Planetary Gate 43

Inspirational = Ascension Island, Atlantic Ocean  

Structural Centre = St. Helena Island, Atlantic Ocean

Creative Centre = Mount Loma, Sierra Leone

Ascension Island, named after Ascension Day, in the South Atlantic is a 4th generation Inspirational Circle, with the following lineage: Glastonbury-Shaftesbury, High Atlas, Dakar, Ascension. It forms a Bonded Partnership with the Dakar Creative Circle - Cape Verde Islands (Gate 31). The Ascension Island Structural Circle is at St. Helena, which, in turn, reaches south to form a Bonded Partnership with the Creative South Pole Circle which is at Sanae (the South African station) in Antarctica (Gate 51).

The Creative Component for Ascension Island is located on the African mainland at Bintimani Peak (Loma Mansa ) in the Loma Mountains, Sierra Leone. This Creative mountain forms a Bonded Partnership with the Structural Component of the previously mentioned Dakar Gate - Timbuktu, in Mali.

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