Planetary Gate 29

Inspirational Centre = Cerro de Puntas, Arecebo source, Puerto Rico

Structural Centre = Great Exuma Island, Bahamas

Creative Centre = Montego Bay, Jamaica

This is the 3rd generation Inspirational Circle in descent from the primal Planetary Birth Chakra of Lake Titicaca (Gate 3). The pattern of descent is thus: Lake Titicaca – Creative Centre on Amazon near Iquitos - Inspirational Circle of Manaus (site of the Birth of the Aeon of Sagittarius after 6000 AD) - the Structural Centre of Angel Falls - which forms a Bonded Partnership with this Inspirational mountain and river source on the island of Puerto Rico.

A major part of this Prophetic Vision and Planetary Awakening is geomythically epitomized by the Ideal of Atlantis. The function of the Aeon of Aquarius is to restore the Highest Wisdom of Lost Atlantis. The Aeon of Aquarius beginning now is initiated at Glaston-Shaston, the Planetary Heart Chakra on the eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean. As the Aeon evolves, several transatlantic bridges - Bonded Partnerships - are formed between several pairs of these 156 Jewels of the Living Earth. The purpose of these bridges is the Resurrection of the Lost Wisdom of Atlantis. This process is complete by the end of this Aquarian Aeon and the beginning of the Aeon of Capricorn, which is initiated on the other side of the Atlantic in the Recife, Brazil area, at a date after 4000 AD. The bridges shall have served their Aeonic purposes by then.

At Puerto Rico, during the 3rd Great Wesak 19 year cycle which begins in 2027, we start to approach the final stages which lead to the forging of the key Atlantean Bridge. The Structural Circle emanating from Puerto Rico is centred in the Bahamas, with a focus at Nassau and also on Great Exuma Island. This Structural Circle reaches across the Atlantic to form a Bonded Partnership with the Creative Circle centred at Lisbon, Portugal which is itself one of the two Component Circles of the Azores. The Azores are Gate 48, one of the final Inspirational Sites to be fully activated just prior to the Birth of the Immortal Aeon in 2065 AD. As is shown in my Earth Chakras book, two national capitals, one on each side of the Atlantic, play important roles in the final creation of the last key Atlantic Bridge. These cities are Lisbon and Washington D.C. The Creative Puerto Rican Circle bonds with the Structural Circle of Palenque, which is centred in Costa Rica. This Creative Puerto Rican Site is located at Montego Bay in Jamaica. (The fascinating Galapagos Islands are contained within the full operative Structural Circle centred in Costa Rica.)

The 52 Inspirational Gates of the Living Earth reflect a sacred number. 52 appears in the Aztec calendar and in other contexts. In order for the United States to fulfill its spiritual promise, there are theories which suggest that the number of states should increase from 50 to 52 by the year 2065. Puerto Rico is a prime candidate for one of these two needed states. A 4th cycle Inspirational Centre, Guam, is a possible candidate to complete the 52 pattern of states.... or perhaps Washington D.C.
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