Planetary Gate 27
Inspirational Centre = Boulder, Colorado
Structural Centre = Mount Whitney, Death Valley
Creative Centre = Cahokia Mounds, Illinois

This town continues to develop as a major spiritual centre in the United States. Many refugee Tibetans have settled in this area, drawn by the high altitude and mountains. It is a major area of Initiation, where the Living Spirit of Truth is potent. The American Indian Tony Shearer received his Great Vision not far from here in 1967, which was the original seed that developed into the 17th August, 1987 Global Link-up popularised as "Harmonic Convergence." Boulder in 1967 was also the Seed of the prophecy contained in my writings. The writing of my book Earth Chakras is an attempt to put onto paper the Fullness of my Communion with my Elijah-Merlin figure at that time. I have described my meeting with this character in the book Voyage To
As each of the 52 Gates becomes established and expands its interweave of sacred sites, there reaches a level of vitality where the main Gate spawns two related Circles. One of the  is always Structural, and the other is always Creative. The 52 main centres remain Inspirational. The Creative Circles are distributors of individualised Wisdom and energy, and exchange forces between their main Inspirational Orbs and another of the 52 located at a distance. Such a Creative Circle bonds in a permanent pairing with either a Structural Circle spawned from another of the 52, or else it pairs directly to one of the Inspirational Gates. The Structural Circle also follow a similar pattern: They bond with either a Creative or an Inspirational site from a different 3-circle family. Structural sites give usefulness to vision. They teach us about law, principle, and design. Structural sites connect us to the Living Earth - they plant our ideals and visions in the ground, and instruct us in the art of nourishing what we receive from our work at an Inspirational Gate.
The original 12 Gates of the Planetary New Jerusalem stand whole and self-contained within themselves. They do not form Bonded Partnerships with other sites. They activate their two Structural and Creative Components which then go on to bond with other sacred centres. Out of the 156 Jewels of the Living Earth, the original 12 remain in a constant state of wholeness and giving - their Inspirational nature innerly harmonized with Structural and Creative aspects. The remaining 144 Jewels of the Living Earth develop a globally balanced pattern of 72 permanent pairs.
In the Cabala, these 72 pairs, when all functioning, create what is called the ''Shemhamphorasch'' Planetary Frequency, which is the Word of the Divine fully manifest as a Terrestrial Paradise. As the ''Tetragrammaton'' frequency was created at the half-way stage in 2027 at Beijing, so does this deeper ''Shemhamphorasch'' state manifest near the end of the second half, when the full 52 (four cycles of 13) Inspirational Gates are all resonating, and their Structural and Creative Circles have bonded into the 72 pairs. This occurs near to 2065 AD.
Let us briefly illustrate certain features of the dynamics of this Living-Earth-web by looking at our 27th Gate, Boulder. Boulder is highly active from 2025-2030AD, at which time it should officially establish its 111 mile radius. It spawns a Structural and Creative Circle in this process: The Creative Centre is at Cahokia Mounds State Park in Illinois, across from St. Louis. (Although Cahokia is situated within the outer expansion Circle of Niagara Falls, its true Generator is Boulder. And, as a flow chart shows, Cahokia does retain a connection with Niagara). Cahokia contributes to, and bonds into one of the 72 pairs with, the 42nd Inspirational Gate located in Wood Buffalo Park in Alberta, Canada. As Wood Buffalo does not become fully activated until after 2047 AD., Cahokia is able to nurture this future Inspirational Site for many years prior to 2047. Cahokia, as a Creative centre, exchanges and distributes the Spiritual Wealth emanating from Boulder, and, after bonding, from Wood Buffalo. The Earth Mysteries of Boulder and Wood Buffalo are shared with each other through the shared medium of Cahokia Mounds.
If we travel back in time to 1989, it is possible to trace the lineage of any of the 144 Jewels back to a seed relationship with one of the Original Twelve Foundation Sites. Let us follow this pattern which directly arrives at Boulder by 2027. This begins at Mount Shasta, the Planetary Base Chakra, which was the first of the 12 to become activated. The Structural Circle spawned by Shasta is the sacred Four Corners area in the American Southwest, focused on Kachina Peaks, in Arizona. This Structural Centre contributes to and bonds with the Inspirational Niagara Falls around 2010 AD. Niagara, in turn, establishes its own Structural Centre at Pilot Knob State Park in northern Iowa.
This strange Hill, in Iowa, stands high above the flat corn fields of this midwest area. There is a natural floating island in the park which contains unique carnivorous plants found nowhere else in the world. The tragic air crash involving Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper occurred near here on Candlemas of 1959. In the words of a well known pop song, this event was ''the day the music died.'' By the global reconnection of Pilot Knob and all of the 156 Jewels, humanity shall bring the ''music'' back to life in a way greater than has ever been known before.
The 156 Jewels of the Living Earth were once known about long ago. They constitute an archetype from the world’s original Dreamtime. There are signs that major portions of the 156 system were functional, and consciously worked with to maintain planetary Vitality, in ancient times. When any of the 156 circles, or any of the 72 pairs, became disrupted, then that particular break would have weakened the health of the entire planet. In particular, the Structural Circles are quick to become rigid if their Bonded Partnership with either a Creative or Inspirational Circle is not operative. It is possible to analyze the evolution of various cultures, and battles over territory, through the 156 Circle (Jewel) system. When the entire Living Earth Energy Pattern of the 156 is understood, then the overlap zones become areas of shared fertility, rather than wastelands of death, warfare, and territorial dispute. Earth Chakras offers the Living Earth Blueprint for the restoration of planetary health. But it requires the collective efforts of all who love Life and this Earth in order to bring this Divine design, or plan, into its complete manifestation - the Terrestrial Paradise of the Global New Jerusalem. We, as individuals of good will, now have the ability to do this..
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