Planetary Gate 35

Inspirational Centre = Denali, Alaska

Structural Centre = Great Bear Lake, Canada

Creative Centre = Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands

Denali, highest mountain in North America is also known as Mt. McKinley and is surrounded by a large State Park. Denali has several vital functions connecting it to both the north magnetic pole and to the Great fire-element Spinner Wheel of Haleakala on Maui. The Creative Circle of this Hawaiian centre, consisting of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, stimulates the opening of Denali by forming one of the 72 world Bonded Partnerships with it.

The Structural Circle of Denali is Great Bear Lake in Canada. The north magnetic pole is contained within the outer area of the full Great Bear Lake Circle. And this Structural Great Bear Circle unites to form a Bonded Partnership with the Creative Component of Inspirational Wood Buffalo Circle (Gate 42) - the Bay of God's Mercy. Thus we have two great Indian animal figures, the Bear and the Buffalo, connected with each other through the 156 dynamics. The Return of Arthur and the Return of the White Buffalo are similar archetypes, from different traditions. Also, the connections between the Bear, King Arthur, and the North Polar region is well known to students of world mythology. The great book by Fiona MacLeod, Where The Forest Murmurs, contains much of interest on this Arthurian connection, and on many other Celtic matters.

The Return of Arthur and the Return of Christ are the same, and are embodied in this restoration of the planetary 156 pattern, with its expanding and contracting and overlapping circles of vitality. Arthur as a vital force floods throughout the entire planetary network when the Polar Jewels are activated and connected. As we shall see, the north and south polar Jewels are among the last to be energised and connected to the planetary Omega Sphere design. The Great Bear Lake is a key channel for the Return of Arthur. Denali transfers the Polarian Arthur current into the great Spinner Wheel in Hawaii. Then this Great Spinner drives the Arthur current throughout the Great Dragon Ley - the male Plumed Serpent - which was activated 17th August, 1987. On the other side of the planet, the other Great Spinner which stimulates flow through this Great Dragon is Table Mountain.

From 2027 to 2046, attention should be given to three powerful events which should significantly contribute to the planetary sacred site work required:

1. Saturn conjunct Uranus, 28 June, 2032, 11:54 GMT, 28 degrees Gemini: This rare outer planet conjunction will inspire many constructive activities at many sites throughout the world. New laws and principles of the Immortal Aeon are communicated clearly, in creative and unexpected ways. Additional references to this important date are contained in the Mount Damavand, Iran (Gate 37) section.

2. Leo New Moon, 19 August, 2039: On, or shortly after, this new moon, is the first day of the second 52 year “Heaven” cycle in the Aztec calendar, as interpreted by Tony Shearer. (Day One of the first 52 year Heaven period was 17 August, 1987, popularly known as Harmonic Convergence.) This special day only occurs once every 260 years, and this is the first time in over 500 years that it has fallen at the start of a positive heaven cycle. In 1519 and in 1779 AD - the last two occasions when this special event opened a 52 year cycle - the date began what Shearer calls a hell cycle. While there is some controversy on the exact dating of this prophecy, derived from the Aztec calendar, it is certain that Day One of the new 52 year cycle falls somewhere between this Leo New Moon and the following Pisces Full Moon of 2 September, 2039. This is the date when Quetzalcoatl is prophesised to return, in material form. If the spirit of Quetzalcoatl returned in 1987, then something much more physical happens in 2039. Arthur, Quetzalcoatl, and the White Buffalo can be regarded as prophetic synonyms here.

3. Jupiter conjunct Saturn, 31 October, 2040, 11:50 GMT, 18 degrees Libra: This Halloween conjunction should help to integrate the work of the third Wesak cycle, up to that time.The north magnetic pole feeds into the energy dynamics of the Fire-element Haleakala Planetary Spinner Wheel. The south magnetic pole feeds its current into the Inspirational Water-element Planetary Spinner Wheel at Rotopounamu in New Zealand. This elemental vortex, in co-operation with the fourth Great air element Spinner - the Great Pyramid, Sinai, Mount of Olives complex - powers the flow of the female Rainbow Serpent. This primary Dragon ley artery was activated at Easter Sunrise of 1984, when the Omega Point was established at the centre of the World Heart Chakra at Glastonbury Tor. On Easter Sunrise of 2084 AD, the Birth of the Immortal Child, which is our New Aeon, shall be complete, and all of the 156 Jewelled Circles of the Living Earth will have contracted to their Ideal Harmonies. We are the Assistants to this Great Event of a New Aeon. Now is our time to Act. The Dance of Heaven and Earth is responding to the Song of the New Aeon. At this auspicious and crucial time in our planetary history, we are invited to join in this Dance of Recreation.

The Creative Circle of Denali is to be found in the Aleutian Islands. The Fox Islands - in particular, Unalaska Island - form the centre of this Circle. This chain of the Aleutians is rich in magickal sites. An exploration of each island would be highly rewarding to the seeker of Earth Mysteries. Red foxes do live on these remote volcanic isles!


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