Planetary Gate 32

Inspirational Centre = Tsodilo Hill, Botswana

Structural Centre = Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa-Botswana

Creative Centre = Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Zimbabwe

This Inspirational Circle is located over 1000 miles north of the Great earth-element Planetary Spinner Wheel at Table Mountain, Capetown. The Structural Circle from Tsodilo is located in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, and forms a Bonded Partnership with Isangila Falls, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire). The Creative Tsodilo Circle is centred at the ancient ruins of Great Zimbabwe. Great Zimbabwe forms one of the 72 global Bonded Partnerships with the Structural Circle of Kilimanjaro - Lake Victoria.

The Tsodilo Hills are a very important geomythic centre. They contain over 3500 individual rock paintings at 250 sites. In their magick, these hills unite Spirit and Matter - the veils between the natural and supernatural worlds are thin, or non-existant, here. These hills project their power as invocational blessing out over the landscape. Paintings of deities “are situated to look into the distance, to throw their power over the landscape.” One rain deity portrayed here – half hippo and half horse – can also be found in art far to the south near Table Mountain, the earth-element spinner wheel. The major sacred site centres of the Living Earth can project their energies over large distances, in dedication to the raising of light, love, life and liberty to higher frequencies of eternal experience and to an ever deeper union with the Divine.

The Bushmen had a deep respect for all of nature. For example, they would never pick the flower of the baobab tree. “Trees whisper secrets to the moon.” The baobabs are sentinels – they are earth spirits.

Quotes are from p. 69 National Geographic Vol. 178 No.6 December 1990 "Okavango Delta: Old Africa’s Last Refuge"


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