Planetary Gate 52
Inspirational Centre = Somerset Island, Bermuda
Structural Centre = Halifax, Nova Scotia, with link to Hamilton on Bermuda
Creative Centre = Washington DC, USA

We celebrate the Birth of the Immortal Aeon on these Islands in the Atlantic. Spiritually, we have Raised Atlantis and crossed the Bridge of Resurrection from the Azores. We have already mentioned several connections to Bermuda in our look at Gate 48, the Azores. I will now detail the remaining structural links to the 156 system: The Structural Circle of Bermuda is located at Halifax, Nova Scotia. It bonds with the Cape Jones Creative Circle spawned from Niagara Falls. Again, as with the Azores, it may be best to activate the Structural Halifax Circle prior to its related Inspirational Site. This Halifax Seed has a root in Bermuda at Hamilton on the main island. As stated before, St. George's Island links with the Azores.
We began the activation of the 156 Planetary Jewels in England in the County of Somerset at the 1984 Omega Point at Glastonbury. Now we complete the pattern by going to the Island of Somerset in the Bermudas. When we leave the Bermudas, the Truth of our experience of the Birth of the New Aeon while there shall be communicated to the world through the creative sacred site aspect of Bermuda - Washington DC. At Easter Sunrise of 29th March, 2065, we celebrate the Complete Birth of the New Immortal Aeon at Somerset Island in Bermuda. The Omega Point of 1984 is now a Living, Immortal Omega Sphere embracing the Living Earth and all Beings who dwell here. This Great Work - from Omega Point to Sphere - has taken 81 years to accomplish.
During the last few years prior to 2065, the 156 Circles of the Planetary Grid have expanded to create the greatest possible amount of vesica piscis overlap worldwide. This spherical complexity of overlap generates the Spiritual Dynamics needed to bring forth a New Aeon. It is only at the birth of such a rare event - a New Aeon - that the circles of Allah, of Christ, extend so far beyond their normal ''healthy'' radii, which range from a compact 666, to 777, to 1080, and in the case of 5 of the Circles, to 1746 miles. 2065 AD is the year of greatest expansion.
During the 19 year cycle after that date, the 156 Circles gradually contract to their full healthy sizes. And as they contract, these 156 circles of Planetary Culture begin, for the first time, to dance and create within the full radiant and joyous presence of the Immortal Omega Sphere. What is born in 2065 is New - has never been done before anywhere, or any time. The New Reality produces a radical shift in view, and in experience, for all beings involved in living and loving within the 156 Jewelled Circles of the Planetary New Jerusalem. Those who love Life, love Earth, and who are grateful for All Things shall find the Way to a complete Physical and Joyous participation within this Land of Promised Destiny. I invite You to contribute to this Way as we journey upon this Great Adventure...
Long ago, the Bermudas were called the Devil's Islands. This view radically changed after the famous shipwreck there in 1609. Sylvester Jourdain, one of the English party which survived this event, expresses this transformation of view as follows:
whereas it hath been and is full accounted the most dangerous, unfortunate,
and most forlorn place of the world it is in truth the richest, healthfulest,
and pleasing land... as ever man set foot upon.
This same shift in experience is the great and destined Fruit of the Aeonic Birth in 2065. What Jourdain saw in 1609 shall be seen by all Beings in 2065 AD. A New Perception reveals the Full Presence of the Divine on Earth. Suffering, pain, and death dissolve in the Light of the Earthly Paradise - the Global New Jerusalem stands Unveiled for All to see and for All to experience forever and ever.
Magick is the Art of Creating Changes which Manifest the True Will more completely into our Living Experience. The Wand of Shaftesbury is a potent archetype that represents this Magickal Action of Divine Will. By the year 2065 AD., this Wand of Shaston has expanded into the dynamic Omega Sphere of 156 Planetary Jewels - all in constant Communion with one another. When this Omega Wand has Blessed the Physical Birth of the New Immortal Aeon, then it may be laid aside - until Duty, and a New Capricornian Aeon yearning for Birth, calls us to Brazil, over 2000 years into the Future...
When this Aquarian Aeon is truly Born in 2065 AD, then we may echo these words of Prospero spoken upon his mythic Bermudan Isle:
Ye elves of hills, brooks, standing lakes,
and groves... graves at my command
Have waked their sleepers, oped, and let
'em forth
By my so potent art. But this rough magic
I here abjure; and when I have required
Some heavenly music (which even Now I do)
To work mine end upon their senses that
This airy charm is for, I'll break my staff,
Bury it certain fathoms in the earth,
And deeper than did ever plummet sound
I'll drown my book.
Until that Great Day, this Magick shall endure and these Words shall be offered as a Guide to the Way of Everlasting Life. May the Wand of Shaston and the Grail of Glaston Open the Way for the Complete Manifestation of Divine Will upon and within Earth! Oh Let It Be! Oh Let It Be!
With the Blessings of All Time and Space concentrated within this Grail, and with this Wand radiant with Infinite Joy, may the alchemical Marriage of Immortal Life be established and celebrated by Every Being throughout this Universe forever and ever! This concludes the Birth-Vision of the Planetary Messiah. This is Your Invitation to the Beginning of True Immortal Life
upon this Living Planet called Earth... I must go now to prepare the Celebrations for thy Homecoming upon the Summit of the Mount of Zion...Thy Destiny Calls!

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