Planetary Gate 38
Inspirational Centre = Kamchatka Peninsula
Structural Centre = Sakhalin Island
Creative Centre =Cherskiy, Siberia
Here in the forests and mountains of Kamchatka, we enter a little-known region associated with shamans of very ancient wisdom. The Inspirational Kamchatka Circle emanating from Klyuchevskaya Sopka forms a Bonded Partnership with the most sacred Taoist Mountain, Tai Shan - the Structural Circle of Beijing, in China . In turn, the Structural Kamchatka Circle - Sakhalin Island - forms a Bonded Partnership with the Creative Beijing Circle - ancient Karakorum in the Gobi Desert.
Karakorum, the ancient capital of the Mongols, is at the centre of a very old and advanced culture which once flourished in the Gobi. The Creative Circle that develops out of Kamchatka is centred in the far north near Cherskiy, in Siberia, and reaches over the Polar region to bond with the Structural Component of Wood Buffalo, which is located north of the Arctic Circle in Canada, on the Adelaide Peninsula. With these Taoist, Gobi, and Canadian connections, the Magick of the Kamchatka area is very rich and potent. The Structural Kamchatka Circle, centred on Sakhalin Island, is focused in the area from Poronaysk on Terpeniya Bay north into the central mountainous area.

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