World Earth element Spinner Wheel - Planetary Gate 12

Inspirational Centre = Table Mountain

Structural Centre = Pilansberg

Creative Centre = Mont-aux-Sources

Zodiac attribution = Virgo

Primary virtue = Everlasting Light

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa - Inspirational

Breathtaking Table Mountain is one of the most famous sites in the world. The mountain rises for 3000 feet out of the heart of the city, and forms a high altar. From its summit, you can look down into the Indian Ocean with one eye, and at the same time look down into the Atlantic with the other eye.

There are more species of plants on this one small mountain, than in all of Great Britain and Ireland. It's the most diverse, for its size, botanical zone on Earth. Table Mountain is the World centre for the quality Light. Light within matter is an important theme here. Building a body of light, for the Earth's body, and your own, can be learned by communion with this sacred site.

Table Mountain is like a Planetary Round Table. The Arthurian Round Table places no one at its head. This is one of the teachings South Africa has to develop and communicate: There are no hierarchies. Peoples of all races can share and create new global cultures. May the light from Table Mountain spread throughout the world.

Pilansberg, northwest of Johannesburg, South Africa - Structural

The Pilansberg is the site of a very old volcano. When the continents used to be together, South America was next to South Africa. Partially for this reason, the Pilansberg forms a Bonded Partnership with Buenos Aires, Argentina (Gate 18).

Mont-aux-Sources, Lesotho - Natal border, South Africa - Creative 
Mont-aux-Sources, or the Mountain of Sources, is a very high altitude creative centre. Many rivers have their sources at this site, so it's a good place to bless the flow of rivers from here.
Mont-aux-Sources forms a Bonded Partnership with Mount Vogel (Gate 16) in Nigeria.

Alchemical meditation for the World Earth Spinner Wheel:

Watch the Wheel of Everlasting Light spin,
Liberating the Divine within Darkest Matter.
Let Light flow to all four corners of the Earth.
In all that you do today recognise the Light of the Divine
within every object, every atom, every molecule.

Also, Tune into the above sites on Virgo new and full moons. Dates and times are listed on the Calendar page.
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