Pluto in Aquarius

2027 - Establishing the Tetragrammaton Frequency

After Easter of 2084, the window to the Creation of the Aquarian Aeon closes. The period from 1951 to 2084 provides humanity with the ideal factors needed for the building of a Planetary Culture that is dedicated to Greater Light, Love, Liberty and Life for All Beings.

The Core Aquarian Period is from 2008 to 2027 AD. If we work at this Now, then the opportunity to quickly abolish all suffering, pain, and death from the planet is being given to us. If we delay this Creation of a World of Peace and Joy beyond the Aquarian Window of 1951-2084, then the entire 2160 year Aeon may suffer and produce a lesser Vitality. What we do at the Dawn of this New Aeon shapes its entire Life.

Because of the total interconnectedness of all 156 Earth Chakras through Bonded-Pairings and through Vesica Piscis overlap, any war or negative situation anywhere on the planet affects adversely the entire world. When any of the 156 Earth Chakra Circles, or any of the 72 pairs, become disrupted, then that particular break weakens the health of the entire planet – on all levels. In particular, the Structural Chakras are quick to become rigid if their Bonded-Pairing with either a Creative or Inspirational Chakra is not operative.

As shown on the 52 Gates page, the 156 Earth Chakras all expand until Easter Sunrise 2065 AD. As they expand, they create overlapping areas of great vitality. The Restoration of the Full Pattern of the 156 is destined to evolve the Wastelands of planet Earth to Complete Health. This will involve a tremendous amount of work from the human race, in cooperation with the Will of the Earth Spirit. The four periods from 1989 to 2065 - and then a final cycle to 2084 – provide us with all the ideal cosmic and cultural factors. This is the Emergence of a New Aeon. It doesn’t happen very often, this chance to participate in such an Event - only once every 2160 years. We begin this work wherever we are on the planet.

An important collective task is to Compose and Perform the Song of the 12 Foundation Gates. Each of these Gates is like a note in a 12-tone musical scale. A three-note chord is sounding eternally from three of these Earth Chakras. Once we master this Lost Chord of Creation, then we creatively form our own original Song of Greater Life by learning to sound the additional nine notes. The three notes of the Lost Chord of Creation are emanating from these three Inspirational Earth Chakra Centres:

1. The Planetary Crown Chakra, Mount Kailash
sounds the note of DIVINE PRAISE.

2. The Planetary Heart Chakra, Glastonbury-Shaftesbury
sounds the note of LOVE.

3. The Planetary Solar Plexus Chakra, Uluru-Kata Tjuta
sounds the note of JOYOUS THANKSGIVING.

Then, utilising the Found Chord of Praise, Love and Joyous Thanksgiving, each individual builds and sings his or her own unique Celestial Song of Creation - to contribute to the development of Life in the New Aeon.

Every inch and every atom of this Earth is Holy... If you are inspired by the vision contained in these writings increase your awareness of the nearest - to where you live - of the 156 Earth Chakra Gates Now. Also create your own local Circle. If you live in a nation not mentioned, seek out and find the spiritual centre of your land and apply the same principles to build an expanding Earth Chakra Zone of Greater Light, Love, Liberty and Life for All Beings.

All Earth Chakras have a corresponding New Moon and Full Moon that can be observed from anywhere in the world. These Lunar events are listed on the Earth Chakras Calendar page.

If you haven’t already done so, read through all the page links above, in particular: Introduction to Earth Chakras – Home page; Locations; Infinity Ley: 156 List; 72 Bonds; 52 Gates; Chakra 6; and About.

Now that you are familiar with the basics of the Planetary Earth Chakra System, here are the most challenging and rewarding global tasks in need of urgent attention:

5. The Borobudur-Lantau Island bonded-pairing link is vital. It is at the foundation of all positive changes in Eastern society from 2008 until 2027. As we are in the 19-year Eastern World Synthesis Cycle from 2008 to 2027, the importance of input from Borobudur cannot be underestimated. Borobudur in Java, Indonesia is the Structural Purification Chakra of Earth – part of the Bali Earth Chakras Trio. Tian Tan Buddha-Lantau Island Hong Kong is the Inspirational Component of Earth Chakra Gate 14.


3. The two Second Chakra Bonded-Pairings – from Lima (Structural Birth Genesis) to Recife (Gate 17 Inspirational), and from Iquitos (Creative Birth Genesis) to Manaus (Gate 20 Inspirational) – are urgent priorities. All of South America is vitalised by Earth Chakra development from 2008 to 2027. The two Peruvian sites provide the Energetic Foundation for the activation and expansion of nine new Earth Chakras in South America. For example, if you are living in Lima, Peru focus on Recife, Brazil. If you are living in Manaus, Brazil focus on Iquitos, Peru. Exchanges of energy and culture between the two linked Chakra centres will improve the flow of energy between this Bonded-Pairing.


6. The High Pamir-Altai Mountains bonded-pairing link should be given attention now.

Karakul Lake-Ismail Samani, Pamirs in Tajikistan is the Structural Crown Chakra component of Earth, being part of the Mount Kailash Tibet trio. Mount Belukha in Siberia, with Tabun Bogdo in the Altais of Mongolia is the Inspirational Chakra of Earth Gate 25.


11. The Mount Elbrus, Russia-Republic of Georgia to High Tatra, Poland-Slovak Republic Bonded-Pairing needs immediate and enduring attention. This link energises a renaissance throughout Central Europe and harmonises all of Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals. Mount Elbrus in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia-Republic of Georgia is the Creative Chakra component of the 13th Gate of Synthesis for the First Time Cycle 1989-2008. The High Tatra mountains in Poland-Slovak Republic is the Inspirational Chakra of Earth Gate 22.


7. Connect Kachina Peaks Wilderness, Arizona with Niagara Falls. This is the most important earth energy work to do in North America at the present time. Kachina Peaks Wilderness in Arizona is the Structural Primordial Creation Base Chakra generated by Mount Shasta in California, the Inspirational Primordial Creation Base Chakra of Earth. Niagara Falls is the Inspirational Chakra for Earth Gate 15.


2. Interchanges between Montserrat-Barcelona (Creative Heart Chakra) and Jebel Toubkal, Morocco (Earth Chakra Gate 19) are a high priority. In a broader sense, cultural exchange between Spain and Morocco must be accelerated. This Bonded-Pairing is highly significant: Because of this interaction, positive Islamic forces begin to spread from Morocco to the east. Changes initiated by this Spain-Morocco link mature and culminate in Iran in the year 2032.


12. Keep contributing positive energy to the Recife 3-Circle Earth Chakra Structure (Gate 17) that includes:

1). Inspirational Chakra: Marco Zero - Praca da Republica - Capela Dourada, Recife and Nova Jerusalem, in Brejo da Madre de Deus, Fazenda Nova

2). Structural Chakra: Saint Peter and Saint Paul Rocks

3). Creative Chakra: Nascentes Rio Parnaíba National Park - Serra da Capivara National Park - Serra das Confusões National Park, Piaui

Link the Creative Chakra Centre of the Recife grouping triangle – 1).Nascentes Rio Parnaíba National Park (Parnaiba River Headwaters National Park) – 2). Serra da Capivara National Park (Capivara Mountain National Park) – 3).Serra das Confusões National Park (Confusion Mountains National Park) – with its Bonded-Pairing to the major Inspirational Chakra Centre Christ the Redeemer, Corcovado Mountain at Rio de Janeiro (Gate 21). Frequent energy exchanges between these two Earth Chakra areas of Brazil are vital.

Follow the Star of the Mobile Sixth Chakra as it moves across the Body of the Living Earth from East to West. If you are one of the Magi contributing to the evolution of Future Aeons, take your Gift to the Recife area at any auspicious time between 2010 and 2027 AD.


1. The Bonded-Pairing between Berlin (Structural Heart Chakra) and Moscow (Inspirational 13th Gate of Synthesis), needs to be continually strengthened with energy exchanges in Both Directions: Berlin to Moscow; Moscow to Berlin. The reason for this should be obvious.


8. Link Mecca with Mount Kilimanjaro now. This is essential for the vitalisation of the African continent. Mecca in Saudi Arabia is the Structural Chakra generated by the Throat Chakra and Alchemical Air element Spinner Wheel in the Middle East: the Great Pyramid-Mount Sinai-Mount of Olives triangle. The meteorite in the Capstone of the Great Pyramid was removed to Mecca in Pre-Islamic times during the 8th Century. It is from the Throat Chakra in the Middle East that the Living Earth speaks its Word of Peace. Uhuru Peak, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the Inspirational Chakra component of Earth Gate 24.


4. Interaction between Australia and India needs attention. Positive energy Exchanges between the Gutharragudu (Shark Bay) in WA and Arunachala Hill areas must be accelerated and deepened. Gutharragudu is the Creative Solar Plexus Chakra of Earth and Arunachala Hill, in Tamil Nadu, India is the Inspirational Chakra of Gate 23.


9. Make the historic first trans-Atlantic bonded-pairing: Link the Pilansberg with Buenos Aires, Argentina now. This special connection is of mutual benefit to South America and Africa. The PIlansberg in South Africa is the Structural Chakra generated by Table Mountain, the Alchemical air element Spinner Wheel-vortex. Buenos Aires in Argentina is the Inspirational Chakra of Earth Gate 18.


10. Connect Mont-aux-Sources to the Mount Dimlang area in Nigeria. Africa is very active in this Second 19-year Cycle, from 2008 to 2027. Mount Dimlang, Shebshi Mountains, Adamwa Plateau, Nigeria is the Inspirational Chakra of Earth Gate 16. Mont-aux-Sources on the Lesotho - South Africa border is the Creative Alchemical air element Chakra generated by Table Mountain.


13. Keep contributing positive energy to the Lantau Island 3-Circle Earth Chakra Structure (Gate 14) that includes:

1). Inspirational Chakra: Tian Tan Buddha, Po Lin (Precious Lotus) Monastery, Lantau Island - Victoria Park, Hong Kong Island - Tai Mo Shan, New Territories; Hong Kong

2). Structural Chakra: Emei Shan - Gongga Shan - Leshan Buddha, Sichuan, China

3). Creative Chakra: Mount Pulag, Luzon Island, Philippines

Strengthen the historic Gongga Shan-Emeishan-Leshan Buddha bonded-pairing link to Beijing (Gate 26). Send positive energies along the entire flow from Bali to Borobudur to Lantau to Sichuan to the Philippines, then back to Sichuan and on to Beijing – this is an extremely important energy transfer that will benefit all of Asia and the world over the coming centuries.


14. Earth Chakra Energies should be concentrated in the Central Ural Mountains area – the Structural Synthesis Chakra Centre for the First Time Cycle. In particular, work with the Geomythics of the region. Strengthen earth energies around the geometric centre and energetically expand this Gate 13 Structural Earth Chakra Circle.


15. Devote time and energy to the Unification of Korea. This is one of the great current global challenges. Transfer earth currents and positive influences from Inspirational Immortality Chakra Mount Fuji and Creative Immortality Chakra Okinawa to Structural Immortality Chakra Mani san on Ganghwa Island Korea. The resolution of this Earth Chakra is a key to the future health of the Aquarian Aeon. If the Creative and Inspirational Chakra currents from Honshu Japan and Okinawa are still not sufficient, then there is a complex avenue from the future that can be focused on Korea at any time. This pathway begins at Rotopounamu, New Zealand, advances to Mount Panie, New Caledonia, carries on to Papua New Guinea and then moves to Papua province, Indonesia:

Begin at the Foundation Gate Lake Rotopounamu, in the Pihenga Nature Reserve, Tongariro National Park, New Zealand - the Alchemical water element Inspirational Spinner Wheel of Divine Everlasting Love. Absorb the Earth energies of this Divine Love water vortex from its Structural Chakra component Mont Panie in New Caledonia. Transfer earth energies from Mont Panie to its Bonded-Pairing link with Gate 30 Inspirational Chakra Mount Simpson-Mount Victoria, Owen Stanley Range, Papua New Guinea. From here connect with Gate 30 Creative Chakra Puncak Jaya (Carstensz Pyramid) - Danau Paniai, Pegunungan Maoke (Snow Mountains), Papua province, Indonesia.

Transfer these Earth energies of Earth Chakra Gate 30 Creative Papua, Indonesia, to Structural Immortality-Beauty of Earth Chakra Korea.

This is an example of reverse time planetary engineering. It can be used if a particular problem seems intractable.


16. Like Korea, the Middle East continues to be a world challenge. Creative interactions among all three Fifth Earth Chakra centres in the region are important. This area is where the Living Earth is most powerfully speaking its ancient Word of Peace. Everyone in the area needs to put their ear to the ground and listen.

1. Inspirational Chakra: Great Pyramid-Mount Sinai (Jebel Mousa)-Mount of Olives

2. Structural Chakra: Mecca, Saudi Arabia

3. Creative Chakra: Takht-e Soleiman (Throne of Solomon), Iran

(A group from Tehran did positive Earth Chakra workings with Takht-e Soleiman in the 2000s.)

If the collective Wisdom of the Three Chakra Circles is not enough, then use the reverse time planetary engineering patterns. There are two:

1). Energise the Bonded-Pairing link from Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

2). Create a positive earth energy flow from the Creative Solar Plexus Chakra Gutharragudu (Shark Bay) in Western Australia to its Bonded-Pairing link at Gate 23 Inspirational Chakra Arunachala Hill in India. Then move the earth energy from Gate 23 Creative Chakra Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka to its Bonded-Pairing link at Gate 37 Inspirational Chakra Mount Damavand in Iran. Move this positive energy flow from Mount Damavand in Iran to its Bonded-Pairing link Vozrozhdeniya Island (Renaissance Island) in the Aral Sea, Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan. Then move the energy back to Vozrozhdeniya Renaissance Island’s Bonded-Pairing link with the Creative Throat Chakra Takht-e Soleiman in Iran. Then, from Takht-e Soleiman, the Peace and Grace of the Living Earth flows back to harmonise the Middle East.


The 13 Inspirational Earth Chakras of the Second Cycle 2008-2027

1. Lantau Island, Hong Kong

2. Niagara Falls, Ontario-New York

3. Mt Dimlang, Nigeria

4. Recife, Brazil

5. Buenos Aires, Argentina

6. High Atlas, Morocco

7. Manaus, Brazil

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

9. High Tatra, Poland-Slovakia

10. Arunachala Hill, India

11. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

12. Mt Belukha, Siberia

13. Beijing, China – Synthesis of all twenty-six Inspirational Chakras of the First and Second Great Time Cycles

The 13 Inspirational Earth Chakras of the First Cycle 1989-2008:

1. Mount Shasta – Planetary Base Chakra

2. Haleakala Crater – Fire Spinner Wheel

3. El Tule-Palenque – Planetary Harmony Centre

4. Lake Titicaca –Planetary Birth Chakra

5. Glastonbury-Shaftesbury – Planetary Heart Chakra **

6. Table Mountain – Earth Spinner Wheel

7. Great Pyramid-Mount Sinai (Jebel Mousa)-Mount of Olives – Air Spinner Wheel and Planetary Throat Chakra

8. Mount Kailas – Planetary Crown Chakra

9. Bali – Planetary Purification Centre

10. Uluru-Kata Tjuta – Planetary Solar Plexus Chakra

11. Mount Fuji – Planetary Beauty and Immortality Centre

12. Lake Rotopounamu – Water Spinner Wheel

13. Sergiev Posad-Danilov-Moscow – Synthesis of all twelve sites

** Glastonbury-Shaftesbury is also the location of the mobile Planetary Third Eye Chakra until 2084, when it dissolves, to reform again after 4000 AD near Recife, in Brazil.


The original 12 Foundation Gates are the 12 Apostles of Planetary Perfection. These 12 Apostles, through their outpouring of the Immortal Word of Life, activate the additional 144. 12+144 = 156. Let me stress the importance of concentrating on the first 12 Inspirational Chakras, for the coded information and energy contained within these 12 is a World Fountain of Greater Life needed to illuminate the additional 144. From 1984 to 2065, the Planetary Architecture develops from Omega Point to Omega Sphere.

While collective attention should always remain connected to the original 12 supporting Foundation Chakra Circles, it is also important to begin work with the nearest of the 52 Earth Chakra Gates -- 156 Earth Chakras, to where you live in the world. For example, if you live in Iceland (Inspirational Earth Gate 40), shift your focus from Iceland to Callanish Stone Circle in Scotland, which is the centre for the related Structural Chakra Circle, and is also within the northern extreme of the original 777 mile Glastonbury-Shaftesbury Earth Chakras Foundation Gate.

Key Dates: 2023 to 2027

It should be understood that Earth Chakra activations will be happening all over the world at the times given - and at many times and places that are not being pointed out.

Earth links, with their energy and cultural exchanges, are needed among all Earth Chakras at key times in order to create a balanced planetary awakening. The ultimate Message of the Completed Omega Sphere is simple: All Creation is equally Sacred, Eternal and Beautiful.

2023: Melchizedek Immortals Revelatory Year – New Revelations for the next 12 year Jupiter cycle workings.

What is the work of the Melchizedek Immortals? It is identical to the theme of Earth Chakras: The full Restoration of the Way of Everlasting Life to all beings upon this Earth. This is the Way of Immortality mastered by Enoch, Lao Tze, Melchizedek, Elijah, Jesus, Mary, El Khidr and many others from cultures throughout the world who have established the Eternal Iota frequency within their physical bodies - banishing entropy, decay, and the last enemy, death. Most Immortals are unknown and unheard of – they are from the Farthest Future and the most Ancient Past. All cultures have traces of these Justified and Ancient Ones; Living Archetypes of the Eternal. Some people may interpret them as being Angels, others as benevolent Aliens from another world. What is certain is that All Immortals work for Peace on Earth, All are beings of great Love and Compassion, All have Infinite Patience, and All are Agents of the Divine…

Now this Immortal Work begins to emerge on a Planetary Scale. The Living Planet is utilising its major Earth Chakras to advance the frequencies of Life for all species. The Word of the Aquarian Aeon is Everlasting Life. If a sufficient number of individuals are inspired to Work with Dedication to create, step by step, the reality of this Planetary Vision, then it is possible to achieve the 26 Chakra Circle Tetragrammaton World Changes by Easter of 2027 AD.

The accomplishment of this goal restores the Lost Word and Way of Everlasting Life. Obviously there is a tremendous amount of Work to do. The Pathway is now open. Let Joyous Thanksgiving for every experience of Living illuminate and multiply the Magickal Grace upon the Tao that awaits you. Purify and Open the World Heart Chakra – and your own Heart – with Fires of Praise and Waters of Love that Reveal and Nurture the Beauty, Immortality and Highest Purpose of the Divine that is Eternally Present in all Creation. Forever and ever - for all beings - the First Step of this Journey begins Now!


2023-24: Pluto enters Aquarius.

The Earth Spirit accelerates the Materialisation of its Planetary Will.

Pluto is in Aquarius from:

23 March to 11 June 2023

21 January to 1 September 2024

19 November 2024 to 9 March 2043

and finally, 31 August 2043 to 19 January 2044

All major Pluto events during these years will have a deep impact upon the growth of Aquarian Planetary Culture.


21 April 2024: Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus, 22 degrees. This conjunction is a great focus for Planetary Construction.


2025: Neptune enters Aries.

Times: 30 March to 22 October 2025

26 January 2026 to 21 May 2038

and 21 October 2038 to 23 March 2039


2025-26: Saturn sextiles Uranus three times:

4 April 2025, Pisces-Taurus

12 August 2025, Aries-Gemini; and 20 January 2026, Pisces-Taurus.


7 July 2025: Uranus enters Gemini, conjuncting the Pleiades at zero degree.


2025: Uranus sextiles Neptune: 29 August and 20 November, with a third sextile in 2026 listed below. The first sextile is one degree Gemini-Aries; the second is at 29 degrees Taurus-Pisces.


20 February 2026: Saturn conjunct Neptune at zero degree Aries.

(The Chinese Year of the Fire Horse begins with the Aquarius New Moon, 17 February.) This is the last great archetypal conjunction of the Eastern Cycle, which culminates in 2027.


28 March 2026: Saturn sextiles Pluto, five degrees Aries-Aquarius.


July 2026: A great interaction among several planets:

15 July, Uranus sextile Neptune

18 July, Uranus trine Pluto

20 July, Jupiter trine Neptune

20 July, Jupiter opposition Pluto

21 July, Jupiter sextile Uranus

and 25 July, Neptune sextile Pluto

This last event - Neptune sextile Pluto - is historic. It is the first major aspect to form between the two planets since the discovery of Pluto. This sextile will occur a fantastic 13 times from 2026 to 2032, bridging the Culmination of the Eastern Cycle and the beginning years of the Third Easter Island Great Wesak Cycle.

The thirteen Neptune-Pluto sextiles progress through a range of degrees from 3 to 14. Neptune is always in Aries and Pluto is always in Aquarius for these thirteen historic events. Here is a complete list of the thirteen dates:

25 July and 16 September 2026

28 June and 16 October 2027

9 June and 8 November 2028

22 May and 30 November 2029

4 May and 26 December 2030

12 April 2031

and 11 February and 28 February 2032

Northern Hemisphere Spring Equinox, 20 March 2032 – opens the year that sees the Harmonious Integration of Islam into Planetary Aquarian Aeon Culture. This is one of the great achievements of the Third Great Wesak Easter Island Rapa Nui Cycle, which develops from 2027 to 2046 AD.

Also, on 19 July 2026 Mars sextiles Saturn. The Aquarius Full Moon on 29 July is very strong, with the Sun conjuncting Jupiter, and the Moon conjuncting Pluto. The entire two-week period from the 14 July Cancer New Moon to the 29 July Aquarius Full Moon, with all these dynamic events happening, would be an ideal time to do a solitary, creative Vision Quest.


16 September 2026: The second Neptune-Pluto sextile, three degrees Aries-Aquarius.


29 November 2026: Uranus trine Pluto, three degrees Gemini-Aquarius.


15 January 2027: Uranus sextile Neptune, two degrees Gemini-Aries.


28 March 2027: Easter, the culmination of the Second Great Wesak Cycle - the Beijing Synthesis.



30 August 2039: Quetzalcoatl Return Date.

After the August Leo New Moon - as Uranus enters Leo - and before the following 2 September Pisces Full Moon is the First Day of the Second 52-year Heaven Cycle in the Aztec Prophecy. The start of the previous 52-year period was 17 August 1987, when the Great Plumed Serpent Planetary Ley Artery was activated at El Tule at sunrise. 52 years later, the Physical Return of Quetzalcoatl is predicted for 2039. (I have written about this event elsewhere.) The Quetzalcoatl Return date can only occur once every 260 years, and this is the first time since 1259 AD that it falls at the start of a Heaven - rather than a Hell - Cycle. When Cortez arrived from Spain, the Quetzalcoatl Return date was in April, on day one of the First 52-year Hell Cycle. The next possible date was 26 June 1779, after the Solstice, on the first day of the Sixth 52-year Hell Cycle. Quetzalcoatl Returns on the first day of the Second 52-year Heaven Cycle – 30 August 2039 AD.

After 2039 the next significant date in the Aztec Calendar is the first day of the Third 52-year Heaven Cycle – 12 September 2091 AD. This is over seven years after the completion of the Omega Sphere in 2084. By that time the Mobile Sixth Earth Chakra will have retired to Antarctica – its mission to activate the Aeon of Aquarius completed.


Humility and acceptance are key ingredients necessary in order for individuals and cultures to flow with the Tao and transform harmoniously within the Matrix of Change generated by the 156 Circle dynamics.

Earth Chakras by Robert Coon is a Blueprint for the Restoration of Planetary Health. But it requires the collective efforts of all who love Life and this Earth in order to bring this Divine Design, or Plan, into its complete manifestation - the Terrestrial Paradise of the Omega Sphere. We now have the ability to do this – in creative cooperation with the Will of the Living Earth.

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