Planetary Gate 44

Inspirational = Lena-Muna juncture, Siberia   

Structural Centre = Lake Ozero Taymyr, north of central Siberian plateau

Creative Centre = Tunguska, Russia

The juncture of the Lena and Muna Rivers in Siberia is the geometric centre for this Inspirational Circle. It forms a Bonded Parternship with the Creative Circle of the Altai peaks Tabun Bogdo and Belukha, which is Lake Baikal (Gate 25). The Structural Lena-Muna Component is located at Ozero Taymyr (Lake Taymyr), which is north of the central Siberian Plateau.

The Creative Circle of Lena-Muna is located at a mysterious site - 60º 55' N, 101º57' E. It was here on June 30, 1908 that the Tunguska Explosion occurred. No one is yet certain what caused this devastation. That the geometric centre of one of the 156 Jewels experienced such an event is food for thought. It would be very useful if Earth healers would go to this site to re-consecrate it as a sacred telluric centre. As I have said before, a weakness in any of the 156 Jewels is transmitted throughout the entirety of the planetary system. The Tunguska site forms a Bonded Partnership with the Structural Circle of Belukha - Lake Balkash. Thus both the Structural and Creative Circles of the Altai region connect into the Lena-Muna 3-orb dynamics.

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