Planetary Gate 26
Inspirational Centre = Beijing
Structural Centre = Tai Shan
Creative Centre = Karakorum

The forming of this Liberated 37 mile zone is the last phase of the 2008-2027 Time cycle. In much the same way as the Sergiev Posad-Danilov-Moscow centre emerged as the fruit of the 12 Planetary Foundation Gates in 2008, so does Beijing form as the fruit of the second 12. This should be completed by Easter of 2027 AD.; but only if developments at the previous 25 centres have matured sufficiently.

Near the end of this Great 19-year cycle, there is a powerful archetypal conjunction between Saturn and Neptune which acts to synthesise all the Earth Chakra work developed from 1989 to 2026. This alchemical event is on 20 February, 2026, and culminates within the first degree of Aries. It is the most important planetary conjunction since the Saturn-Pluto event of 2020. It will most likely involve a link-up among many of the first and second Wesak cycle sacred sites, in an effort to move towards the Beijing synthesis of 2027.

The completion of this 26 pattern in 2027 AD restores the Lost Word of Divine Will. In gematria, these 26 sites interact to form the planetary frequency called ''Tetragrammaton". The highest Divine Will of Kether for Immortal Life is completely established in Malkuth, on Earth. The Pluto transit of Capricorn has been completed. The value of the 4 Hebrew letters which represent the Lost Word of Eden is 26. 26 is 1/6th of 156, which is the value of Zion, the spiritual centre and summit of the Omega Sphere of the Planetary New Jerusalem.

Always remember: The Road to Zion is the Way of the Total Purification of the Heart, both planetary and individual. Follow this Way, and it is certain that we shall meet upon the eternal Summit of Zion!

Beijing forms a Bonded Partnership with Gongga Shan, in Sichuan Province. The Structural Component of Beijing is Tai Shan in Shandong Province. Tai Shan is one of several sacred mountains associated with the Immortals, or Hsien, of China. The Creative Beijing Component is Karakorum in the Gobi Desert. the ancient Mongolian capital.

Auspicious dates for harmonising with Beijing:

20 April-20 May 2008: Great Wesak Month, a pure Aquarian frequency is established. This is the central event within the establishment of Aquarius, from 1904 to 2084 AD. The Chinese-Beijing cycle begins.

22 July 2009: Beijing Blue Moon; total solar eclipse, Cancer new moon, 2:36 GMT. A significant date for developments in China.

14 February 2010: Aquarius new moon, Chinese New Year, year of the Metal Tiger. Also, Chiron conjuncts Neptune at this time, in Aquarius also. Chiron symbolises healing and the teaching of eternal wisdom. The last time this conjunction occurred was in September, 1945, just after the end of WWII, and before Chiron was discovered.

23 October 2010: Beijing Blue Moon, Aries full moon, 1:38 GMT.

19 June 2012: Gemini ~*Blue*~ New Moon 15:03 GMT

21 August 2013: Aquarius ~*Blue*~ Full Moon 1:46 GMT

18 February, 2015: Blue New Moon, Beijing focus. This is probably as close as a 13th synthesising blue moon can come to being exactly on the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces. The new moon begins at 23:48 GMT. A minute later, at 23:49, the moon enters Pisces; three minutes later, at 23:51, the sun enters Pisces. If you are on a sacred Chinese mountain, be precise with your ritual!

20 June 2016: Sagittarius ~*Blue*~ Full Moon 11:03 GMT

21 August 2017: Leo ~*Blue*~ New Moon - also Total Solar Eclipse 18:31 GMT

19 April 2019: Libra ~*Blue*~ Full Moon GMT

20 July 2020: Cancer ~*Blue*~ New Moon 17:34 GMT

10 May 2022: The new 12 year Melchizedek cycle begins, with the inspirational Jupiter in Aries year running from 10 May to 28 October, 2022, and from 20 December, 2022 to 16 May, 2023. The Chinese-Beijing cycle nears its maturity, with only 5 years to go before the full fruition of this Wesak period, in 2027.

16 May 2022: Wesak Full Moon, total eclipse, 25 degrees Scorpio, 4:15 GMT. A total lunar eclipse of the Immortal’s new year event is always special. In this case, it happens at the start of a Melchizedek cycle, so expect it to be very powerful. The planetary 7th (purpose) chakra, at Mt. Kailas, Tibet, should express the world intent regarding Chinese-Tibetan cultural harmony and mutual respect very clearly by this Wesak. China becomes increasingly important to world culture during the 21st century. The global perception of this importance, and an appreciation of it, should be obvious by the years 2022-2027.

22 August 2022: Aquarius ~*Blue*~ Full Moon 12:03 GMT

20 April 2023: Aries ~*Blue*~ New Moon - also Total Solar Eclipse 4:14 GMT

21 July 2024: Capricorn ~*Blue*~ Full Moon10:18 GMT

21 September 2025: Virgo ~*Blue*~ New Moon 19:55 GMT

20 February 2026: Saturn conjunct Neptune at zero degree Aries. (The Chinese year of the Fire Horse begins with the Aquarius new moon, 17 February.) This is the last great archetypal conjunction of the Beijing cycle, which ends in 2027.

July 2026: A great interaction among several planets: 15 July, Uranus sextile Neptune; 18 July, Uranus trine Pluto; 20 July, Jupiter trine Neptune; 20 July, Jupiter opposition Pluto; 21 July, Jupiter sextile Uranus, and 25 July, Neptune sextile Pluto. This last event - Neptune sextile Pluto - is historic. It is the first major aspect to form between the two planets since the discovery of Pluto. This sextile will occur a fantastic 13 times from 2026 to 2032, bridging the end of the Chinese cycle and the beginning years of the 3rd Easter Island Wesak cycle.

28 March 2027: Easter, the culmination of the second Great Wesak cycle - the Beijing synthesis.

~* A blue moon occurs when there is a consecutive new or full moon in the same Zodiac sign.


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