Planetary Gate 28

Inspirational Centre = Three Sisters, Blue Mountains & Sydney

Structural Centre = Mount Picton area, Tasmania

Creative Centre = Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

This centre for the Creation of the New Aeon is located between two of the Original Twelve Gates - the Planetary Solar Plexus Chakra of Uluru-Kata Tjuta and the great south Pacific Water-element Planetary Spinner Wheel love vortex on the North Island of New Zealand, centred at Lake Rotopounamu and its surrounding sacred mountains, including Tongariro and several others.

During the 3rd Great 19 year Wesak cycle, from 2027 to 2046, major sacred centres such as Sydney–Blue Mountains, Australia, and Boulder, Colorado, activate and expand at a faster rate than did sites in earlier cycles. Unlike the first two cycles, where several year periods were focused on one or two centres at a time, events during these later stages develop worldwide in a roughly simultaneous pattern. Thus, work should be active at as many of the Gates numbered 27-38 as soon as possible, as we begin the 2027-2046AD cycle. To carry this a step further, Work should be active at all 156 as soon as is possible.

The reader may have noticed that certain of these 156 Jewels of the Living Earth are located in major cities, others are in remote areas, and that most all are well recognized sacred areas. When I say that Sydney-Blue Mountains is a major Centre, this means that the geometry of the Site, in terms of radii and circles, is constructed from the named locale. Within the central area of each Circle will often be found a number of sacred sites which the local inhabitants recognize as such. The collective interweave of all such sites near the centre define the spiritual character of the particular Circle. For the Inspirational heart chakra, Glastonbury-Shaftesbury, the actual geometric centre is at God's Hill near Hadspen House; but the primary spiritual traditions and magick and archetypes are centred around Glastonbury and Shaftesbury. Then as the Circle expands, such nearby sacred sites as the Cerne Abbas Giant, Stonehenge, Avebury, Stanton Drew, etc. add their weave and colouring to the sites near geometrical centre.
If we now look at Planetary Gate 28, Sydney-Blue Mountains, in the light of what has just been stated, certain suggestions can be made. Sydney is one of the most beautifully sited large cities in the world. It seems built on a sacred area. Thus, locations in city parks are likely to be key sites. In every major city, botanical gardens are especially sacred. There would be ritual sites on the coastal, bay, and harbour areas. The Opera House has become an important sacred site icon. And, inland, the Blue Mountains play a very powerful role within the close-to-centre interweave of the Sydney Circle. The formation known as the Three Sisters, within the Blue Mountains, is the exact geometrical sacred site centre for this 3rd cycle Inspirational Gate.

While all 156 global sites are eventually connected to each other, the most direct link to Sydney, in terms of the original twelve, is with Uluru-Kata Tjuta. The Structural Circle for Uluru forms one of the 72 Bonded Partnerships with the Sydney-Blue Mountain Inspirational focus. The centre of this Structural Component of the Planetary Solar Plexus is in Kakadu National Park, in the Northern Territory. Individuals and groups working the Sydney circle would be able to find spiritual information and Earth Energy that would expand their Inspirational Centre, and forge the Bonded Partnership, by travelling to Kakadu. Nourlangie Rock is the exact sacred centre for this Circle. Cultural exchange between Bonded Partnerships is essential to the health of the whole system.

The two Circles which emerge from the Sydney-Blue Mountains Gate are: the Structural Circle in the southwest of Tasmania (Arthur Ranges-Mount Picton region); and the Creative Circle in Queensland at Fraser Island. This latter sacred site eventually forms its Bonded Partnership with Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, with Mount Popomanasia as its energy centre. The fascinating Great Barrier Reef is a prominent feature within the Fraser Island Creative Circle.

Returning to Uluru-Kata Tjuta, there is a fascinating connection between this Planetary Solar Plexus Chakra and Gate 23 in southern India, Arunachala Hill. For the Creative Circle from Uluru is the Bonded Partner to Arunachala, and thus aids in its full activation. This Creative Circle is located on the west coast of Australia with its focus at Gathaagudu (Shark Bay). Gathaagudu, an Aboriginal word meaning "twin waters" is home to many visiting dolphins.This Creative Uluru-Kata Tjuta Circle centred at Gathaagudu forms a Bonded Partnership with the Inspirational Arunachala centre.


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