Planetary Gate 36
Inspirational Centre = Mount Maromokotro, Massif de Tsoratanana, Madagascar
Structural Centre = Piton des Neiges, Reunion Island
Creative Centre = Morne Seychellois, Victoria, Seychelles

Mount Maromokotro is on the Massif de Tsoratanana in the north of the large island of Madagascar. The Structural Circle forms from Piton des Neiges on the island of Reunion. The Creative Centre is at Morne Seychellois near Victoria in the Seychelles. Both Structural and Creative Circles reach into the southern Indian Ocean to form connections with the remote Inspirational Circle of Kerguela (Gate 45). Reunion forms a Bonded Partnership directly to Mount Ross, Kerguelen Island, and Morne Seychellois forms a Bonded Partnership with the peak Big Ben on Heard Island.
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