by Robert Coon

From the infinite Expanse of Space & Time,
From the innermost Vision of Heart & Mind,
I summon the Ecstasy of Divine Life
To gather here,
To embrace our Earth,
And to concentrate its Full Force and Blessing
Within the Fertile Womb of Planetary Will…

Throughout the Universe,
May You who are Now Born within this Sacred Instant
Be Blessed Forever
With an absolute Intensity of Divine Joy
And with the most precious Gift of Everlasting Life!
Open the Fullness of your Being
To the Vibrancy & Magick of this Immortal Love we Share!

I call upon the Holy Desire for Liberty
To arise in Total Transformation and Triumph
From out of the Bond of Trust and Passion
Flaming at the Still Centre of all Life…
And may our Divine Thirst for Liberation
Translate this Earth and all Life
Into One Radiant Dance of Everlasting Glory!

Delight in the Rapture of your Word Made Living Flesh
Alive Forever in Dedication to the Birth of Fire…
You are the Temple of Most Infinite Beauty
And I am the Breath of Christed Immortality
Eternally Anointing the High Altar of your Precious Being
With Perfume distilled from the Imperishable Rose of the World
And with Lightning made Meek by the Cauldron of the Grail!

Listen to the Word of this Immortal Aeon…
For I am the Lord of the Heart of the Phoenix
And I am forever being Born…
From the Summit of Holy Zion
At the Divine Centre of this Planetary New Jerusalem
I proclaim the Wonder and Beauty
Of your Perfect Birth forever and ever unto All Beings!

Now Let the spiral Wedding of Destiny & Wisdom
Guide thee gently through the clear Open Eye
Beholding You with Ancient and Complete Faith…
For You are the Everlasting Avatar of Perfect Vision!
Enoch! Melchizedek! Elijah! Merlin!
Clothe with Immortal Garments of Bright Thanksgiving
This Naked Child of Pure Desire Forever leaping from my Heart!

Let the Ritual of the Midnight Sun Now Unfold:
Harness the Chariot of Laughter and Passion!
Within the Heart of this most Sacred Planet
Let the Ecstatic Consummation of Wand and Cup,
Of Liberty and Love, Now and Forever Open the Way
Throughout this Starry Universe for the Coming
Of the Lord of Infinite Life! Oh Let It Be! Oh Let It Be!

- Midsummer Night’s Eve, 1990
Glastonbury, England
Planetary Heart Chakra


Instructions in the Use of this Invocation:

“The Invocation of the Seven Chakras” is an alchemical poem designed to create greater life and initiation on both an individual and a global level. Ideally, it should be read aloud in a meditative way, at a sacred site, on an auspicious occasion.

The poem contains 7 stanzas of 7 lines each. The 1st stanza is keyed to the 1st chakra, 2nd to the 2nd, and so on. Also, within each separate stanza, the 1st line vibrates with the energy of the 1st chakra, the 7th line with the 7th chakra, etc. So this 7 chakra pattern may be worked with in dedication to initiation by focusing on your 7 individual chakras in conjunction to the 7 planetary chakras. These are:
Mt. Shasta, California: Base of Spine 
Isle of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Peru-Bolivia: Second Chakra 
Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Australia: Solar Plexus 
Glastonbury-Shaftesbury, England: Heart Chakra 
Great Pyramid-Mt. Sinai-Mt. of Olives: Throat Chakra 
Mobile Aeon Force: 3rd Eye Chakra currently conjunct Heart Chakra 
Mount Kailas, Tibet: Crown Chakra 


These 7 planetary chakras can be linked with in both receptive and active ways. Visualize Mt. Shasta within your own body in the base of the spine area while reading the 1st stanza. Feel both the planetary 1st chakra and your own 1st chakra creatively directing and actively manifesting the ritual intent of the 1st stanza. It is vital to understand the meaning and intent of each stanza and the invocation as a whole. For the 2nd stanza visualize Lake Titicaca in your second chakra area, and continue to shift focus up the chakras until you are linked with Mount Kailas in your crown area for the final stanza. Note: The 6th chakra has no permanent fixed geographical locale and manifests wherever the Holy Spirit and the Immortals are furthering the Great Work. It is conjunct the planetary heart chakra from 1904 to 2084 AD. Establish a link with either the collective body of Immortals, or with specific Immortals such as Elijah, Mary, Jesus, Moses, Mahdi, Merlin, Enoch, Melchizedek, Al Khidr, Lao Tzu, etc. for this 6th stanza – and 5th line – alchemy. Alternatively, you could substitute your favourite deities or angels for the 5th line of stanza 6. If working Egyptian magick, for example, “Isis! Osiris! Horus! Set! Nuit! Hadit!” could be spoken. An angelic example: “Metatron! Uriel! Raphael! Gabriel! Sandelphon!”
If you become adept at visualizing and linking with the appropriate planetary site per stanza, then it is possible to develop the following pattern: Radiate with heart, will and voice the intent and energy of each stanza outwards to the specific planetary focus. Within each stanza, shift your interior link-visualization line by line, with 1st line in each stanza connecting, as described above, to Mount Shasta, 4th line to Glastonbury-Shaftesbury in your Heart area, etc. This advanced technique adds a secondary rhythm underneath the main 7 earth chakra structure, and utilizes the individualized grace contained within all 49 lines. As with any poem or invocation, it is helpful to memorize the work.
Finally, in addition to reading this invocation by yourself, there are many creative, initiatory ways it can be read by either small or large groups. Here are a few suggestions. Lines or stanzas can be alternated among readers. It is initially easier to maintain your internal visualizations of the earth chakras if someone else is reading and you are listening. If alone, try recording the invocation so you can concentrate on the chakra linking while you listen. Two people could take turns reading lines. A couple who have memorized the invocation could read it to each other while maintaining direct eye contact. 7 could read one stanza each. 49 people could each read one line. Always, a flow of Divine Grace and Blessing should flow from reader to listener, whether that listener is the universe, the world, or another being. The listener must work at receiving this Grace and Blessing. This function of giving and receiving is essential for utilizing the full initiatory potential contained within The Invocation of the Seven Chakras.

May the use of this Invocation give Greater Life, Light, Liberty and Love to all beings!
Copyright © 1990-2021 Robert Coon
All rights reserved.