Planetary Gate 16

Inspirational Centre = Mt Dimlang

Structural Centre = Lake Chad

Creative Centre = Isangila Falls

Mount Dimlang (Vogel Peak), is the highest point in Nigeria, and the primary focus for Gate 16. Initial activation occurred between 2001-2003. The 37 mile radius should be established by 2010. The Structural Component for Mount Dimlang is Kaalom, Lake Chad, in Chad. Lake Chad forms a Bonded Partnership with Chott el Djerid (legendary Lake of the Tritons) - the Creative Component of Gate 19. The Creative Component of Mount Dimlang is Isangila Falls in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire). A Bonded Partnership forms between Isangila Falls and the Structural Component of Gate 32 - Kgalagadi National Park.


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