Planetary Gate 34

Inspirational Centre = Mt. Tomaniivi, Fiji

Structural Centre = Tarawa Island, Gilbert Islands, Kiribati

Creative Centre = Mount Silisili, Western Samoa

This mountain on Vita Levu Island, and the Fiji Islands as a whole, form the centre for this major Inspirational Gate. If we trace the Fiji lineage back to a Foundation Gate, we begin with Mount Fuji: The Creative Circle of Fuji is Okinawa, which forms a Bonded Partnership with Fiji. Thus, it would be wise for anyone living on Fiji who is inspired by these words to climb to the summit of Fuji in order to seek those Divine Qualities useful for the operation and expansion of the Fiji Gate. And regular travels to Okinawa, the Creative Circle, would allow for the exchange of Grace and Vitality beneficial to both Fuji and Fiji. These principles, which I am illustrating in specific situations as we look at the Gates one by one, can be creatively applied to work the dynamics of any Circle and its related Components around the Living Earth.

The Structural Circle of Fiji is on Tarawa, one of the Gilbert Islands. The Creative Circle for Fiji is centred at Mount Silisili in Western Samoa. If we carefully examine the planetary flow charts, we can see that a great bridge of relationships spans the Pacific to connect, via several islands, the 2 Great Inspirational Gates, Mount Fuji and Mount Shasta.

The Pacific is the area of the legendary Lost Continent of Lemuria. In certain esoteric traditions, it is said that Mount Shasta, which is now the Planetary Base Chakra, was long ago in Lemuria the Planetary Crown Chakra. Please regard this as an artistic concept, and not as an historical truth. It is an interesting concept, because it suggests that the 7th Chakra Centre of one great Planetary Epoch can become the root or foundation chakra of a future Great Cycle. As a general Spiritual Principle, this is Wisdom: May we always build our Foundations from the Highest Truths of Past Tradition. And then, with our Vision piercing through the totality of all futures to behold with clarity the Perfections of Divine Eternity, let us create - in constant communion with the Spirit of Truth - a greater and ever more joyous Way of Life whose roots are nourished by these Firm Foundations of highest Ancient Tradition. Polaria, Hyperboria, Lemuria, and Atlantis are great mythic archetypes still resonating with Magick through the deep layers of collective Life consciousness on this Earth. May that from the past which is of use for the building of this New Aquarian Aeon come to light through Revelation and Divine Intuition within the Heart and Mind and Will of every Being who desires to bring the Great Alchemical Work to Completion!

There are many traces of Lemurian Wisdom still alive in many of the Polynesian Islands. Certain of the Hawaiian Kahunas are in a lineage extending back to lost Lemuria. For those interested in angelic invocation, I have described a restored form of Lemurian Qabbalistic invocation in my book Voyage To Avalon. The strange ancient city on the Creative Guam Component, Ponape, known as Nan Madol is another link to more ancient Lemurian cultures. The Pacific Ocean is a rich Spiritual area: 6 of the 52 Planetary Inspirational Initiation Gates are located on Islands in this great expanse. And, as we shall shortly discuss, the Magickal and Spiritual Culmination of the 3rd cycle of 13 Gates finds us on a unique and remote island in this Ocean of Peace...


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