of the Polden Hound. Take holy waters from Chalice Well, solarised at Burrow Mump by Beltane sunrise, and pour them into the Holy Well. This ritual should be done exactly at true solar noon, 1:11 pm, 1 May. Now there are two Guide Dogs.

Follow the Hound and the Dog and go to Wearyall Hill. This is the entry point for the Glastonbury Zodiac. Go to the Holy Thorn Tree and pour the remaining consecrated Chalice Well waters from the Burrow Mump ritual onto the base of the Tree. Climb to the summit of Wearyall and look to the west. At sunset turn to the south and speak a Sacred Vow to Quest for the Holy Grail within the Glastonbury Zodiac and beyond… Follow the path of the Rainbow Serpent and the Plumed Serpent. Follow the Beltane Dragons throughout the world.

I bequeath to you
Silver Threads of Perfect Tao
To guide thee
Through the Forest of my Passion…
I redeem for you
The Royal Road of Perfect Will
So that you may travel
As You please
Within the Lion Eagle’s breast!
And may the twin serpents
Smiling in your eyes
Be mighty in their Call…
For the Everlasting Thrill
Within my soul
Doth yearn to dwell with thee

- from "Will of Aeon"
Robert Coon, 1975
There are a number of sacred hills dedicated to the Archangel Michael along the British sector of the Rainbow Serpent planetary ley artery. Glastonbury Tor and the nose of the Dog, Burrow Mump, are among these sites.

What does this mean? Why is Michael shown as slaying the dragon? The symbolism of Michael and the dragon has been obscured over the centuries.

Michael represents trust and communication. Michael corresponds with Hod in the Cabalistic Tree of Life, to Mercury, to Gemini and to Hermes. The Dragon is the Rainbow Serpent that carries the life-giving waters of the Holy Grail around the world. The fusion of Michael and the Dragon at sacred sites along the Rainbow Serpent path represents the ability to contribute to the Beauty and Eternalisation of the World.

Sunrise of Beltane, 1 May, places an annual solar blessing upon the pathway of the Rainbow Serpent across Britain. This blessing gives greater health to this great planetary ley serpent. A season after the Walpurgis-Beltane feeding of the Great Dog, around Lammas and the Leo new moon, the Radiant Body of the Rainbow Serpent unveils its new tattoos – exactly in the centre of its British sector, in Wiltshire. Tanned to greater health by the sacred solar flame of Beltane, the Rainbow Dragon reveals new designs of greater life upon its skin – the crop circles. What is done annually with the Walpurgis Dogs gives greater Life and Wisdom to the land and the world. May the twin Beltane Dragons – the Major Ley Arteries of the Living Earth – reveal the Magick and Beauty of the Eternal within all Creation. So Let It Be!

Gemini full moon, 2006
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