Planetary Gate 17

Inspirational Centre = Recife

Structural Centre = Peter & Paul Rocks

Creative Centre = Piaui

Like the 13th Gate, this 17th Gate plays an important structural and spiritual function in the global creation of Paradise. This centre is located at Marco Zero-Praca da Republica-Golden Chapel, Recife and Nova Jerusalem, Fazenda Nova, in Brazil, and began opening in 2003. It played a central role in the 2008 celebrations, and expands to the 37 radius by 2010. The temple city called Nova Jerusalém (New Jerusalem), built a number of years ago is important to this Gate. It is here that the Passion of the Christ is re-enacted with live actors every year during Easter.

As this centre expands during the early 21st century, it reaches out to connect with the expanding Nigerian centre to form the key transatlantic equatorial Earth energy bridge. There are several other bridges being formed over the Atlantic connecting major sacred sites on each side of the Atlantic. These energy links are connected to the future Aeon of Capricorn and also symbolize the restoration of the Archetype of Atlantis. All the Wisdom that this Ancient Memory of the Lost Land represents is destined to be restored to Earth during this 2160 year Aquarian Aeon. It is best to regard Atlantis as a symbol, rather than as an historical reality. This process is complete by the time the next Aeon, that of Capricorn, begins.

Another Atlantean Bridge being formed shall connect Glaston-Shaston (Glastonbury-Shaftesbury) with the 15th Gate in Eastern Canada at Niagara Falls. This is the most northern of these energy links.

At the dawn of every new Aeon, the centre of activation shifts approximately 1/12 around the world to the west. When the Aeon of Taurus was energised, efforts were concentrated in the Altai Mountains, the Gobi Desert, and perhaps Himalayan areas, near the 90 degree east longitude. At the start of the Age of Aries, this centre was in southeastern Iran. The Piscean focus was in the global throat centre which includes Jerusalem and the Great Pyramid. This Aquarian Aeon is activated from the Glaston-Shaston area. And the future Aeon of Capricorn is born from the area near Recife, Brazil.

This centre is mobile; and it concentrates its focus on the sacred site territory from which the particular New Aeon is being established. Thus, in this Aquarian Aeon of the Immortal Child, the global heart and third eye chakras are united in one area. Sometime after the year 4000 AD, this 6th, or Shambhallic Focus, chakra shifts to unite with the Recife area. (Fore more information on the Mobile Planetary 6th Chakra see: The Movement of the Great Zodiacal Ages.)

When a New Aeon begins, seeds are also planted at the next future site. Joseph of Arimathea performed this function at the beginning of the Age of Pisces, when he took the Grail archetype to Glastonbury to act as a spiritual magnet around which the growing forces of the future Aquarian Aeon could accumulate. A similar mission began transferring seeds from the Glaston-Shaston area to the Recife area in the year 2008. These seeds are the geomythic foundations upon which the spiritual themes of the future Capricorn Aeon shall be built upon and expanded from. The key period for this initial shift is from the Scorpio Full Moon of April, 2008 until Easter of 2010; during the portions of this 2 year period when both the north node and Pluto are in Capricorn - the sign of the future Aeon. After this period, there are several other key times for Recife during the entire Pluto in Capricorn cycle, which concludes in 2024 AD. Among these key times to watch out for are the points where Pluto reaches the exact degree-minute positions of the various Saturn-Neptune conjunctions of 1989, and the exact positions of the 3 Neptune-Uranus conjunctions of 1993. Astrologically, the North Node, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn are the 5 key forces to consider in this Glaston-Shaston to Recife Work, as these symbolise the most global and macrocosmic principles.

As this seeding of the future Capricorn Aeon is an important subject, and needs to be done early in the 21st century, I would like to offer here a brief initial timetable. Obviously, many more details can be added over the coming years. There are 4 phases between 2008 and 2025 for the Recife area events. During each phase, the radius from the sacred site centre increases, enlarging the circle. Events during each phase should be centred within the new territory added to the orb by the expansion of the radius. The four phases, with radii from centre are:

1. Wesak Full Moon 2008---Easter 2010...... 37 miles
2. Wesak Full Moon 2010---Easter 2015...... 74 miles
3. Wesak Full Moon 2015---Easter 2020...... 111 miles
4. Wesak Full Moon 2020---Easter 2025...... 222 miles

Each spiritual year begins with the Scorpio Full Moon, which occurs in April or May. This is the full moon associated with Mt. Kailas, Tibet - the world seventh, True Will - Crown Chakra. The fruits of the seeds released on this "Wesak" moon reach their full spiritual maturity at Easter Sunrise of the following year. Thus, each lunar year begins on a major Eastern holy day, and concludes on a major Western date. Easter is the culmination of each year - for it is at this time that the strongest planetary energies for Immortality and Global Resurrection are released. This is why the Gaian Omega Point, from which this Vision expands, was activated exactly at Easter Sunrise upon the summit of Glastonbury Tor in 1984 (see my book Voyage to Avalon for further information). For the Immortals, the lunar year always begins upon the Scorpio Full Moon, in April or May, and culminates on the following Easter, in March or April of the subsequent year.

Now let us briefly note a few of the most auspicious times for the Brazilian New Jerusalem Gate:

1. 2008 - 2010: The month of November 2008 is very powerful. Jupiter in Capricorn trines Saturn and sextiles Uranus. This prepares for the entrance of Pluto into Capricorn on the Sagittarius New Moon 27th November. The full moon 13th November is very potent - the Jupiter-Uranus aspect is exact during the last hour of this moon's culmination. Also, Saturn opposes Uranus exactly earlier in this same month. In 2009, again November is noted: The aspects for the Scorpio New Moon on 16 November suggest that this is a key date for the Brazil sacred sites. February 2010: The start of the Chinese Year of the Tiger on Valentine's Day, the 14th, is very auspicious. The Jupiter sextile to Pluto earlier in the month contributes to this event. On 3rd March, 2010, the North Node in Capricorn reaches the first of the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction positions. The second of these three related events is on the Pisces New Moon on the Ides of March, the 15th. And the final Node-1993 connection is on Joseph of Arimathea's Feast Day, 17th March. All this leads up to a very powerful Easter, 4th April, 2010, to conclude the Recife plantings within the 37 mile radius.

2. 2010-2015: During this 5 year period, the Brazilian radius is progressively expanded to 74 miles and sacred sites within this new area are consecrated to the future Aeon of Capricorn. 2010 starts strongly with a Saturn opposition Uranus at the time of the Wesak Full Moon, 28 April. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 0º Aries, 8th June is interesting. This is the degree of the Ace of Wands - the spring equinox point where the Immortal ''23'' vibration is at its strongest. 23 is considered to be the prime number symbolic of everlasting life. Here, the Ace of Wands represents an archetypal act of planetary will to define clearly the Word of the future Capricornian Aeon. This zero degree Aries Jupiter-Uranus conjunction powerfully opens a new 12 year cycle (2010-2022) of Melchizedek Earth activation.

The Full Moon of 26th June is a key: On this date, the North Node exactly conjuncts the position of the first 1989 Saturn-Neptune event. It is this 3rd March, 1989 conjunction that began the activation of the Shaston-Glaston Magick by the ritual connecting of the Brue and Stour Rivers in the upper wing-tip of the Shaftesbury Eagle earth figure. Both rivers have legendary associations with Arthur and Avalon. 21 years later, this initial event connects in space and time with the Capricorn Full Moon conjunct Pluto in June of 2010 in Brazil. What is consistent from one event to the other is the True Will for Greater Life, Love, Light, and Liberty upon this planet, and throughout the universe.

In mid-August of 2010, there is a powerful opposition between Jupiter in Aries and Saturn in Libra to mark the 23rd anniversary of the 17th August, 1987 global events which centred upon the activation of the 2nd Great Dragon Circle - the male Plumed Serpent (shown on the map), and which were initiated from El Tule and Palenque in Southern Mexico. This event in 2010 connects with the Midsummer Night's Eve Saturn-Neptune conjunction in 1989, which was the time when the celebration of the completion of the Byzant Ritual Work involving Glastonbury and Shaftesbury first occurred. This magick evening in 1989 celebrated the pregnancy of the Gaian Heart Chakra which was caused by the Shaston Eagle-Wand activation. The 3rd and final Node-1989 connection follows shortly after on 28th August, 2010: This marks the position of the Saturn-Neptune conjunction of 13th November, 1989, which was the global healing focus on Table Mountain, South Africa. This event created quite a sensation in the South African media at the time. This is interesting because Table Mountain is destined to help forge the most southern transatlantic spiritual bridge with the Buenos Aires, Argentina area between the years 2008-2027 AD. (Pluto reaches this same position February 1, 2013; thus this time is likely to be associated with the opening of the Argentina New Jerusalem Gate.)

The last event in 2010 that I shall mention is the exact conjunction between the North Node and Pluto 9th November, in Capricorn. This is a rare and singular event which synthesizes and vitalizes all the previous work at the Recife Gate. The archetype for the dawn of the Aeon of Capricorn is alchemically balanced and complete at this time. The north node represents future destiny; Pluto Divine Plan and Will - their rare union in the sign of Capricorn creates an Immortal Seal which acts as a magnetic beacon to accumulate the coming forces of the Capricorn Aeon. A New Word which shapes the pattern of this future Aeon shall be spoken to the world from the Recife area at some time after 4000 AD. The nature of this Word is determined by the accumulating Wisdom which gathers around the Immortal Seal in the Recife area which achieves stability in 2010 AD. These same patterns and developments occurred while the Glaston-Shaston Aquarian Initiation Focus was being formed. It is interesting how often the month of November holds a key time for the Brazil area. Hope the weather is good in the Recife area that time of year!

After the 1st February 2013 event mentioned above, we come to the second of three exact Pluto connections with 1989 Saturn-Neptune conjunctions. This happens 7 March, 2013, and coincides with an exact sextile between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn; thus both planets are in each other's favorite sign. This event profoundly illuminates the 1989 Midsummer Night's Eve celebration of Gaia's Heart pregnant with the Wand of Shaston. The 2013 conjunction illuminates the Divine Will and inspires many throughout the world to Master the Great Laws of individual and planetary resurrection. The 1989 positions of these two planets are exactly reversed in 2013. In Cabalistic terms, by 2013 the Capricorn force has risen to the Crown of the Tree of Life, Kether, while the Scorpio force has descended from the Crown to Binah. This means that all the Key Immortal archetypes of the new Aeon are functioning prior to Easter of 2013. This is good.

Due to the retrograde movement of Pluto, there are several more exact transits by Pluto to the 1989 events. The first is 20 May, 2013 and is made particularly powerful because Uranus in Aries exactly squares Pluto at the same time. Creatively released, this event should see a bursting through, into planetary culture, of tremendous Immortal Vitality - a sudden greening of the Wasteland both global and individual. Again this is on the same Midsummer Night's Eve frequency as the previous event. This theme of the spiritual ley waters flowing powerfully, planet wide, is continued in the following month of June, 2013: On the 11th we have a water trine between Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces; then for the second Table Mountain '89 link we have Jupiter reach the summer solstice point of 0º Cancer, which is the Grail point, when the Wand impregnates the Grail. This is on the 27th June, 2013. The Ace of Cups overflows at this time in a big way! Let the Omega frequencies of the Holy Grail uplift all things into higher and ever more incorruptible states of being.

This same theme is accelerated later in the year when Pluto makes its final link with the Table Mountain 1989 aspect. This time, instead of a Saturn-Neptune water trine, we have a Saturn-Jupiter water trine. This greatly awakens many individuals to a clear awareness of Divine Plan and inspires many to work with gratitude at sacred sites on every continent. The period from 7-12 December, 2013, contains this event.

2014 starts off with an exciting event, which can be symbolised by King Arthur and his magickal sword, Excalibur: We have a triple conjunction of Pluto, Sun and Moon on the 1st of January exactly at the '89 Midsummer Night's Eve celebration point. This Capricorn New Moon is on the seventh, or Libra, day of Christmas. Insight into this triple conjunction can be found in my invocation for the 7th day of Christmas, “Kiss of Excalibur,” which is contained in my book, The Art of Everlasting Life. As stated in the commentaries to this invocation, the function of the Kiss of Excalibur is to place "the Seal of Immortality upon all Creation."

The planetary archetype of Arthur Returned is the force which bestows this Kiss of Excalibur upon the Recife area. When this is done, then the Millennial Feast truly begins. The Star of Peace returns to shine forever. In the words of the final line of The Invocation of the Omega Point: “I Proclaim the Victory of Peace throughout the Universe!” On Midsummer Night’s Eve an archetype of this star rises from the Heart of the Shaston Eagle: The six points of this Everlasting Star are Shaftesbury, Hornblotton Church, Stanton Drew Stone Circle, Castle Combe, Avebury, and Stonehenge. As the Rainbow Prophecy for 1989 predicts the Coming of Christ; so does this star rising from the Heart of the Eagle mark its place of birth, its Bethlehem - the cardinal world heart chakra, centred in the Glastonbury-Shaftesbury area. And this new Christ Circle of energy design and total respect for the True Will comes of age in Recife in 2014, 25 years later, when the Kiss of Excalibur makes Eternal the Seal of the Future Aeon.

Much emphasis is being given to Brazil in this chapter, because this nation is host to the global activation of the future Capricorn Aeon. By working Now, we help to preserve the health of Gaia through to this future time. If the Recife Seal is not constructed and activated Now, then the ecological and spiritual structures of the planet are made less stable. Every suggestion and prophecy in this book depends upon the creative inspiration and love of many individuals for their fulfillment. As I am fond of saying: There is Much Work to Do!

The next key event is when the sun enters Aquarius - 20 January, 2014. At this time Pluto connects back to the Source Point in '89, when the two Rivers near Stourhead were Blessed and ritually united. We return to Source in a very powerful way in 2014, for at this time, Jupiter in Cancer conjuncts the star Sirius and both exactly oppose the Pluto position. This is an example of stellamythics in action. For we may learn more of this event by studying the Glastonbury Zodiac. The Sword Excalibur lies hidden in the landscape with its tip, its point, located exactly at the star fall position of Sirius, just north of the town of Somerton, at an ancient spring. The relationship suggested here is between the source of the Brue and the Stour, and the star Sirius. The Waters of Life flow from both sources. It has been said that if you stand in the centre of the galaxy and look outward, our sun appears as the Heart Chakra of a Giant - and Sirius appears as the third eye chakra of this same figure. These are the same two Gaian chakras which are presently conjoined in the Glaston-Shaston area, from 1904 to 2084 AD. This third eye, mobile 6th chakra, focus shifts to the Recife area after 4000 AD.

In July and August of 2014, Pluto retrogrades back through the 1989 "Source" and "Midsummer" points once again. I feel that these two times will develop the basic themes stated so far. Now we move forward to the next Pluto, direct, links in the autumn of 2014: The ''Midsummer '89'' point is exactly conjuncted by Pluto on the Scorpio New Moon of 23rd October. Venus also conjuncts this New Moon exactly in the first degree of Scorpio. This is important because the expanding Omega Sphere concept at this time illuminates the Omega Point Easter Sunrise 1984 event, when the heart chakra of the world was opened: This Scorpio triple conjunction in 2014 falls exactly on the degree position of Pluto at Easter 1984. After 30 years, the Omega Point reaches a new maturity in the Recife area.

The final '89 link occurs one month later on the Sagittarius New Moon, 22nd November, 2014. Pluto makes its last exact conjunction to the ''River Source'' point.

Here I would like to first mention something that is far in the future. Brazil also hosts the Birth of the Aeon of Sagittarius sometime after 6000 AD. The area where this event occurs is in the Heart of Amazonia, somewhere near the town of Manaus. Again, the mobile planetary sixth chakra - the Aeon Shift Factor - will have moved a further 1/12th to the west. This centre begins to develop in the 21st Century as a New Jerusalem Gate independent from the 777 mile radius orb of the Recife Gate.

The Planetary Gates have, as an average, a natural, expanded, healthy orb, with this approximate 777 mile radius. Some Earth chakras and circles, among the 156, have slightly smaller radii, while a few are significantly larger in size. All sacred sites within a full circle interweave with each other to form the nature of the particular Gate. In certain cases, major sister orbs may be spawned from the approximate outer boundary of the orb. For example, structural and creative orbs to the Glaston-Shaston 777 orb are being formed with centres in Berlin and in Barcelona.

The normal Planetary Web has this average 777 radius. The only time when these orbs are expanded beyond their ideal sizes is during the birth labours of a New Aeon. This happens between 2030 and 2065 AD. The 12 Great Gates of the New Jerusalem expand beyond a radius of 3000 miles to overlap and intermingle with each other. After 2065, they slowly contract back to their normal 777 radius. They do not expand again until it is time to give birth to the Aeon of Capricorn in the Recife area, far in the future. A stage by stage timetable for this birthing of the Immortal Child of the New Aeon, with length of radius:

Timetable of the New Aeon Circle Years Radius
1 1989-2005 37
2 2005-2010 74
3 2010-2015 111
4 2015-2020 222
5 2020-2025 333
6 2025-2030 444
7 2030-2035 555
8 2035-2040 666
9 2040-2045 777
10 2045-2050 888
11 2050-2055 999
12 2055-2060 2079
13 2060-2065 3159

Note the rapid expansion during the last 10 years of Birth. The radius of the New Jerusalem Gate is increased by the sacred number of 1080 miles during the 12th, and also during the final 13th, expansion. It is likely that the rate of contraction is the same as that of expansion: This would lead to a return to the normal 777 radius by Easter Sunrise of 2084 AD at the latest - the 100th anniversary of the activation of the Omega Point.

The above table is for the original 12 Gates of the New Jerusalem. As additional Gates become activated, during the second and third Great Wesak cycles, they follow similar rates of expansion, but during different years. For example, the Recife Gate reaches the first circle of 37 radius five years after the original 12. It should be noted that all gates over their ideal radii by 2065 begin to contract together. Thus the Recife Gate reaches a maximum radius of 2079 miles. The 39 sacred sites of the fourth Great Wesak cycle, which activate between 2046 and 2065 AD., expand at a greater rate, so that all 156 circles are at, or above, their ideal areas by Easter, 2065.

Before moving on, it is important to show the link between Easter 2084 AD, just mentioned, when the planetary chakras have returned to normal, and the singular North Node-Pluto Conjunction of November, 2010 mentioned earlier. The North Node of 2084 returns to this same degree position in Capricorn in April of 2084. Be thou one of the Magi and take thy Gift to the Recife area in 2010.

We have now reached the end of the second five year Recife cycle. This very active five years culminates on Easter of 2015. The 74 mile radius is complete. It should be noted that every year the Wesak Moon, and also Easter Sunrise, are key focal points for the development of this Planetary Vision. It should be understood that Earth activations are happening all over the world at the times that I am drawing attention to - and at many times that I am not mentioning. The entire world should not go to Brazil in 2010. Earth links, and energy and cultural exchanges, between all sacred sites are needed at key times in order to create a balanced planetary awakening.

3. 2015-2020: During this new phase the Recife radius is expanded to 111 miles. Work during this cycle is concentrated at sacred sites within the new zone of land located between the 74 and the 111 radii.

For those with an interest in tarot, this Global Vision of Redeeming the Wasteland by the activating of 13 interlinking orbs is visually represented by the Crowley-Harris Queen of Disks card. I have just discovered that this card also rules the various degrees of Capricorn mentioned so far. See the six-pointed star on the Wand and the globe with 13 interlinked circles visible on it. Read the commentary on this card in Crowley's Book of Thoth. Says Crowley: ''She represents the ambition of matter to take part in the great work of Creation.'' In other words, there is an active Will within Gaia which produces creative change. There is a clarity to this True Will of Gaia which can not be altered by the thought projections of humanity. We can listen to and work with the Gaian Will - we can not alter it.

The Vision contained within this book comes from the Earth Spirit, and represents the planet’s ambition to create magickal change. For far too long humans have given a priority to spirit over matter. In the past, we have heard many say that spirit is “spiritualising” matter. Recognise the contrary pattern of change: Matter is materialising spirit. Listen deeply to the voice of the earth, and you will understand how to harmonise yourself with the evolutionary purpose of this planet during the coming centuries.

Early in 2016, we find the North Node and Jupiter very near each other in Virgo, and in trine to the very powerful Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions, in Capricorn, of 2020 AD. ( The North Node-Jupiter conjunctions are exact on 23 January, 30 January, and 20 June, 2016.) Virgo is the ruling sign of the Earth itself. This is a time to love the Earth and to listen to the Word of Gaia. This period from January to June, 2016 provides us with new wisdom and is the first of a related series of events which culminate 4 years later in 2020.

Virgo is the mirror of Pisces. When the 13 major New Jerusalem Gates reach their maximum of expansion around the year 2065, each area where they overlap forms the shape of a vesica piscis. These zones produce an extra abundance of Aeonic Birth during the extended overlap phase before the great circles begin to contract back to their normal radius. A computer projection could show us when and where each of these vesica piscis wombs form. It must be kept in mind that the rate of development for each of these Gates depends upon the actual social and cultural changes which are established. The creation of each zone, its expansion, and the advancement of the 9 conditions listed earlier in this book are all essential. These conditions may be quickly established if inspired individuals living in these various areas work together. We are not interested in the subjective thought forms of Magicians. We are interested in a Planetary Revolution, based on total respect for every unique True Will, which produces Peace and Immortality for all beings who truly desire such qualities for themselves. The liberty to seek everlasting life must be nurtured by the coming world civilisation. This Revolution begins with You - Dare to Act!

The next key time in 2016 is the period from the summer solstice, through Midsummer Night's Eve, until 26th June. During this time this North Node conjunct Jupiter, in Virgo, reforms for the third, and final, time to exactly trine the Pluto position in Capricorn. This 5 day period powerfully communicates the message of the Grail-Wand Union and its offspring, the Immortal Child. The Divine Quality of Trust flows throughout the world during these days to increase the Creative Manifestation of all Life.

The day upon which the North Node and Jupiter conjunct is on 20 June, 2016 - at the time of the culmination of the rare Blue Sagittarius Full Moon. This moon focuses its entire Earth healing force upon Beijing, China, which is the 13th synthesising centre for this 2008-2027 Great Wesak period.

Christmas Day and the 1st Day of Christmas (26 December), 2016 are very exciting: A stationary Uranus in Aries is trined by Saturn in Sagittarius and opposed by Jupiter in Libra. The Living Spirit of Truth flows throughout the ley-arteries of Gaia to provide the Millennial First Supper of Planetary Resurrection. This is a Christmas where we clearly recognize that the Immortal Child of the Aeon has been born, and is offering us Fruits plucked from the Crown of the Tree of Life. The Pluto position at this time is the same as it was for the summer solstice-blue moon just described above. Pluto is Kether, the Crown of the Cabalistic Tree. Metatron is the Archangel of Pluto and is associated with Enoch, the oldest physically Immortal being on the planet, according to the Western Tradition.

Enoch is a member of the Melchizedek Priesthood, the company of all Immortals from every religion. These Immortals are known by different names, in various traditions around the world. Once every 12 years, this Melchizedek company releases new Information concerning sacred sites and ley energies. This information is used to increase the qualities of Life, Love, Light, and Liberty on Earth. In 2016, we are half-way through the Melchizedek cycle that began with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of 8th June, 2010 at 0º Aries, the Immortal ''23'' point of the spring equinox. The Byzant, Ace of Wands, force is sublime in its Magick at this event in 2010!

This would be a good time for a solitary Vision Quest at a major sacred site. Unite with the eternal, immortal nature of all things. Christmas of 2016 sees the full integration of whatever happened to you 6 years before, in 2010. The previous Melchizedek cycle began on Valentine's Day, 1999. Melchizedek 12 year Earth chakra patterns were also initiated in 1987 and in 1975.

My book Earth Chakras, consists of Melchizedek material which was released from the Earth Spirit at the start of the cycle which began in spring of 1987. Half way through each such 12 year cycle, the new information is fully integrated into practical use. For the 1987-1999 cycle, this occurred in 1993 - primarily through the 3 Uranus-Neptune conjunctions of that year.

The first Melchizedek cycle that I was personally able to work with began in 1975, when I wrote The Invocation of the Omega Point to act as an initiatory vehicle for the transmission of Melchizedek information. Going back in time a bit further, I was contacted by Melchizedek on Christmas Day of 1973, in Blake Canyon on Mt. Tamalpias. As a result of this experience, I began to contribute to the activation of major earth chakras and ley arteries throughout the world. I dedicated myself to this task from Christmas '73 to Rosh Hashonoh '75 - the day the Omega Point Invocation was written. So much for personal history. Back to the year 2016 AD.

After the powerful Christmas, we enter 2017 and begin a period where Pluto transits the 3 different 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunct points several times both retrograde and direct. Although much in this astrological section has been related to Brazil, all events mentioned have a global impact and should spiritually link with individuals and sacred sites all over the world. What I am giving here is a bare structure, along with certain general interpretations. Keep in mind that these events really come to Life for you in a unique Way that may involve revelation, creativity, and interaction with the particular myths, legends and living energies of the area you find yourself in at these various times.

The first of these transits by Pluto occurs 20th February, 2017. The second follows shortly after on 3rd March and exactly coincides with Jupiter in Libra opposition Uranus in Aries - the same opposition which assisted in the integration of the Melchizedek cycle on the previous Christmas. This all seems to be building up to a highly visionary and inspirational Easter in April. The combined planetary Heart-force of the Rainbow Starhood, the company of all immortal global workers, is very potent and clearly directed in this spring of 2017. With Pluto stationary on the 16th of April for Easter, the Divine Will pours out a great amount of vitalizing Love energy through the New Jerusalem Gates and Great Ley arteries at this sunrise. Many individuals experience the Joy of being alive forever to a degree never before felt.

The 3rd Pluto '93 transit occurs on 11 June, 2017, with the 4th shortly after, on the summer solstice, 21st June. At this time the Byzant Wand of Highest Purpose impregnates the Holy Grail with grace and power. Countless individuals all over the world continue to grow in confidence of their Mastery of the True Will in action, enflamed by the Living Spirit of Truth. This solstice is one of those rare ones where the sunrise in England actually does occur at the point of the solstice when the sun enters Cancer.

Christmas Day, 2017 marks the next exact Pluto transit to one of the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunct points. It should be obvious at this point that there is a Divine Plan at work throughout this building of the New Aeon. Time after time, we find these major aspects falling exactly on Holy Days. These events occur exactly on Christmas of 2016 and 2017, for example. They do not happen on the winter solstice or New Year's Day. The reason for this is central to the main theme of this work: The Way of Christ has been lost to almost every church for centuries. It is the Work of the Melchizedek Magick to cooperate with Gaia to flood the world with Spiritual Love which illuminates the Immortal Way of Christ once again. Let’s remind ourselves that this prophecy is centred upon the 1989 Return of Christ as a new design of global energy movement involving 156 circles. The Way of Christ is the Way of Everlasting Life on earth where entropy, decay and physical death are banished from the planet. All Work which I am suggesting people do at the various planetary Gates is based upon this Way and its Goal...

There is an absolute harmony between Major astrological events, such as Full moons and solstices, and fixed Holy Days such as Christmas. There is no duality or opposition between ''pagan'' & Christian Truth. Gaia is evolving along the Way of Christ. This Way is not the property of any one religion. The Song of Everlasting Life is destined to Triumph over all forces throughout the Universe, so that Liberty and Love and Perfection of the Will glorify the Divine which is everywhere Present, forever and ever...

Before entering 2018 AD, attention should be called to the return of Saturn back into Capricorn near the time of the winter solstice, 2017. This is the ''Saturn Return'' for the Birth of Arthur which occurred in February 1988. Arthur is Christ, the Avatar of the Heart and Will of Gaia. Arthur represents the new patterns which lead to Individual Liberty and Justice for all beings on this Planet. These new patterns emerge from the activations of the major earth chakras from 1989-2065, and beyond...

Over the next two years, Saturn returns to transit all of the Pluto and North Node Capricorn positions described in this book. In general, this means that all aspects of the Great Work become more and more grounded and visible on earth and in daily life. I shall not mention these times unless they coincide with other major events. Any person with a basic knowledge of astrology could look these times up quite easily.

2018: On 24 January, Pluto conjuncts Mercury as it transits a '93 point. Jupiter is in a sextile to this Pluto. If my calculations are right, Easter of 2018 is April 1st. A shining Purity of the Gaian Heart of Shaston-Glaston is seen. Joyous Thanksgiving and an Abundance of Grace flow forth from this Easter-Heart to Bless all Life. A study of the Crowley-Harris Fool card in the tarot would provide insight into this particular Easter.

The next Pluto transit to a '93 point is 31st July, with Jupiter in Scorpio at the 1989 Pluto point, near 14 degrees. Interesting that here we have a link between 1989, 1993, and 2018. An abundance of Eagles and Unicorns flying through time... 1st October: Pluto turns direct within 3 minutes of a '93 link. Uranus is just into the first degree of Taurus at this time. Then, the final exact Pluto link to one of the 3 '93 points is 28th November, 2018. There is an outstanding triple conjunction of the sun, Mercury, and Jupiter at 4 degrees of Sagittarius - the image of Arthur Victorious... Excalibur active in the Creation of Lasting Peace... The Planetary Round Table forever Restored...

2019: 6th January, Epiphany - New Gifts are given to all Life upon Earth. 15 December: Jupiter in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus in preparation for the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunct in 2020.

2020: There seems to be a slight cosmic joke about this year. 2020 Vision is perfect sight; and the global New Jerusalem comes to a very clear and beautiful focus during this year. In January, on the 12th, we have Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. This event synthesizes all the many Capricorn events mentioned in this chapter, from 1988 to 2020. This particular pairing of planets is traditonally considered the Magickian's alchemical favorite. Divine Will can be most effectively channelled to activate New Archetypes and to Illuminate the New Laws which govern these archetypes at the culmination of Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

In Australia, I feel something important happening at Uluru, the global solar plexus chakra, at this time (for further details see my book The Rainbow Serpent and The Holy Grail). An umbilical cord connecting spirit and matter, heaven and earth, sun and earth, will be established in the Uluru-Katatjuta region.

In Brazil, the 111 Recife radius is full. Two independent New Jerusalem Gates open in Brazil during this year: One is centred on the Christ figure overlooking Rio. The second is the site previously mentioned in the Amazon near Manaus. And an important sister orb develops on the rim of the Rio Gate, at the capital Brazilia. This advances the New Jerusalem pattern in Brazil: There are three independent orbs - Recife, Rio, and Manaus - and one orb dependent on the full 777 sized Rio Gate, at Brazilia. This five year Brazil cycle reaches its culmination on Easter, 12th April 2020 with a lovely Jupiter conjunct Pluto (exact on 5 April, 2020) which bestows the Blessings of the January Saturn-Pluto event upon All.

There are two additional Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions, in Capricorn, during 2020: 30 June and 12 November. Then, on the 21 December solstice, there is a very important conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn within the first degree of Aquarius. The sacred site focus for this activation is Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa. Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, is the spiritual heart of the African continent, and is one of the 13 cardinal world centres developed during the 2008-2027 cycle.

4. 2020-2025: The Recife New Jerusalem Gate expands to a radius of 222 miles by Easter of 2025. During this 5 year period the final Work which lays the Foundations for the future Capricorn Aeon is completed in the Recife area. Our activities begin to concentrate on Aquarius completely. The Recife area also focuses its attention on Aquarius. Its inner Capricorn foundation is stable, and Living and Dreaming of the Future Aeon. The planet is safe and secure, held within this Dream beyond the year 4000 AD.

By Easter of 2025 we have Neptune in Aries and Pluto in Aquarius. Neptune is the Sphere of the Magus of the Wand, and Aries is the energy of the Ace of Wands. The Byzant at Shaston increases in its effect during Neptune in Aries...

From the viewpoint of 1989 - the beginning of the first Great Wesak cycle - enough has been said for now concerning the Recife Gate. So many stories shall unfold all over this world between now and the year 2020. I would like to wait until a few of these events happen before I try to offer too many interpretations about specific times beyond the year 2020. This completes the discussion of the 17th Gate.
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