Planetary Gate 45

Inspirational = Mount Ross, Kerguelen Islands  

Structural Centre = Big Ben, Heard Island

Creative Centre = Prydz Bay, Ingrid Christensen Coast of Antarctica

This remote island is in the south Indian Ocean. It aids in the flow of the Great Plumed Serpent Dragon Ley-Artery (activated 1987) which passes through on its way between Bali and Lake Titicaca. This island, which is administered by France, forms a Bonded Partnership with the Structural Circle of Malagasy - Piton des Neiges, island of Reunion.

The Creative Circle of the Kerguelen Islands is at Prydz Bay on the Ingrid Christensen Coast in Antarctica. Prydz Bay forms a Bonded Partnership with the Structural Circle located in southwestern Tasmania - Mount Picton (Arthur Ranges), which is generated from the Sydney-Blue Mountains Inspirational Circle (Gate 28).

The Structural Kerguelen Circle is centred at Big Ben, a peak on the remote Heard Island. Big Ben forms a Bonded Partnership with the Seychelles, the Creative Circle of the Malagasy Republic (Madagascar Gate 36). It is a little known fact that the original lost continent of Lemuria theory was centred in this Indian Ocean area. The word Lemuria comes from the Lemurs, those mammals which are to be found in the jungles of Malagasy. Later, Lemurian speculation expanded to include the Pacific Ocean area.
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