Planetary Gate 51
Inspirational Centre = The South Pole
Structural Centre = South Magnetic Pole, Antarctica
Craetive Centre = Sanae area, Antarctica

This Inspirational Circle is able to expand to a great radius of 1746 miles when healthy. In addition to the South Pole Inspirational Site, only the 4 Great Spinner Wheels are capable of such a radius, which they are able to achieve by their expansive centrifugal spinning motions. The 51st Gate at the Pole does not spin, but is able to directly expand to the 1746 alchemical number. As John Michell has shown, 1746 is the great number of alchemical fusion - the marriage of heaven and earth. 5 of the 52 Inspirational Circls are capable of normally functioning with this 1746 radius. Ocean centred Circles expand to 1080 radius and the average land based Circle is at 777 miles radius. In areas of complex geology and high population such land Circles may contract to a core radius of 666 miles. No healthy Circle is under this radius. Some of the early First
Cycle chakras may begin to reach their normal radii between 2035 and 2045 AD.
The book Earth Chakras, provides the plan for the activation and expansion of the entire 156 Planetary System. This is the Great Work facing us at the Dawn of this New Aeon of the Immortal Child. It will take the faith and work of many individuals over a long period of time to establish and expand these 156 Liberty Zones of Life.
The Structural Circle of the South Pole is near Port-Martin in Adelie Land and is centred on the south magnetic pole. The full expansion of this Structural Circle overlaps the New Zealand Water Element-Love Spinner Wheel and also overlaps its Bonded Partner, the Creative emanation of Rotopounamu, Macquarie Island. Thus, when the Living Earth is in health, the electro-magnetic force from the pole is channelled into direct contact with a major Spinner Wheel.
A similar situation is created with the Creative Circle of the South Pole which is on the other side of Antarctica from the magnetic pole. This creative sacred site is at White Peak near Sanae on the Princess Martha Coast. The full expansion of this Circle interacts with the dynamics of the other southern hemisphere Earth Element-Light Spinner Wheel, Table Mountain. They form a vesica piscis when both are at their full health.
Seven of the 156 Jewels are located in the Antarctic region. Some generate vital current through contact with circular Spin Motion while others exchange energy in linear motion through Bonded Partnerships and Circle overlap. Long ago, Antarctica was a green continent teeming with Life. As we enter the New Aeon, this vast area still has a key role and essential energy to contribute to the Immortality of the Living Earth.
We have now reached the end of the 12 Inspirational Gates which are activated from 2046 to 2065 AD. All the preparations for planetary Birth are complete. The 156 Network is connected to both the Poles. We are now ready to activate the final 13th synthesizing Gate in this 4th cycle, the final Gate of the Planetary New Jerusalem...

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