Planetary Gate 30

Inspirational Centre = Mt Simpson-Mt Victoria, Owen Stanley Range, Papua New Guinea

Structural Centre = Popomanaseu, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

Creative Centre = Puncak Jaya-Danau Paniai, Pegunungan Maoke (Snow Mountains), Papua, Indonesia

If we happen to be working on the one-per-year pattern, 2030 AD finds us in Papua New Guinea, north of the Australian continent. The centre of this major Circle is at Mount Simpson-Mt Victoria, in the eastern part of this nation. Here I would like to say something about names. Many of the sacred sites mentioned have colonial and indigenous names. Mount Simpson is obviously not the original name for this sacred peak. Those interested in a specific Circle should always seek out the more ancient names and spiritual traditions associated with these sites. It is good to know both the modern and ancient names, for each name may contain an illumination of spiritual and geomythic history. The Kakoda Trail is also a Sacred Site of increasing significance on Papua New Guinea. The Structural Mt Simposon Circle is formed from Guadalcanal.

As is well known, the Earth is not a perfect sphere. It is flattened at the poles; the north pole radius from centre is longer than the south pole radius, giving the Earth a slight pear shape. Also, the area near the Capricorn Aeon site at Recife is at the long axis from Earth centre to equator, at 37 degrees west. And Papua New Guinea, the area now under consideration, has an unusual anomaly - the entire nation is uplifted above the standard curve of the earth to a greater irregular degree than anywhere else on the planet. The Snow Mountain Range is the Creative Circle spawned from the Inspirational Mount Simpson centre. If we look further, we find that the Creative Circle forms its Bonded Partnership with the Structural Circle of (Gate 8) Mount Fuji – Mount Mani San on Ganghwa Island, which is shared by North and South Korea.

Ganghwa Island is the only one of the 156 Jewels located in either of the Koreas. Here we may be given an understanding of potential uses of the 156 dynamics for political change. If we want to increase friendship between North and South Korea, we can approach the situation from two directions: From Mount Fuji and from Papua New Guinea, through its Creative Circle - Papua. From the Inspirational Mount Fuji, a current of immortality and beauty can be directed to both Koreas, in dedication to greater cooperation.


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