World Base Chakra - Planetary Gate 6

Inspirational Centre = Mount Shasta

Structural Centre = Kachina Peaks

Creative Centre = Vancouver Island

Zodiac attribution = Taurus

Primary virtue = Primordial Life Force

Mount Shasta, California, USA - Inspirational

This beautiful mountain is the base, or root, chakra of the Earth. It is a place of origin, of beginnings - where large amounts of raw, unformed spiritual energies may be released to the world. Work began at Mount Shasta in 1974 through to 1976. It was the first of the 12 Foundation Stones of the Planetary New Jerusalem to become activated.

In certain esoteric traditions, it is said that Mount Shasta was long ago in Lemuria the world Crown Chakra. Please regard this as an artistic concept, and not as an historical truth. It is an interesting concept, because it suggests that the 7th Chakra Centre of one great Planetary Epoch can become the root or foundation chakra of a future Great Cycle. As a general Spiritual Principle, this is Wisdom: May we always build our Foundations from the Highest Truths of Past Tradition. And then, with our Vision piercing through the totality of all futures to behold with clarity the Perfections of Divine Eternity, let us create - in constant communion with the Spirit of Truth - a greater and ever more joyous Way of Life whose roots are nourished by these Firm Foundations of highest Ancient Tradition. Polaria, Hyperboria, Lemuria, and Atlantis are great mythic archetypes still resonating with Magick through the deep layers of collective Life consciousness on this Earth. May that from the past which is of use for the building of this New Aquarian Aeon come to light through Revelation and Divine Intuition within the Heart and Mind and Will of every Being who desires to bring the Great Alchemical Work to Completion!

Mount Shasta is associated with the Immortal Saint Germain. For more information on Immortals see my books The Path of the Phoenix and The Art of Everlasting Life.
The Plumed Serpent passes through Mount Shasta on its way to Mount Fuji.

Kachina Peaks, Arizona, United States - Structural

Kachina Peaks forms a Bonded Partnership with Niagara Falls (Gate 15).

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada - Creative
The Golden Hinde [2195m, 7201ft], in Strathcona Park, is Vancouver Island's highest mountain.
Vancouver Island forms a Bonded Partnership with Easter Island (Gate 39).
Alchemical meditation for the World Base Chakra:

The Wheel of Everlasting Liberty has turned.
Infuse the Heart of Matter with the Energy of Primordial Life,
Let Earth exalt the Stars...
May your Body Temple grow Radaint,
May your Starlight shine today on all Beings.

Also, tune into the above sites on Taurus new and full moons. Dates and times are listed on the Calendar page.

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