World Water Spinner Wheel - Planetary Gate 10

Inspirational Centre = Lake Rotopounamu

Structural Centre = Mont-Panié

Creative Centre = Macquarie Island

Zodiac attribution = Pisces

Primary virtue = Everlasting Love


Lake Rotopounamu, New Zealand - Inspirational

Lake Rotopounamu and the Emerald Lakes in the Tongariro National Park are the centre of the World Water element Spinner Wheel. The primary virtue emanating from the World Water Wheel is that of Love - a Love Everlasting.

Rotopounamu means the lake of the second emerald stone. The first emerald stone is the Emerald Rose at antipodean Glastonbury in England. The Holy Grail forms from Europe, the Grail Net is cast from New Zealand. Also, New Zealand is certain to be the home of the Southern Hemisphere equivalent of the Glastonbury Zodiac, a giant landscape that covers 100 square miles, and contains large earth shapes corresponding to zodiacal creatures.

There is a walking path around Lake Rotopounamu which leads to a very large tree. This tree is a special site.

Energies released from the World Water Wheel activate sites on nearby New Caledonia and Macquarie Island.

Mont-Panié, New Caledonia - Structural

New Caledonia, a remnant of ancient Gondwanaland, is a large island to the north of New Zealand. It is currently a French colony. The indigenous Melanesian inhabitants call this beautiful island Kanaky.

New Caledonia is home to the world's largest lagoon. If the sacred site circle was completely expanded from New Caledonia, the outer circumference would touch Fraser Island, Australia.

Mont-Panié is the highest peak at 1629m [5341 ft]. Mont-Panié forms a Bonded Partnership with Mount Simpson in Papua New Guinea (Gate 30).

Macquarie Island, Australia - Creative

Macquarie Island is a remote place. Scientists live, and conduct research here.

Macquarie Island forms a Bonded Partnership with the Structural Component of the South Pole (Gate 51)- the South Magnetic Pole, near Port-Martin.

Alchemical meditation for the World Water Wheel:

Let the Grail Net be Cast,
Let the Wheel of Everlasting Love turn.
From the Ocean of Space and Time,
may all Life rise Immortal.
Today, focus on Your Love for the Universe.

Also, tune into the above sites on Pisces new and full moons. Dates and times are listed on the Calendar page.
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