Planetary Gate 22

Inspirational Centre = High Tatra, Poland and Slovak Republic

Structural Centre = Stortorget, Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden

Creative Centre = Mytikas-Plateau of the Muses, Mount Olympus, Greece

This area is south of Cracow in Poland and extends over the border into the Slovak Republic (Slovakia). This is the Key central European Earth Chakra . The highest point, Rysy, is exactly on the border of the two countries. The High Tatra area is destined to become widely known as a major Sacred Earth Site. It plays a major role in the creation of Trust and Harmony between East and West areas of Europe.

There are several important Circles activating on the outer circumference of this Tatra Gate. The Creative Centre is at Mt. Olympus in Greece and the Structural Centre is at Stockholm, Sweden. This Scandinavian Structural Circle plays a unique role in maintaining the health of the Living Earth. Stockholm is the centre of this Circle. Its full 777 mile domain extends well beyond the Arctic Circle at 66 degrees 33 minutes North. The Swedish town of Kiruna is at the centre of the sacred sites within this area beyond the Circle. It is in this region that an annual Grail-Wand Ceremony needs to be done exactly at true midnight on the Summer Solstice and again, two or three nights later, on Midsummer Night's Eve, again at true midnight. The solstice ritual should not be done until after the sun has entered the Grail sign of Cancer. These rituals should be based upon the same spiritual principles which are at the Heart of the midsummer Glaston-Shaston (Glastonbury-Shaftesbury) rituals and are described elsewhere.

The Blessings of the Living Earth released at this time should be brought to Stockholm on the first new moon after Midsummer Night's Eve. This begins a 2 week celebration and spiritual process during which these annual Blessings are integrated into the centre area of the Stockholm orb. This period culminates on the following Full Moon.

The final stage of this unique ritual begins on the autumn equinox and lasts to true midday on 29th September, Michaelmas Day. At this time, individuals from the Stockholm Circle travel to the High Tatras and spiritually ground within the Living Earth the Blessings and Grace generated above the Arctic Circle at the beginning of this ritual. Then the Tatras sink these forces into the centre of the Living Earth by the winter solstice.

The circle begins to be completed on the following Spring Equinox, at which time individuals in the High Tatra receive Blessings from the Living Earth which emerge from the Earth at the instant of the equinox and for a few hours after this point. Then these energies are taken to Stockholm for the 7 day period culminating on Easter at Sunrise. This time period should always include the full moon prior to Easter.

Then, individuals in Stockholm devote the 2 week period from the New Moon after Easter until the Wesak Full Moon to prayer and meditation. What has the Living Earth given us from the High Tatras? How may we use this Gift at the coming Midsummer events above the Arctic Circle? The culmination of the Wesak Full Moon in Scorpio begins the spiritual New Year and provides New information and inspiration for the Grail-Wand Union in the far north. Thus this Circle is complete. The regular Working of this ritual cycle by dedicated individuals will greatly increase the Immortal frequencies of the Planet and accelerate the complete manifestation of the Planetary New Jerusalem. The sooner this Work is started, the better!

The High Tatras is a powerful spiritual centre equally shared by Poland and the Slovak Republic. It should be established as an International Peace and Friendship Park where individuals from all over the world can come together to share Visions and Projects for creating a World of Freedom and Harmony. I am not original in these suggestions: Such ideas were put forth prior to the disruption of the area in WWII. The Tatras have traditionally been seen as a spiritual fortress of Liberty. These mountains are very ancient. Long ago, they were a large island in the middle of a central European sea. The natives use a sanskrit word for fire - vatra - which is not used by the cultures in surrounding regions. The vatra-fire of Liberty needs to be regularly evoked from the Tatras.

Elsewhere I describe a major annual ritual involving the Tatras with their Structural Component at Stockholm. A parallel ritual could be worked in relation to the Creative Component of the Tatras - Mt. Olympus in Greece. The continuing activation of the High Tatras is destined to play a major role in the creation of spiritual and political harmony between the nations of western and eastern Europe. All of Europe to the Urals is contained within the interweave of Circles related to the 3 Inspirationals - Gate 1 Glaston-Shaston, Gate 22 High Tatra, and Gate 13 Moscow-Danilov-Sergiev Posad. Iceland, an Inspirational Site, is also considered a part of Europe and connects to the mainland through both its Bonded Partnership with Stockholm and through its Creative Component at Callanish on the Isle of Lewis. The High Tatras are located at the centre of this European multi-orb complex, hence their key importance.

It is interesting that the first book in English describing the Tatras was written by V.A. Firsoff, who spent his latter years living in Glastonbury. This talented man, who wrote 32 books and was adept in many diverse areas, lived 10 years in the High Tatras.

These mountains are filled with mystic legends; lakes, grottos, waterfalls, peaks, meadows - all are clothed in myth, beauty, and magick. I will briefly mention a few Tatra locales which suggest spiritual mysteries. In Britain, there are many locations where sleeping Knights are waiting in caves, usually connected to Arthur. The Tatras have this archetype also: A cave in the Koscieliska Valley hides a Knightly group. This represents the latent Spiritual Power that the Tatra Inspirational Orb contains - waiting to be evoked in dedication to the Liberation of the Living Earth. A serpent King with a crown of gold and jewels is said to dwell somewhere within the many caves and grottos of the area. The Duck Lake is the home for a Golden Duck Spirit which gives Initiatory Wisdom to those who are pure in heart and sincere in their Quest.

On the Polish side, the large town of Zakopane is the primary base for explorers of this Inspirational Jewel. On the Czech side, the small village of Zdiar is close to the border. Rysy is the highest Polish peak and is exactly on the border. The highest mountain in the Tatras, and on the Slovak side, is Gerlachovka, at 8711 feet. From Rysy, two adjacent magickal lakes - Sea Eye and the Black Lake - may be seen below.

Golden Eagles and brown bears live in the Tatras. Poland is known as the land of the White Eagle. As the reader of my writings will well know by now, the Eagle is one of the great symbols of Liberty and Greater Vitality of Life. One of the most secluded and peaceful areas in the Tatras is a valley in the Western region called Wielka Swistowka. The large Belan Grottoes are another feature of special interest to cave explorers.

There are reputed to be many treasures hidden within hollow trees or under boulders in the Tatras. Robin Hood-style groups based themselves in this rugged region. People fleeing from political oppression often found their Liberty here. It would take many years to explore the Tatras. Although the entire area is about the size of the English Lake District, the Tatras are much more complex and challenging for the walker.

I shall conclude this very brief look at the Tatras with a legend involving 3 circles. This 3 circle pattern is central to the global pattern of the 156 Jewels: they are grouped into 52 sets of 3 overlapping orbs. This symbol is seen on the Crowley-Harris Ace of Cups (Grail) tarot card. The Tatra story is this: When you are high on a ridge or peak with an ocean of fog beneath you and the Sun in a low position, sometimes you can see your own shadow magnified upon the fog and surrounded by a circular rainbow. When you have seen your shadow within this rainbow circle on three separate occasions, then you have the Way of Everlasting Life - which many seek, and few find. If you are one of the fortunate few to experience this Initiation within the High Tatras, emanate Joyous Thanksgiving to all Life, and to all time and space, while the rainbow circle is visible. This simple ritual expands the Divine Power of Grace flowing from this great sacred Circle. It is said that, if you spend enough time at high altitude in the Tatras, it is possible to see all the colours of the rainbow within the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. With eagles, rainbows, and Liberty - the High Tatra Inspirational Circle is now in the process of awakening to its full spiritual potential. May your prayers, meditations, and actions contribute to this great Awakening!

Also in Poland, just north of Gniezno is the Biskupin Prehistoric Fort. At Czestochowa is the Monastery of the Black Madonna. Near the Russian border, in the Bialystok area, is a primeval forest, and wildlife including bison, lynx, boar, bears, moose, and elk.

In the Slovak Republic, near Kosice is the Herlany Geyser which erupts once every 30 hours. Prague is a city with a long tradition of alchemists.
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