Planetary Gate 20
Inspirational Centre = Manaus, Amazon
Structural Centre = Angel Falls, Venezuela
Creative Centre = Lago Arari, Ilha de Marajo, Brazil

Teatro Amazonas, Manaus and confluence of Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes in Brazil, will host the Birth of the Aeon of Sagittarius sometime after 6000 AD. Again, the mobile planetary sixth chakra - the Aeon Shift Factor - will have moved a further 1/12th to the west. (For more information on the planetary mobile chakra see The Great Zodiacal Ages: From Pisces to Aquarius). This centre near Manaus begins to develop in 2020.
The five year Brazil cycle reaches its culmination on Easter, 12th April 2020, with a lovely Jupiter conjunct Pluto (exact on 5 April, 2020) which bestows the Blessings of the January Saturn-Pluto event upon All.
Manaus forms a Bonded Partnership with Iquitos in Peru. The Structural Component of Manaus is at Angel Falls, Venezuela. Angel Falls forms a Bonded Partnership with source of the Arecebo River in Puerto Rico (Gate 29). The Creative Component of Manaus is also in
Brazil on the Isle de Marajo at the mouth of the Amazon. This site forms a Bonded Partnership with Brasilia - the Structural Component of Rio de Janeiro (Gate 21).
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