Planetary Gate 33

Inspirational Centre = Khao Nan Mia, Surat Thani, Thailand

Structural Centre = Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia

Creative Centre = Angkor Wat, Cambodia

This Inspirational Gate is in the Malay Peninsula. Khao Lang Kha Tuk is near the centre. This major sacred site has its Creative Circle located at a significant ancient city - Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The Surat Thani Structural Circle is centred on a magickal isle - Samosir Island - in the middle of Lake Toba on the Island of Sumatra. Such islands in the centres of lakes have always been spiritual sanctuaries where the humble and wise may communicate with the Divine.

Angkor Wat, in Cambodia, was possibly the largest city in the world 1000 years ago. The Khmer people, who lived here, practiced a form of Hinduism. The main structure is dedicated to Vishnu, the sustainer and preserver of Life. As the Creative Circle of the Surat Thani, Thailand Inspirational Gate, it is interesting that it was the Thais who eventually invaded and ended the Khmer glory here at Angkor in 1431 AD. Here is a prime example of nearby cultures failing to recognize their interrelated Site functions. Cultural cooperation within a 3-Circle area, and among the 52 planetary 3-Circle areas, is absolutely an essential requirement for true Health of the Living Earth. Because of the total interconnectedness of all 156 Circles, or Jewels, of the World through Bonded Partnerships and through vesica piscis overlap, any war or negative situation anywhere on the planet affects adversely the entire world. The inhabitants of the various Circles have a sacred responsibility to All Life.

The Surat Thani Inspirational Circle forms a Bonded Partnership with the Creative Circle of the Planetary Crown Chakra - Kolkata in India (Gate 5). Samosir Island forms a Bonded Partnership with the Creative Hong Kong Circle - Manila Bay, Philippines (Gate 14). Angkor Wat forms a Bonded Partnership with Inpsirational Mt Lamlam, Guam (Gate 46).


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