Planetary Gate 37
Inspirational Centre = Mt. Damavand, Iran
Structural Centre = Vozrozhdeniya Island (Renaissance Island) in Aral Sea, Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan
Creative Centre = Malek Siah Kuh, Zahedan, Iran

This large holy mountain is located near Tehran in the Elburz Range. Iran is very much a rugged and mountainous land. The Aeon of Aries was initiated here over 4000 years ago by the Zoroastrians. At the end of the Aries Fire Aeon, the 3 Magi travelled west to Bethlehem to aid in the magickal transference of the Shambhallic Focus to its new locale. The star which they followed was not in the sky. It was the movement of the 6th mobile Earth Chakra which was their guide - a star on the earth. At the Birth of every New Aeon, movement in both directions between the old initiation centre and the new occurs. The Magi, Joseph of Arimathea, and Glaston-Shaston to Recife connections early in the 21st Century are all examples of this.
As Planetary Gate number 37 of the New Aeon, Mt. Damavand is of key importance. In the cabalistic gematria of prime numbers, 37 is the Great number of Unity in its most balanced form. The entire force of the previous 36 Planetary Gates is united to open this Inspirational Circle in Iran. Historically the youngest of the major world Religions, Islam is destined to evolve greatly over the next 60 years. The key initiatory advancement in Islam, in Iran and elsewhere, occurs in the year 2032 AD. Although there will be many events centred around this year, the astrological centre is the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Gemini near the Cancer cusp on 28th June, 2032. This is the first such conjunction between these two planets since the powerful 1988 series in the late degrees of Sagittarius. The 2032 event occurs at the exact opposite position to complete a major pattern.
In 1988 we saw the Return of Arthur. 2032 AD sees the Islamic equivalent to Arthur Returned, the Iman Mahdi, brought into full function. Despite their apparent inability to exist harmoniously with one another, the Islamic, Jewish, and Christian faiths are all part of one Whole. The Islamic Mahdi, the Jewish Messiah, and the Christian Christ Returning are really all the same. For this identity to be accepted by all three religions, the way of this manifesting of the Mahdi-Christ-Messiah is happening in a fashion that does not fit the exclusive concepts of any Old Aeon schools of thought. All three religions are destined to be challenged by the emergence of the New Aeon. Those who have the ability to Open their Hearts, to accept the Living
Spirit of Divine Revelation; shall meet this challenge. After 2032, the work which carries us to 2065 AD. and beyond flows in a smooth and easy Way. The official creation of Gate 37 in Iran with an initial radius of 111 (3 x 37) miles during the years 2030-2035 is a key and essential stage in the development of the Living Earth.
Damavand has some very interesting connections to certain of the 156 Planetary Gates which give us insights into the opening of the Key Gate 37. It forms its stable Bonded Partnership with Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka, which is the Creative Component of Arunachala (Gate 23) in India. If we examine the global flow charts, we see that Damavand is a 3rd generation Inspirational Site in descent from Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Australia. And there is a direct connection to another Primary Gate - the Great Pyramid Throat Chakra-Air element Spinner Wheel: The Creative Component of the Great Pyramid is centred in Iran at the ancient Zoroastrian site, the Takht-e Soleiman (Throne of Solomon); and this forms a Bonded Partnership with the Structural Circle emanating from Damavand, centred on Renaissance Island (Vozrozhdeniya Island 45°0'N 59°10'E) in the Aral Sea, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Thus there are direct currents reaching Gate 37 from the Planetary Solar Plexus (Uluru–Kata Tjuta) and Planetary Throat Chakra (Giza Pyramid complex-Mount Sinai-Mount of Olives).
The above suggests that when the Key 37th Gate of the New Aeon of Aquarius is opened, the Living Earth’s Word-of-Everlasting-Life is made Flesh. The Living Earth’s bodily (solar plexus) vitality is poured into the Manifest and Living Word (throat chakra). Mt. Damavand plays a key role in this making of the Living Earth’s Word Flesh. The opening of this 37th Gate results in the culmination of an Islamic process that began in the High Atlas Mountains many years before. The great theme of this Third Time Cycle, from 2027 to 2046, is the integration of the Islamic world’s cultural gifts and virtues into the overall world civilisation. Damavand, in 2032 AD, represents this achievement.
The Structural Circle of Arunachala is located at the Gulf of Cambay, at the mouth of the Narmada River. This Indian Circle bonds with the Creative Component of Damavand, which is located in the area where Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan meet. Malek Siah Kuh (Aeon of Aries primary activation site, over 4000 years ago. 29°54'49N 60°49'39E), Robat, and Gaud-i-Zirreh are all near the centre of this Creative Circle. Thus, we see that the Inspirational Arunachala has a very strong role to play in the opening of Damavand, with both its Structural (Adam's Peak) and Creative (Cambay) Geometric Centres forming a Bonded Partnership to Inspirational Damavand and its Structural and Creative Circles. In particular Arunachala works the Uluru-Kata Tjuta energy prior to its entry into Damavand. Arunachala adds additional structures and information relating to the Living Earth’s Chakra System and its Wisdom, to the Solar Plexus current prior to its alchemical union - through Damavand - with the Word of the Millennium emanating from the Sinai-Pyramid-Mt. of Olives Throat Chakra.
1989 began the fulfillment of the Return of Christ as predicted in The Rainbow Prophecy. My book Earth Chakras describes the planetary structures of this Second Coming of Christ: ''the awakening of a new design of energy movement for humanity.'' The New Circles expanding from the 156 Jewel centres and the Great Dragon Circles flowing about the Earth are the structural aspects of the Second Coming. The Wisdom content of this Second Coming can be simply expressed as a fourfold continual increase for All Beings of the Divine Qualities of Life, Love, Liberty, and Light. As the Immortal forces of these 4 qualities increase, death, decay, pain, and entropy are gradually abolished from the entirety of the planet. This is the Creation of the New Aeon.
A critical step in the immortalization of the planetary culture happened in 1990, when, as The Rainbow Prophecy for that year states: ''you will see the 12 Sacred Driver Wheels...stored and put together to create the figure 8 of infinity sign.'' This means that the 12 Primary Gates of the New Aeon of Aquarius are all active and vitalizing the 2 Great Dragon Ley-Arteries which form the infinity sign. This is clearly shown on the Earth Chakras map, and the cover of the book Earth Chakras.
When these 12 Gates are united in common purpose as the Foundation of the New Aeon, then a force greater than their total, a synergy of Grace, pours forth as Vitality and new Form for the opening of the 144 additional Jewels of the Living Earth which activate from 1990 to 2065 AD. This Earth calls upon all of us to act to operate this Planetary Structure of Christ - or Mahdi - Returned. Learn the art of listening to this call of the Living Earth.
The Way for the Immortalisation of the Planet into Eternal Frequencies is now available - it is up to the True Will of every individual whether or not to move in this Way. The embrace of Earth and Heaven is now ripe with Divine Potential at the dawn of this New Aeon. By acting Now with Courage, Humility, and with Inspiration, we have the clear chance to quickly abolish suffering and create the Terrestrial Paradise. Humanity... Our Time is NOW!

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