How to use the Earth Chakras Celestial Alchemy Calendar


The timing of a sacred site link-up meditation is very important. For a new moon, begin at the time of inception listed here, and continue for at least one hour. For a full moon, do the opposite: Begin your meditation at least one hour beforehand, and conclude it at the culminating time listed. If a particular new or full moon happens at a time of day that is awkward for you, then do the new moon as soon as you can after the time given, and the full moon prior to the time. Carefully add or subtract the correct hours to adjust the Universal Time to your own locality. The most common mistake made is to forget adjustments for summer time, wherever it is in effect.

Planting Magickal Seeds from New Moon to Full Moon

In this calendar, you are encouraged to work with the relationship between each new moon and the full moon which follows it two weeks later. Plant your magickal seeds and initiate new things on a new moon. Then expand these new moon experiences as the moon waxes. Finally, work with the full maturity of each lunar month on the full moon. Try to shift the Earth Energies of the new moon site to the full moon site. If there is an eclipse happening, then this will tend to make that moon stronger in its magickal effect.

Earth Chakra-Sacred Site Focus

For purposes of Earth Chakra Alchemy, each new or full moon concentrates its energies upon a specific sacred site, or Earth Chakra, area of the world. The primary sacred site focus (incorporating an Inspirational, Structural, and Creative Site) for each moon is listed, along with its global function. Also, where appropriate, themes that may be incorporated into meditations are given.
Whenever possible, try to do these events outdoors, in nature, at a beautiful and inspirational location. Open your senses to appreciate everything around you. Try to dissolve all boundaries between yourself and all other beings, objects, forces, and energies in your environment. With breath and will, draw the totality of nature's magickal presence into your body and into the centre of your heart. Magnify these gathered forces inside your heart with feelings of intense joy and thanksgiving. Then, with clarity and direction of purpose, emanate this multiplied grace outwards, either silently or by prayer, ritual, and invocation, to the Earth Chakra specified, and to the world and all living beings on the Earth. Beyond this, extend your blessings in all directions throughout the Universe.

You may find it useful to collect photos or illustrations of the various sacred sites mentioned. If you don't have a photo, try to imagine, or visualise, the area of the world you are concentrating on. Above all, try to enjoy what you are doing during these "link-up" times. Be clear about your Highest Purpose, and be as creative and as spontaneous as you can on these occasions.

If you feel it useful, and find it enjoyable, keep a special journal that only contains your thoughts and experiences derived from every new or full moon that you choose to celebrate. Such a journal could develop into something very helpful to your own personal journey. Enjoy every instant of your life as we build Aquarius.




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