Planetary Gate 42

Inspirational = Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada  

Structural Centre = Adelaide Peninsula

Creative Centre = Bay of God’s Mercy, Southampton Island, Canada

The centre of this Circle is at the juncture of the Peace and Slave Rivers within this Park in the northern part of Alberta, Canada. Like the Falklands in the south, Wood Buffalo is a key Inspirational Circle linked into the north polar regions. The North Magnetic Pole is contained within the Structural Circle area of Wood Buffalo - the Adelaide Peninsula.

The Creative Circle is focused at the Bay of God's Mercy on Southampton Island. The large New Quebec Meteorite Crater is contained within the expanded area of this Creative Circle. This crater is 1325 feet deep and is 6.8 miles in its rim circumference. Any such large crater is an interesting sacred site, for it is at such locales that one may commune with frequencies originating from beyond the earth.

Wood Buffalo forms a Bonded Partnership with the important Creative site, Cahokia Mounds (Gate 27). If we look at the planetary flow charts, Wood Buffalo is a 4th generation Inspirational. The pattern of Inspirational descent is: Mt. Shasta, Niagara Falls, Boulder, Wood Buffalo. Individuals from the Boulder site (Gate 27) should make regular pilgrimages to Wood Buffalo to aid in its activation. If possible, contact with American Indian sages who are attuned to the New Aeon Magick of Wood Buffalo should be established. These Indians should also regularly travel to Boulder to complete the Inspirational link. Cahokia is the key Creative interlink between these two Inspirational Gates. When Wood Buffalo is activated, beginning in 2046, and wired into the 156 Grid, then the Great White Buffalo Return begins. For North American Indians, the Return of the White Buffalo is an archetypal symbol for positive global change that is equivalent to the Return of Arthur and Merlin, or the Coming of Messiah.

On the rare Neptune-Pluto conjunction in the early 1890's, the Messianic Ghost Dance Revelation came to the American Indians. In the 1890’s, the Pluto aspect of this event was subconscious, as Pluto was not discovered until 1930. When Wood Buffalo is activated and officially recognized as a Liberty Circle, then the Vision of this 1890's period shall manifest in a completely conscious, Joyous, and Eternal Way.
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