Planetary Gate 41

Inspirational = Port Stanley, Falkland Islands  

Structural Centre = South Georgia

Creative Centre = Lake Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Falklands are a key link in the system of planetary wiring which reaches to the South Pole. It is essential that both the north and south polar connections be activated. The thinning of the Ozone Layer over both poles can be reversed when the 156 Circle system is connected through to the arctic and the antarctic. (Another activation relating to the correction of the Ozone hole is the solar umbilical event at Uluru-Kata Tjuta in 2020 AD.) The Falklands are a vital link in this pattern. It is interesting to note that the recent war in the Falklands coincided with the decay of the Ozone layer over the South Pole.

It is perhaps ironic that the Falklands are in Inspirational descent from the Buenos Aires Circle. The Falklands form a Bonded Partnership with the Creative Circle of Chile - Santiago (Gate 18). The Creative Circle of the Falklands is centred at Lake Buenos Aires (Lago General Carrera) on the Chile-Argentina border. This lake bonds with the Inspirational Circle, Gate 50, Mount Hope in the Eternity Mountains in the Antarctic Peninsula. The Structural Falklands Circle, in South Georgia, forms a Bonded Partnership with the Creative Elephant Isle, which is just off the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.


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