Planetary Gate 39
Inspirational Centre = Easter Island
Structural Centre = Rano Aroi, Easter Island
Creative Centre =Rano Koi, Easter Island
This Magick Isle in the Pacific is the 13th synthesizing Inspirational Circle for the completion of the third cycle of Earth Chakra work from 2027-2046. The 12 Inspirational Circles for this cycle are:

Boulder, Colorado, USA
Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
Cerro de Punta, Puerto Rico
Mount Simpson, Papua New Guinea
Dakar, Senegal
Tsodilo Hill, Botswana
Surat Thani, Thailand
Mount Tomanivi, Fiji
Denali (Mt McKinley) Alaska
Mount Maromokotro, Madagascar
Mount Demavand, Iran
Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Kamchatka, Siberia.
Moscow was the Fruit of the first cycle; Beijing the second - now the three-fold pattern is celebrated on Easter Island at the instant of Easter Sunrise, 2046 AD. In order, each of the first three Great Wesak cycles has a primary theme:

1. The transformation of Russia: 1989-2008.
2. The transformation of China: 2008-2027.
3. The dynamic integration of the Islamic world into the world culture of the New Aeon: 2027-2046.
Russia, China, and the Islamic World all have positive, important spiritual and cultural contributions to make to the emerging planetary civilisation. Easter Island, in 2046, marks the completion of these three great advancements.
This Easter in 2046 marks the 324th anniversary of the sighting and naming of the Island by the Dutch in 1722 AD. 324 is one of the most powerful numbers in gematria. It is 18 squared. It is 27 times 12. In harmony with the 3-fold Wesak pattern, it is 3 x 3 x 3 x 12. 324 is the value of the archangel of the Crown Chakra, Metatron, manifested as visible Shekinah on earth. This suggests that the Divine Plan to establish Immortality on Earth achieves a significant victory on Easter Island in 2046 AD. The most ancient physically Immortal being, Enoch, is traditionally associated with Metatron. Legend states that Metatron taught Enoch the Art of incorruptible, Everlasting Life. One of the great Fruits of the Return of the 156 Jewel Planetary Mahdi is the reintegration of All Immortal Beings such as Enoch, Lao Tzu, and Jesus back into the public global culture. This gradually happens as we become more Eternal in our own Lives. The Immortals Return when we are able to welcome them as our equals - as our brothers and sisters. This process is already well advanced, and is complete no later than 2084. (For more information on the Immortals and Immortality see my books The Art of Everlasting Life and The Path of the Phoenix.)
Easter Island is unique among the 52 Inspirational Circles: Its Structural and Creative Circles are turned inward and retained as locations on the island (a circle within a circle within a circle). This concentration of force makes Easter Island a very potent ritual place. With Inspirational, Structural, and Creative Circles conjoined in one local area, there is a tripling of telluric power. The entire island may be considered the Inspirational Circle. The Structural Component is at the volcano Rano Aroi and forms a Bonded Partnership with the Fox Islands (the Creative Component of Gate 35, Denali). The Creative Component for Easter Island is at another volcano, Rano Koi, and forms a Bonded Partnership with the Hivaoa Island, Marquesas.
The third main volcano on the Island, Rano Raraku, and an inland site, Ahu Akiva, may both be considered as important points most directly associated with the Inspirational Circle. Easter Island, as an Inspirational sacred site, forms a Bonded Partnership with Vancouver Island.
The great Stone figures along the shores of Easter Island are turned inward, to reflect the Triple-Sphere concentration of power here. They are silent witnesses to the Easter gathering of 2046 AD., when the Healing of the Planet is celebrated. The 3 main volcanoes on the Island also form a triangle enclosing the ritual inland area.
The two Great Ley-Arteries which form the infinity pattern on the world map - the Rainbow Serpent and the Plumed Serpent - were activated in 1984 and 1987. These two great Earth vitality rivers remain the most important songlines, or ley-lines, on the planet throughout the four activation cycles of the Living Earth. As more of the 156 Centres energise during the 21st century, new great circle ley alignments may also be worked with. For example, Easter Island is on a straight ley path to Mount Kailas and Mount Fuji. Also, another great circle connects Easter Island to the North Island of New Zealand and Bali. Thus, four of the 13 Inspirational Sites of the first cycle appear to have special links to the third cycle synthesis centre. As our perception of what is sacred increases, we will find that the creative interaction among all the world’s special places will also increase. By 2065, the body of the Living Earth is reunified – Osiris has been reconstructed; Atlantis Restored - and its entirety is recognised as sacred and holy.
On Easter of 2046, two principal phases of ritual celebration shall take place on Easter Island. The first theme involves the alchemical blending and synthesis of all the work accomplished during the concluding 19 year Wesak cycle, particularly that work done activating the previous 12 Planetary Gates (Sites 27-38). The final Easter of any Great Wesak cycle is always the point of alchemical synthesis for that time period of spiritual activity. The second theme of Ritual Celebration in 2046 is very important and deserves its own titled section. This phase of Ritual is called the Blessing of the Waters:
When the 156 Jewels of the World are all expanded to their full natural radii, they completely overlap the entire inhabited area of the world. Yet there remain three remote ocean areas which are at a distance from any of the Jewels. While it would be possible for the nearest circles to constantly maintain their radii at an extended distance in order to bridge these spaces, this is not needed. Instead, 3 Water Seeds are to be implanted in 2046 at the 3 locales, after the start of the new 12 year Melchizedek cycle, which begins on the 4th of April in 2046. The planting of the ocean seeds should ideally occur during the Great Wesak Month, from 20 April to 20 May, 2046.
This is the first time since 1951 that the two major sacred site time cycles, used by the Immortals, coincide. During the 180 years that the mobile planetary sixth chakra is conjuncting the world heart chakra, from 1904 to 2084 AD, 2046 is the second, and most vital, occasion upon which the 19 year Great Wesak pattern unites with the 12 year Melchizedek cycle. It is appropriate that the two unite in order to launch the fourth, and final, time period for the building of the Omega Sphere - the Planetary New Jerusalem.
During the months or years leading up to the events of 2046, 3 dodecahedrons (12-sided solid) should be constructed. A stone representing each of the 12 Foundation Gates of the Planetary New Jerusalem should be mounted on the 12 sides. The construction of these 3 objects should be of the highest quality, able to withstand the pressures of the deep ocean bed. During the period prior to Easter 2046, these dodecahedrons are taken from one Inspirational Gate to another, absorbing the collective Blessings of Life at Public Gatherings - and absorbing the Blessings of the Living Earth emanating from the sacred sites involved. When the 3 objects have all been Blessed at all 12 original Foundation Gates, then they are brought to Easter Island for the final Blessing of the Waters. In particular, this Ritual is a Blessing of the Womb Waters of the Earth pregnant with the Immortal Child which is the New Aeon. During the last Great Wesak Cycle before actual birth, from 2046 to 2065, the spiritual and physical Waters of the Living Earth are purified, and expand and become more structured on a subtle level. The 3 dodecahedron ritual is an essential phase of this development.
There is an appropriate correspondence in Cabala to this Ritual. In the Tree of Life, the sphere of Earth is called Malkuth. The Mystic Number of Malkuth is the sum of the numbers 1 - 10, which is 55. The 52 Inspirational Jewels of the planet plus the 3 essential Water Seeds = 55, the mystic number of Earth Unity.After the Easter Island Blessing, groups should take each charged object to the specific location and let it sink to the bottom of the ocean. This should be done during the Great Wesak Month 20th April - 20th May, 2046. The 3 locations are:

1. 48º 30' S, 125º 30' W
2. 13º N, 137º W
3. 23º S, 87º E
The method of getting these dodecahedrons to their locations will depend upon the modes of transportation available in 2046 AD. In terms of present day reality, it is possible to associate each Seed Site with both an Inspirational Circle and a shipping route. The first Water Seed can be reached from the Rotopounamu Orb by taking the Wellington, New Zealand to Buenos Aires route. The second Water Seed can be reached from the Mount Shasta Circle by taking the San Francisco to Tahiti route. And the third site, in the Indian Ocean, could be reached from Uluru-Kata Tjuta, by a sea expedition from Perth. This Blessing of the Waters concludes one Great Wesak cycle and signals the beginning of the 4th phase which culminates in the Full Birth of the Aquarian Aeon at Easter Sunrise of 2065 AD. Through this Ritual, the Waters of the Living Earth are made ready for this global event.

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