Planetary Gate 14

Inspirational Centre = Lantau Island

Structural Centre = Emei Shan-Gongga Shan

Creative Centre = Mt. Pulag

Lantau Island, Hong Kong, is home to the world's largest Buddha statue. The Structural Component of the Lantau Island circle is Gongga Shan in Sichuan Province, China. Gongga Shan forms a Bonded Partnership with Beijing (Gate 26). The Creative Component for Lantau Island is at Mt. Pulag in the Philippines. Mt. Pulag forms a Bonded Partnership with Lake Toba, Sumatra - the Structural Component of Surat Thani, Thailand. (Gate 33).

Lantau Island itself forms a Bonded Partnership with Borobudur - the Structural Component of the Planetary Purification Centre -Bali (Gate 4). There is a beautiful connection between the great statue of the Buddha being here and the 72 buddhas of Borobudur Temple. This connection is worth meditating upon.

A concentrated effort to ignite this centre was made 1994 - 1998, with a 37 mile radius created by 2010. The sacred sites of this colony were prepared for their 21st century function immediately prior to the handover to China, 1 July, 1997.


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