World Crown Chakra - Planetary Gate 5

Inspirational Centre = Mount Kailas (Kangrinboqê)

Structural Centre = Ismail Samani

Creative Centre = Kolkata

Zodiac attribution = Scorpio

Primary virtue = Divine Will

Mount Kailas, Tibet - Inspirational

Mount Kailas is considered to be the Abode of Shiva.

Height: 22, 156. (22 is the sacred number of magick. 156 the number of planetary perfection.)

Mount Kailas is sacred to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Tibetans. The Immortals' New Year - Wesak Scorpio Full Moon - is celebrated here at the Planetary Crown Chakra each year.

Karakul Lake-Ismail Samani, Pamirs, Tajikistan - Structural

Tajik: Qullai Ismoili Somoni. Ismail Samani Peak is the highest peak (24, 590 ft - 7,495 m) in the Pamir Ranges in Tajikistan.The Pamirs are home to the legendary Yeti. Ismail Samani was known as Communism Peak from 1962-1997.

Ismail Samani forms a Bonded Partnerhsip with the Mount Belukha in the Altais (Gate 25).

Sundarbans-Sagar Island-Banyan Tree, Botanical Gardens, Kolkata, India/Bangladesh - Creative

There are several sites of interest in the Kolkata area, including the the Banyan Tree in the Kolkata Botanical Gardens. This tree is 250 years old with a circumference of more than 330 meters. Kolkata forms a Bonded Partnership with Surat Thani (Gate 33).

Alchemical meditation for the World Crown Chakra:

Let the Will of the Divine be made Manifest
upon Earth as it is in Heaven.
Let the Divine Plan unfold throughout the Universe
as rapidly as Love allows.
Today, dedicate your Highest Purpose in service to the Divine Will.

Also, tune into the above sites on Scorpio new and full moons. Dates and times are listed on the Calendar page.
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