Planetary Gate 15

Inspirational Centre = Niagara Falls

Structural Centre = Pilot Knob State Park

Creative Centre = Akimiski Island

1998-2001 were the foundational years for the Eastern Canada gateway. There are many important Native American sites throughout Eastern Canada from Niagara to the Eastern extreme of Newfoundland, with its Terra Nova Park and Avalon Peninsula. This Circle ideally achieves the initial 37 mile radius and stability by 2010 AD. Niagara Falls, the geometric centre, forms a Bonded Partnership with the Structural Mt Shasta Component - Kachina Peaks (Gate 6). The Structural Niagara Component is Pilot Knob State Park in Iowa, United States. The Niagara Creative Component is located at Akimiski Island, James Bay, in Canada. Pilot Knob forms a Bonded Partnership with Boulder Colorado (Gate 27). Akimiski Island forms a Bonded Partnership with Halifax in Nova Scotia (Gate 52).

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