World Androgyny and Harmony Centre - Planetary Gate 7

Inspirational Centre = Arbol del Tule and Palenque

Structural Centre = Corcovado National Park

Creative Centre = Cascada Cola de Caballo

Zodiac attribution = Gemini

Primary virtue = Balance of Tezcatlipoca Yin and Quetzalcoatl Yang

Arbol del Tule, Oaxaca, and Palenque, Mexico - Inspirational

Arbol del Tule (El Tule) is in the Guiness World Records 2004 as the "Living Tree with the Greatest Girth". Located in the village Santa Maria del Tule, Oaxaca state, in Mexico, the Tule tree is reportedly 2,000-3,000 years old - locals believe it to be even older and that Arbol del Tule has been growing since the first day of creation. Its circumference is 36 metres (119 feet).

El Tule is part of the Inspirational Centre for World Androgyny and Harmony. Another site that forms part of the World Inspirational Androgyny Centre is the Mayan temple at Palenque.

Laguna Corcovado, Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica - Structural

Corcovado National Park forms a Bonded Partnership with Montego Bay in Jamaica, the Creative Component of Cerro de Puntas, Puerto Rico (Gate 29).

Cascada Cola de Caballo-Cerro de la Silla-Fuente de la Vida, Monterrey, Mexico - Creative

Cascada Cola de Caballo forms a Bonded Partnership with Mount Whitney, Death Valley, the Structural Component of Boulder, Colorado (Gate 27).

Alchemical meditation for the World Androgyny and Harmony Centre:

Let the Tree of Eternal Life grow fast
within the Hearts of all Beings.
Let its Message fill the Everlasting Landscape with
the Knowledge of Immortal Life.
Communicate today with an open heart.

Also, tune into the above sites on Gemini new and full moonson the Calendar page.
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