Planetary Gate 50

Inspirational Centre = Mount Hope, Eternity Mountains, Antarctic Peninsula

Structural Centre = Bear Island, Antarctica 

Creative Centre =Elephant Island

From the far north of Spitsbergen we now turn to the far south. The wiring and activation of Antarctica is the final phase of the Great Work prior to the synthesizing of this 4th cycle in Gate 52 (Bermuda). The 13th Gate in each cycle only comes into being when the previous 12 Gates are all functional. Moscow, Beijing, and Easter Island were the 13th Gates of the first three cycles - each representing the Fruit of a Great Wesak 19 year cycle.

The Creative Component of Mt. Hope - Elephant Island - forms a Bonded Partnership with South Georgia (Gate 41). Mount Hope forms its own Bonded Partnership with the Creative Component of the Falklands (Gate 41) - Lake Buenos Aires - which is located on the South American Continent. The Structural Circle of Mount Hope is centred at Bear Island off the Walgreen Coast of Antarctica. This Structural Circle, in turn, forms a Bonded Partnership with the penultimate Gate 51 - the South Pole.

There is something appropriate in the names here in the Planetary Gate 50 complex: The Bear and the Elephant at the bottom of the world support Hope in the midst of the Eternity Range. This is similar to many ancient cosmologies where strong animals support the globe.


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