The Four Elements: The Great Spinner Wheels, or Vortices

There are four great vortices on the Earth body, two yang areas north of the equator which regulate the masculine elements of fire and air; and two yin centres in the southern feminine hemisphere which govern water and earth. These four spinner wheels are able to revolve in either direction, according to circumstances. This tendency to powerfully spin results in these four circles having greater maximum radii – up to 1746 miles – than the driver wheel earth chakras on either of the two great Dragon paths. These four areas should be regarded as equal in status to the seven chakras. Here are the cardinal centres for these circles:

Earth: Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain, overlooking both the Indian and Atlantic oceans, is the world earth element vortex, and governs the usage of light as a force to develop life. Light can be either destructive or constructive. Table Mountain directs the constructive potential of light. How can the power of light contained within matter be used to develop new global cultural structures? Listen to Table Mountain for the answer to this question.

Table Mountain displays the greatest creativity and fluidity in dealing with all things that the earth element symbolises alchemically. Imagine the summit of this mountain as a planetary Round Table, where there is no hierarchy, and all traditions, races and cultures are respected. When the positive wisdoms of all cultures are distributed globally, then all boundaries vanish. This is one of the inevitable consequences of earth chakra development.

Although the light-earth forces of Table Mountain may be spun in either direction, according to specific needs, the natural spin here is clockwise. Along with the anti-clockwise fire vortex at Haleakala, Table Mountain influences the flow of the Quetzalcoatl current around the world.

Water: Rotopounamu, North Island, New Zealand

The second elemental vortex in the southern hemisphere is centred at Rotopounamu, a small sacred lake just south of Lake Taupo, in New Zealand. The natural flow for this spinner wheel is in an anti-clockwise direction. The pathway around the lake takes about 90 minutes to walk. Locally, Rotopounamu is the second chakra of the female mountain, Pihenga - consort to the male mountain Tongariro. The fruit created from the union of these two mountains emerges from Rotopounamu, and advances the adventure of life throughout the world.

According to Maori understanding, Rotopounamu is the lake of the second emerald stone. Green is symbolic of the heart. Worldwide, the first emerald stone is an archetype at Glastonbury Tor, and the second emerald stone defines the centre of the world water vortex. These two sacred site centres are antipodean to each other. If the Holy Grail is associated with one of these poles, then the Grail Net - the totality of all global ley lines activated - is initially raised from Rotopounamu.

Light is the quality worked with at Table Mountain. In the water vortex, the quality is love. Multiply the speed of light by itself, and you arrive at the velocity of love. The best use of light, worldwide, is to develop love and compassion. The best use for love is to expand the presence of everlasting life throughout the world.

For each of these earth chakras and elemental vortices there is an auspicious time, which occurs once about every six months, when the sacred site area is at its most powerful phase, in terms of advancing the Earth purpose. For Rotopounamu this is at the time of the Pisces full moon, in August or September; and at the time of the Pisces new moon, in February or March each year. Consult the table included in this essay to see the lunar correspondences for each of other major world centres.

Air: Great Pyramid, Mt. Sinai, and the Mount of Olives

The world air vortex is identical to Chakra Five, the world throat chakra. The locations are the same. The natural clockwise rotation of this area stimulates the flow of the Rainbow Serpent from England towards Russia. It was in this direction that the world's life force moved in 1984, to begin the global process of openness (glasnost) and restructuring (perestroika).

At this world air-immortal life vortex, on special occasions, let simultaneous clockwise and anti-clockwise life forces arise as a twin spiral archetype, speaking the first and last word of the cosmos - everlasting life. From the Middle let the wind of the Earth's breath ignite every thought. Burning thoughts are eternal magicians, conscious of their purposes.

Multiply the velocity of love by itself, and you arrive at the speed of eternity. When the heart of the Earth is open to its maximum, then the Rainbow Serpent accelerates to the frequency of immortality. Opposition to the union of love and will declines throughout the 21st century. The victory of life is assured.

There is a special relationship between the world earth and air vortices. This is symbolised by the Sword and the Stone. The Stone is Table Mountain, while the Sword is the Mount of Olives (or the Great Pyramid, or Sinai). It is essential to visit the interior parts of matter. While the Sword is within the Stone, let the sword absorb an understanding of liberty, as it is understood within matter. Do not seek liberation from matter - seek the liberation of matter. Matter does not seek to escape or transcend; it only seeks to express its highest purpose.

On the lunar calendar, Virgo is associated with the earth vortex, and Libra rules the air vortex. On the September equinox, the sword is plunged into the heart of matter from the air vortex. Simultaneously, from Table Mountain - the earth vortex - the Sword is pulled from the Stone. In the northern hemisphere, the sword enters the stone at the instant of the autumn equinox, on the Virgo-Libra cusp. In the southern hemisphere, the sword is pulled from the stone at the exact instant of the spring equinox. Let your imagination and purpose expand to experience this simultaneous global magick.

Fire: Haleakala Crater, Maui, Hawaii

The final elemental spinner wheel is centred at Haleakala in Hawaii. This is the global fire vortex, and governs liberty. Liberty is the result obtained when the "straight and narrow" pathway of the True Will is followed at all times. In order for liberty to flourish, the prerequisite of adjustment must be established, individually and throughout society. Adjustment is a synonym for justice. It is only after justice and liberty have been united that the fruit of everlasting life may be gained. Haleakala deepens the world understanding of liberty, in this context.

In the Cabala, there is a pathway travelled only by mystics which crosses the centre of the abyss. This path is symbolised by the High Priestess card in tarot. Also, the image of a camel crossing the desert is associated with this path. It connects Tiphareth with Kether. Tiphareth is the sphere of love, and is represented in the solar system by the sun. Kether governs Highest Purpose (True Will), and has a representative in Pluto. The mystic safely travels this road above the abyss because their love for the divine everywhere present creates a burning desire to utterly merge with the "Divine Will". Again, Haleakala can increase one's wisdom on this connection between love and will.

According to legend, the ancient Polynesian god, Maui, captured the sun as it passed through the zenith above Haleakala Crater. Maui told the sun that it could not gain its liberty until it agreed to give the Earth a special blessing through Haleakala, as it reached the zenith each day there. The sun agreed to this, and continues to keep its word.

The world fire and water vortices combine to create the alchemical formula, the Wand conjoined with the Grail. The Haleakala fire centre is governed by Aries, while the water vortex at Rotopounamu is the world focus for Piscean energies. At the instant the sun is on the Pisces-Aries cusp, the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere, the Wand of Will infuses the Holy Grail with fires of liberty. At the same instant in New Zealand, at the autumn equinox, love emanating from the Grail nurtures the Will of the Earth spirit.

These symbolisms can be studied through the Cabala, for those with such an interest. All real learning through the Cabala comes from direct actions, not from the written word. In the Tree of Life, the fusion of wand and grail is also shown as a horizontal union between Chokmah (Neptune) and Binah (Saturn). Chokmah represents the luminous eternal wisdom of the Wand-Will; Binah designs the structure of the Holy Grail. Thoth holds the Wand, while Isis holds the Grail. When the cross is activated from Kether to Tiphareth, and from Chokmah to Binah, then a path of harmony between Earth will and individual will is forged, and the dweller in the abyss is no more.

On an Aries new or full moon, inside the crater of Haleakala, meditate upon fire, purpose, and liberty.
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