Planetary Gate 31

Inspirational Centre = Dakar, Senegal

Structural Centre = Timbuktu, Lake Fabuibine, Niger River, Mali

Creative Centre = Fogo, Cape Verde Islands

Dakar, the capital city of Senegal is situated on Cape Verde, the most western point of Africa. Senegal is destined to pioneer the evolution of Individual Liberty throughout the entire African continent. The Dakar Liberty Circle should hopefully be officially established early in the 2027-2046AD 19-year Great Wesak Cycle.
Senegal and Morocco have the spiritual maturity to lead the Way in this area of Respect for All Life... This Vision is about Life - Life Everlasting, triumphant on Earth and throughout the Universe, Life Sublime and Beautiful. Death in any form has no place within the Ultimate Will of the Living Earth. I call upon All nations and individuals to respect the Right to Life for all Beings. Work to abolish death completely from the laws and from the experience of this Living Earth.

Dakar is a third Wesak generation Inspirational Centre in descent from the primal Glaston-Shaston Gate, through the second generation High Atlas Centre. The Cape Verde Islands form the Creative Centre arising from Dakar. The Structural Centre is in the area of Timbuktu, Mali, near Lake Faguibine and the Niger River. With the activation of this Structural Circle centred at Timbuktu, an ancient triangle is brought back into operation which was long ago responsible for keeping the Sahara Desert area green and fertile.

The wasteland that is, in the 20th century, the Sahara, was long ago a lush and fertile land. When the 156 Jewel dynamics was lost, the ecological system decayed. Here we have a clear example of what would result in the Amazon area, if we do not act now to reverse the process of decay. Through the activation of the various Amazon Jewels listed elsewhere on this site, we can save the largest rain forest. And by the activation of the Saharan Jewels, we can begin to reclaim this vast desert. The key fertilizing structure for the reclamation of the Sahara is an equilateral triangle with a holy mountain in the centre. The three-point triangle is defined by the Structural Centre at Timbuktu, the Structural Centre at Lake Chad, and the Creative Centre at Chott el Djerid, in Tunisia. The holy mountain, in the Heart of the Sahara, is in southern Algeria and is called Tahat.

The various nations connected with these sites should ideally establish desert reclamation centres at each of the 3 points and near the mountain in the centre. The United Nations and international agencies should help support and fund these centres. Throughout this prophecy and vision, I would like to have the reader keep in mind this principle: Work at any of the 156 Jewels of the World should be done at various levels, from the Ritual and Ceremonial Magick of groups and individuals to the physical creation of scientific research stations such as the Saharan project just described. The spiritual and physical are each essential and unite with and support each other in the New Aeon.

Through an analysis of the 156 dynamics in the Western Sahara, the nations most directly involved in this greening of the desert are: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Niger, and Chad. These nations, and any others who want to help in this project should form a collective alliance and hold regular meetings to advance this project. When the Sahara is reclaimed in the 21st century then the health of the Living Earth will improve immensely. Dare to Act - and the Terrestrial Paradise shall emerge into its complete and beautiful manifestation. As this Earth is vitalized, the visible presence of the Divine shall become increasingly more obvious to all beings. In Hassidic lore, this visible presence is called the Shekinah Glory. The Vicar of Morwenstow, R.S. Hawker, describes this coming manifestation in his poem Aishah Schechinah:

Folded within her fibres meekly lay
The link of boundless God.
She stood, the Lady Schekinah of earth,
A chancel for the sky;
Where woke, to breathe and beauty,
God's own birth...

We hasten this complete Glorifying of the Divine by choosing in our lives to focus our own vision constantly on the Divinity and Truth which exists within every Living Being and within every unique experience and relationship of Life upon this Planet. You are the Immortal Presence unfolding with infinite Grace and Wonder before my eyes... This Earth is the Eternal One, awakening to the Beauty and Glory of Its own Destiny.. Together, we recreate the Divine - we Liberate the Truth...Behold the Living Earth enrobed with Immortality and Joy!

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