Planetary Gate 23
Inspirational Centre =  Arunachala Hill, Chennai, India
Structural Centre = Piram Island, Gulf of Cambay-Narmada River, Gujarat, India
Creative Centre = Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

Arunachala Hill is the central Earth Chakra in southern India. It is near the town Tiruvannamalai, which is southwest of Chennai (formerly Madras). The Structural Circle forms from Piram Island, Gulf of Cambay-Narmada River (Nerbudda). Also near the centre of this Circle is Auroville, with its link to the Immortalist, Sri Aurobindo. Within the expanded 777 Circle of this Earth Gate is the sacred Creative Component - Adam's Peak, in Sri Lanka.
Arunachala has a great number of spiritual associations. We perhaps hear about it most often in the West through the life and teachings of the Indian Ramana Maharshi. The 37 mile radius is to be complete by 2025. All of the sacred sites in Northern India are located within the great Circle of the Planetary Crown Chakra centred at Mount Kailas and Lake Manasarowar in Tibet.
Arunachala Hill forms a Bonded Partnership with the Planetary Solar Plexus (Gate 3) Creative Component - Gathaagudu (Shark Bay) in Western Australia. Adam's Peak forms a Bonded Partnership with Mt Damavand in Iran (Gate 37).
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