The 3 Components of an Earth Chakra Gate: Inspirational – Structural – Creative

There are 52 Inspirational Earth Chakra Gates on the planet. As each of the 52 major Inspirational Earth Chakra Gates becomes established and expands, a level of vitality is reached where this Inspirational Gate generates and activates its related Structural and Creative Chakras - thus the total number of centres is 3x52 = 156 Earth Chakras.

The 156 Earth Chakras have – when expanded to optimum functionality - an average radius of 777 miles. In areas of complex geology and high population such land Chakra Circles may contract to a core radius of 666 miles. No healthy Circle is under this radius.

Certain of the ocean based Chakra Circles, such as Easter Island Rapa Nui, have a greater natural radius of 1080 miles. This is because the complexities of geography, population and culture are much less dense surrounding such a centre. The largest Earth Chakra Circles extend their Spinning Function to a radius of 1746 miles when fully operational. There are 4 such Circles, called Spinner Wheels, or Vortices (Haleakala Crater in Hawaii; Table Mountain in South Africa; Lake Rotopounamu in New Zealand; and Great Pyramid-Mount Sinai-Mount of Olives in the Middle East). Also, Inspirational Gate 51, the South Pole, has a 1746 radius.

This Polar – Fifth Element - Vortex moves one degree west every 72 years, a movement that creates the Aeons in conjunction with the Precession of the Equinoxes. The 51st Gate at the South Pole does not spin, but is able to directly expand to the 1746 alchemical number. As John Michell has shown, 1746 is the great number of Alchemical Fusion - the Marriage of Heaven and Earth. All of these 156 Chakra Circles expand or contract – depending on the phase of Aeon Establishment, and according to how well those who live within the Earth Chakra Circle, or visit it, interact with the total web of all sacred sites and life within that sphere.

Expanded Chakra Sphere

(representation only, not physically accurate)

A stage-by-stage timetable for the average expansion of the Original 12 Foundation Chakra Circles:

Stage: Years: Radius (miles):

1 1989-2005 37

2 2005-2010 74

3 2010-2015 111

4 2015-2020 222

5 2020-2025 333

6 2025-2030 444

7 2030-2035 555

8 2035-2040 666

9 2040-2045 777

10 2045-2050 888

11 2050-2055 999

12 2055-2060 2079

13 2060-2065 3159

14 2065-2070 2079

15 2070-2075 999

16 2075-2080 888

17 2080-2084 777

Note the rapid expansion during the period from 2055 to 2065 AD. The radius of each Foundational Chakra Circle is increased by the sacred number of 1080 miles during both the 12th and the final 13th expansions. The rate of contraction is the same as that of expansion. This leads to a return to the normal 777 radius by Easter Sunrise of 2084 AD at the latest – the 100th anniversary of the activation of the Omega Point.

The relationships between an Inspirational Earth Chakra Gate and its two related Components:

The additional Structural and Creative Chakra generated by the Inspirational Chakra usually is centred approximately 777 miles from the Inspirational Chakra. In many cases, the related Structural and Creative geometric centres will be located near the outer circumference of the Inspirational Chakra Circle.

The Inspirational Earth Chakras are the Initiation Centres where the Fresh Life and Inspiration of the Living Earth come forth as fountains of Eternal Wisdom.

The Structural Earth Chakra accumulates and shapes and stores the energy released from the Inspirational Chakra area. A Structural Earth Chakra is a great Spiritual Storage Battery. The laws of the Living Spirit of Truth, and the structures of the Divine, exist as Vital and Eternal Archetypes within the territory of a Structural Chakra Circle. Through a Structural Chakra location, the Earth can teach you how to make your vision useful.

The 52 Creative Earth Chakras are Distributors of this Vitality and Wisdom eternally stored within the Structural Chakra component of their Gates. The 52 Creative Earth Chakras are the spiritual bees that pollinate the Living Earth. The Creative Earth Chakras are Artistic, Individualising, and Visionary.

Within each of the 52 Three-Chakra-Circle sets, the Structural and Creative Chakras form permanent vesica piscis overlap zones with the expanded Earth Chakra Circle of the Inspirational Chakra Centre they are related to:

Earth Chakra Gate - Portal

Vesica Piscis Overlap Zone

Triple Vesica Piscis Overlap Zone

All sacred sites within this vesica piscis overlap territory are contributing to the Dialogue, Energy and Culture being exchanged between the Inspirational Chakra Centre and its two related Chakra Circle components. The three components of one of the 52 Earth Chakra Gates are best contemplated in this order: 1) Inspirational Chakra, 2) Structural Chakra and 3) Creative Chakra.

Every Structural and every Creative Earth Chakra is bonded into a pairing with either an Inspirational Chakra or a Chakra of the opposite function that is outside of its immediate 3-Chakra group area. There are 72 such bonded pairs on Earth; when functional, they circulate the Life and Wisdom of their areas outward into the totality of the planetary blood stream. The second of the 72 Bonded-Pairings to be established is between the Creative Heart Chakra, Montserrat-Placa de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain and Inspirational Jebel Toubkal in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco.

To illustrate the above Earth Chakra Gate principles of Inspirational, Structural, and Creative Chakras, let us look at the 3-Chakra Tsodilo group in Botswana - Earth Chakra Gate 32. Tsodilo Hill is the Inspirational Chakra. The Structural Chakra generated by Tsodilo is located in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, bordering Botswana and South Africa. The Creative Chakra generated by Tsodilo is Great Zimbabwe Ruins in Zimbabwe.

Tsodilo Gate 32

(illustrative only, not to scale and not physically accurate)

The Vitalizing and Initiatory Current emerges from the Living Earth throughout the Inspirational Chakra that is centred at Tsodilo Hill (1). Then this Life force is stored and shaped into stable principles of the Earth Spirit in the Kgalagadi Structural Chakra (2). In order to distribute this energy and Wisdom out into the rest of the world, it must be collected by the Spiritual bees of the Creative Chakra, Great Zimbabwe ruins, Zimbabwe (3). Then, from their Creative home centred at Great Zimbabwe, they creatively use this Liberated Wisdom in Ways that allow it to be absorbed into more distant Earth Chakras and cultural areas of the world.

Dedication to the Living Spirit of Truth provides the best Key for the Working of inter-Chakra-Circle relationships. In order to see the pattern of your area of the world, it is very useful to draw the various Earth Chakra Zones (Inpirational-Structural-Creative Circles) , Vesica Piscis Overlaps, and also the Structural and Creative and Inspirational Chakra Circles nearby which form any of the 72 Bonded-Pairings. Once you have visually practiced this pattern in your home area, then it becomes a very simple and elegant system to understand worldwide.

The 52 Inspirational Earth Chakra Gates

1. Haleakala Crater, Hawaii

2. Mount Shasta, USA

3. El Tule-Palenque, Mexico

4. Lake Titicaca, border Peru Bolivia

5. Glastonbury-Shaftesbury, England

6. Table Mountain, South Africa

7. Great Pyramid-Mount Sinai-Mount of Olives, Middle East

8. Mount Kailash, Tibet

9. Bali, Indonesia

10. Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Australia

11. Mount Fuji, Japan

12. Lake Rotopounamu, New Zealand

13. Sergiev Posad-Danilov-Moscow

14. Lantau Island, Hong Kong

15. Niagara Falls, Ontario-New York

16. Mount Dimlang, Nigeria

17. Recife, Brazil

18. Buenos Aires, Argentina

19. High Atlas, Morocco

20. Manaus, Brazil

21. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

22. High Tatra, border Poland Slovak Republic

23. Arunachala Hill, India

24. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

25. Mount Belukha, Siberia

26. Beijing, China

27. Boulder, Colorado, USA

28. Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

29. Cerro de Puntas, Arecebo source, Puerto Rico

30. Mount Simpson, Papua New Guinea

31. Dakar, Senegal

32. Tsodilo Hill, Botswana

33. Surat Thani, Thailand

34. Mount Tomanivi, Fiji

35. Denali, Alaska

36. Mount Maromokotro, Madagascar

37. Mount Damavand, Iran

38. Mount Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Kamchatka, Siberia

39. Easter Island Rapa Nui

40. Lake Thingvallavatn, Reykjavik, Thingvellir, Iceland

41. Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

42. Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada

43. Ascension Island, South Atlantic Ocean

44. Lena-Muna River junction, Siberia

45. Kerguelen Islands, Southern Indian Ocean

46. Mount Lamlam, Guam, Pacific Ocean

47. Mount Orohena, Tahiti

48. Graciosa, The Azores

49. Longyearbyen, Svalbard (Spitsbergen)

50. Mount Hope, Eternity Mountains, Antarctic Peninsula

51. The South Pole

52. Bermuda, Somerset Island

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