World Birth Chakra - Planetary Gate 2
Inpirational Centre = Lake Titicaca
Structural Centre= Lima
Creative Centre = Iquitos

Zodiac attribution = Cancer
Primary virtue = Evolution of Life
Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Peru border - Inspirational
Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world. The Female Rainbow Serpent and the Male Plumed Serpent cross paths at Lake Titicaca, and on the island of Bali. The Incans believed that each new evolution of life would first manifest itself from this sacred lake. The poem Viracocha, about Lake Titicaca, was written for the Wesak Full Moon, 13th May, 1987.

Plaza Mayor, Lima, Peru - Structural 

Lima is known for its outstanding historical architecture. Lima is the Structural Component of the Planetary Birth Chakra. When the understanding of the Sacredness of All Life is established here, new immortal life can come forward...

Lima forms a Bonded Partnership with Recife in Brazil (Gate 17).

Rio Ucayli and Rio Maranon confluence, Iquitos, Peru - Creative

Iquitos, the Creative Component of the Planetary Birth Chakra, lies at the gateway to the Amazon. No roads lead to Iquitos - the city can only be accessed by boat or by air. Iquitos forms a Bonded Partnership with Manaus (Gate 20) in Brazil.

Alchemical meditation for the Planetary Birth Chakra:

May the Waters of Primordial Life
Spiral and Evolve, giving Birth
to the Undreamed Manifestations of the Divine.
Let your visions today be filled with glimpses
of the Divine in all Things.

Also, tune into the above sites on Cancer new and full moons. Dates and times are listed on the Calendar page.
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