Planetary Gate 49

Inspirational = Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen

Structural Centre = Independence Fjord, northeast Greenland

Creative Centre = Yuzhny, Novaya Zemlya, Russia

Spitsbergen is the northernmost Inspirational Circle and includes the North Pole within its full expansion. Franz Josef Land is another area contained within this circle. The full Spitsbergen Circle overlaps the Stockholm Structural Circle in the ritual area of Kiruna in northern Sweden. (See the description of this Kiruna ritual in the Gate 22 High Tatra section.) Links to both poles through the 156 Grid are essential for the complete restoration of planetary health. For the arctic area, this Inspirational Spitsbergen Circle provides the operating connection to the geographic North Pole; while the Inspirational Wood Buffalo Circle performs a similar function with the north magnetic pole. These polar links are among the last to be completed prior to the Birth of the New Aeon. The North wiring is completed here in Gate 49. The South Polar links are completed in the next two Gates, 50 (Eternity Mountains) and 51 (South Pole). The cosmic vitality that floods the 156 Grid for the Emergence of the New Aeon most strongly emanates from the north and south polar regions.

The Creative Circle of Spitsbergen is centred on the summit of the south island of Novaya Zemlya. This Russian island, which is above the Arctic Circle, bonds with the Structural Circle of Moscow, Gora Konzhakovskiy Kamen in the Urals near Serov (Gate 13). As I have described earlier, the Structural Circle of Spitsbergen at Independence Fjord in northern Greenland forms a Bonded Partnership with the Icelandic Creative Circle which is also in Greenland.

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