Lake Titicaca

I call upon the Spiritual Presence
Of every Being of Love and Truth
To Hear and Heed this Invocation!

Oh may the Spritual Guardians of the Andes --
And every sacred site --
Be nourished and sustained with the Fruits
Of Everlasting Life!

From the Waters of Lake Titicaca,
I call upon the Immortal Flame of Viracocha*
To Arise! Arise! Lord of Life!

Great Creator of All Life,
Bless this Union of male and female,
Of Sun and Moon!
Oh Bless this Union
Of the Two Great Feathered Serpents
Who embrace our world with Love!

Oh Let the Perfect Children
Of this Marriage NOW come forth
From every Heart upon this Planet --
With Joy, with Light, and with the Spirit of Liberty --
To establish forever and ever,
A Paradise of Immortal Beauty, and Everlasting Peace!

And Now --
In total harmony with the Spirit of Truth --
May All Immortal Masters from every Tradition
To send forth the Highest Divine Blessings
Of Joyous Gratitude and Loving Light
To heal, to awaken
and to vitalize our Mother Earth!
May the Living Flame of Viracocha
The True Will for Immortality
throughout this Universe!
There is Now an Answer!
Let It Be! Oh Let It Be!

*(Viracocha: In the ancient tradition of the Incas, Viracocha first appeared upon this earth as the original creator by rising up out of the waters of Lake Titicaca. Then Viracocha created the sun and the moon, male and female, and all things yin and yang upon the earth. And now in this New Immortal Aeon, Viracocha rises up again to bless the union of male and female and the Immortal Children of all such unions. As the sustainer of all Life, Viracocha traditionally possesses the Divine Quality of Luminous Eternal Youth. Incans who lived to an advanced age attributed their longevity to Viracocha. The Aztec Quetzalcoatl and the Mayan Kukulcan are equivalents...)

Wesak Full Moon
13 May 1987

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