Planetary Gate 18

Inspirational Centre = Buenos Aires

Structural Centre = Iguazu Falls-Concepcion-Cerro Cora

Creative Centre = Santiago

This Inspirational Circle is activated by 1st February 2013. Buenos Aires forms a Bonded Partnership across the Atlantic with the Pilansberg - the Structural Component of Gate 12.

The Buenos Aires Structural Circle forms from Iguazu Falls, Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay, Concepcion, Paraguay and Parque Nacional Cerro Cora, Paraguay. These sites form a Bonded Partnership with the Creative Salvador area of Brazil (Gate 21). The Creative Circle of Buenos Aires forms from Plaza de Armas-Cerro Santa Lucia-Cerro San Cristobal- Parque Forestal, Santiago, Chile. These sites forms a Bonded Partnership with the Falklands (Gate 41).


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