Planetary Gate 48

Inspirational Centre = Graciosa, The Azores

Structural Centre = St. George’s Island, Bermuda

Creative Centre = Lisbon, Portugal

The geomythic bridge which represents ''Atlantis Rising'' forms between this Azores Inspirational Circle and the final Inspirational Circle (Gate 52) in Bermuda. The restoration of the Golden Age is one of the most potent themes in this Aquarian Aeon. The Return to Eden, the Liberation of Chronos, the Return of the Wisdom of Lost Atlantis - all are similar in concept.

The Azores-Bermuda Atlantean Resurrection Bridge is a unique feature within the 156 Planetary System, for neither of these two Inspirational sites are directly in normal descent from any of the original 12 Gates. Throughout the four great time cycles, each Inspirational Circle is energised by a Creative or Structural Circle from a previous Great Wesak period. For example, the second cycle Arunachala, in India, is energised by the first cycle Creative Solar Plexus Centre, Gathaagudu (Shark Bay), in Australia. For 50 of the 52 Inspirational Circles, this pattern prevails. But in this case, the Azores and Bermuda - both fourth cycle Inspirationals - form Bonded Partnerships with aspects of each other: The Azores unites with the Creative Bermuda Circle, and Bermuda bonds with the Structural Azores Circle.

They do link into the global pattern through Bonded Partnerships. The Creative Azores Component is Lisbon, Portugal, which bonds with the Structural Bahamas third cycle Circle. When 2046 arrives, it may be useful to activate the Creative Lisbon first, and then the Inspirational Azores. This reverses the normal procedure. This transatlantic Bond gives the Azores a lineage which can be traced on the flow charts back to Lake Titicaca. Another long distance line can be traced from Mt. Shasta through Bermuda - to the Azores. It is interesting that the Planetary Base and Birth Chakras have links with the Restoration of the Atlantean Bridge. Also, two national capitals - Lisbon and Washington DC - play roles in this 4th Great Wesak Cycle Atlantean Magick. The Azores Bonds with the Creative Circle of the Bermudas, which is Washington DC. The strength of this Azores-Bermuda Bridge is uniquely augmented because of the Structural Circle of the Azores. This Structural Circle is actually centred within the Bermudas on St. George's Island. Thus the expanded Inspirational orb of the Bermudas is almost identical in area to the Structural Circle emanating from the Azores. This gives a double strength to the final 52nd Gate of the Planetary Omega Sphere which is the New Jerusalem.

A note on language: I have often used such terms as Messiah and the New Jerusalem. Also I use the term Christ. The 156 planetary system described in my writings is universal, interconnects all cultures, and can be described in the terminology of any religious path. This New Aeon contains a New Revelation from the Divine. The Living Spirit of Truth shall always find new prophets and reveal new prophecies. Any religions which try to claim that they are the final prophecy or Word of the Divine are automatically cutting themselves off from the Living Communion of God. Listen to the Living Earth, and you will forever hear new words of magick, change, and evolution.

The 156 sacred circles are the structural aspects of the Return of Christ, the Coming of the Planetary Iman Mahdi, the Maitreya, the Kalki Avatar, the Planetary Messiah, etc. These sacred circles are the 156 Jewels of Allah. They are the 156 Graces of the Planetary Body of Christ. They are the 156 Jewels of Mount Zion shining from the Centre of the New Jerusalem. They are the 156 Divine Virtues of the Maitreya Buddha. They are the 156 Foundations of the Kalki Avatar which uplift all beings and this Earth into everlasting and triumphant frequencies of ever more abundant Divine Life. If you hear and understand this prophecy in your heart, then the language of your own tradition comes alive to creatively define this Revelation in expansive and clear terms.

In the Azores, certain islands associate with Structural, Creative, and Inspirational aspects. Flores and Corvo Islands, in the west, act as roots to the Structural St. George's Bermuda emanation. And Sao Miguel Island to the east acts in a similar way to connect with the Creative Lisbon Component. The small Graciosa Island in the middle of the Azores acts as the geometric centre to the Inspirational Circle itself. As will be mentioned later, there are similar specific island functions with the Bermuda group also.


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