The Planetary Earth Chakra Structure:

The 12 Original Foundation Gates of the World

There are twelve Inspirational Earth Chakras on the body of the Living Earth. When these twelve areas are all in a state of vitality, then the Will of the Earth is able to take the quality of life for All Beings to the next level. If there is war, famine, or any major tensions within any of these regions, then the overall potential for the quality of life on Earth is restricted.

It is essential to continually work for the advancement of Light, Love, Life, and Liberty within these twelve foundation Earth Chakra areas.


Original Robert Coon Earth Chakras Map


Where are the Earth Chakras?

At the foundation of earth chakra work is the pattern of the seven chakras:

1. Mount Shasta, California, USA, North America

2. Lake Titicaca, Peru - Bolivia, South America

3. Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory, Australia

4. Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, England , Europe

5. Great Pyramid, Mount Sinai, Mount of Olives, Middle East, Africa

6. Aeon Activation Chakra, mobile (currently stationary at Glastonbury - see Chakra 6 link above) Antarctica

7. Mount Kailas, Tibet, China, Asia

Begin your work with these seven earth chakras, which are best defined by their geometrical centres. Learn to accurately draw the full circles of these chakras on world maps. After you are familiar with this foundation system, then there are other dependent structures to investigate. Learn the foundations first, and then build upon them. (Subsequent levels of the world chakra system are delineated elsewhere on this website and in my book Earth Chakras the Definitive Guide available on the Books page.)

List of seven earth chakras by Robert Coon


Chakra One: Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta is located at the southern end of the Cascade Range, which runs like a dragon from northern California, through Oregon, and through Washington to the Canadian border. There are many powerful mountains in this range, with Mt. Shasta and Mount Rainier – overlooking Seattle – the best known. If Shasta is the tail of this dragon, then Rainier is its mouth, or head. Impulses generated from Mt. Shasta, and directed to Mt. Rainier, resulted in the 1947 “UFO” phenomena gaining world attention. This increase in earth chakra transmission was in reaction to humanity’s introduction of atomic weaponry to conclude World War II.

Shasta is the most primal of the earth chakras. It is at the “base” of the world energy system. Here, the raw precursors of biological life are released into global circulation and development. Mt. Shasta regulates the universal life force prior to its integration into individual life forms and species. The energy of Shasta, as the first chakra, is like a geyser – a great uprush of life energy, or prana, without shape or structure.

When working with the forces of Mt. Shasta, it is vital to transfer all evoked energies to at least one of the other major Earth Chakras. The life current of Shasta does not take form until it is transformed within one of the other great continental chakras. There are times when the transfer is from Chakra One to Chakra Two (Shasta to Titicaca), or from One to Seven (Shasta to Kailash), for example. Factors which determine the direction of these transfers will be introduced and discussed later.

Chakra Two: Lake Titicaca

On the Island of the Sun, in Lake Titicaca, is found the Titicaca Stone, which is the geometrical centre for the second earth chakra. This is the world centre for the creation of new species, and significant evolutionary advances within existing species. In the human body, Lake Titicaca correlates to the second chakra. The difference is that the world second chakra governs all species, taking a special interest in positive mutations and evolutionary advancements. From Titicaca is born what is truly New. This sequence, over the Aeons, of innovative births always points in the direction of the goal of life – everlasting life. How can life force and structure be combined in a way that overcomes entropy? The Earth wisdom of the Andes continually seeks to answer this question with ever-increasing clarity.

The undifferentiated life force of Chakra One, Mt. Shasta, is transmitted to Lake Titicaca via the great world ley artery – The Plumed Serpent. This life-giving telluric current encircles the world, and has its evocational home at the El Tule tree in Mexico. Lake Titicaca is one of the two greatest ley crossroads on Earth. The Rainbow Serpent intersects the Plumed Serpent at the Island of the Sun. These two gigantic ley arteries also cross each other on the island of Bali, in Indonesia.

If you construct this second world chakra on a map, let the circumference pass through the junction of the Napo and Maranon rivers, near Iquitos, Peru, where the Amazon River begins. Notice that this great circle includes the heart of the Andes range, and includes many other sacred sites, such as Cuzco and Machu Picchu. All sacred sites within the Expanded Sphere of an Earth Chakra partake of the same defining qualities. Thus, Machu Picchu is also a world second chakra force.

Chakra Three: Uluru and Kata Tjuta

These twin sites in the Northern Territory, Australia, comprise the world “solar plexus” chakra. Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, is the more famous of the two. This large red monolith is, along with the Sydney Opera House, an icon of the smallest continent. Kata Tjuta, also called The Olgas, is equally impressive. Rather than one monolith, this site consists of a large number of massive red stones.

The global function of this chakra is to maintain the vitality of the Earth, and all living species. In the future, if there is a world art of immortal health, then the wisdom of this art will be gained from Chakra Three in central Australia. This wisdom is delivered to the rest of the world via the ley artery, the Rainbow Snake.

The Rainbow Serpent travels the path of life. It arises from deep beneath the surface of the Earth, and first emerges at Uluru. The Uluru magick is then transmitted to Kata Tjuta via a special song line which exits Uluru on its western side from the cave of the hare wallaby, Mala Puta. Once in the natural cathedral of Kata Tjuta, the universal vitality force is shaped into the various designs suited to the many different species of life on Earth. After the “packaging” of solar plexus energies, in the Valley of the Winds, the Rainbow Serpent leaves this area from the large heart-shaped stone, Ngunngarra (scarlet Fuchsia),and travels on to Bali.

Chakra Two energies from Lake Titicaca are directly sent to Chakra Three – Uluru and Kata Tjuta – via the world ley artery, the Rainbow Serpent, which crosses the South Pacific Ocean, sweeps underneath New Zealand, and enters the Australian mainland at Wilson’s Promontory.

In the ancient creation legends of “Dreamtime”, there is a story about a great ritual which had yet to be completed at Uluru. This ritual was meant to complete the great plan of the Earth Spirit. When the ritual is complete, then perfection will spread throughout the world, and death will disappear from all species. This event is symbolized by a great pole, or cosmic umbilical cord, which is destined to unite the Sun with the Earth – heaven with earth. As a fulfillment of prophecy this cord began to function in January 2020 AD, at the time of the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction. (For more detailed information on Earth Chakra Three, the World Solar Plexus Chakra, see my book The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail: Uluru and the Planetary Chakras.)

Chakra Four: Glastonbury and Shaftesbury

Glastonbury, Somerset and Shaftesbury, Dorset define the centre of the Earth’s Heart Chakra. In order for the force of greater life to be directed to maximum effect, the Grail of Immortality must be permeated by the Wand of the True Will. Glastonbury is the home of the Holy Grail; and Shaftesbury is the high place of the Sacred Spear of Purpose. When the earth energies of Glastonbury unite with those of Shaftesbury, then the Rainbow Serpent ley artery is able to deliver the immortalizing frequencies of the Holy Grail to all beings worldwide.

The great circle of the Rainbow Serpent travels from Uluru to Bali to Mt. Kailas to Sergiev Posad, then crosses Denmark before entering England near Great Yarmouth. As this broad ley river crosses England it sweeps through many famous sacred sites, all of which contribute to the world heart chakra. Avebury Stone Circle and the Tor at Glastonbury are perhaps the two most famous of these heart “acupuncture” points. If you imagine this ley artery as having width, then Shaftesbury is near its southern back, while Glastonbury is on the northern bank.

It was said during Medieval times that if the Abbot of Glastonbury married the Abbess of Shaftesbury, then their children would be wealthier than the King of England. This is an alchemical riddle. If you unite the archetypes of the two areas, then love is united with will in a way that is revolutionary. For those who study the Cabala, this alchemical formula unites Binah (Grail) with Chokmah (Wand). The Grail, directed by the Will of the Earth spirit, has the power to dissolve all boundaries between nations. If the heart of the Earth expands to its full circle, then – throughout the world – pain, suffering, and physical death among all species will fade from experience and memory.

The most famous legend of Glastonbury tells the story of Joseph of Arimathea and the Holy Grail. After the Resurrection of Jesus, Joseph shifted the archetype of Everlasting Life – the Grail – from Jerusalem to Glastonbury. This ritual act established the foundation for the eventual shift of the mobile world sixth chakra from the activation circle for the Aeon of Pisces, 2000 years ago, to the present Aquarian Aeon area in western Europe. Currently, the mobile sixth chakra is conjunct the Earth's Heart Chakra.

To move world solar plexus energies to Chakra Four, the principal direction is from Uluru-Katatjuta to Bali to Mt. Kailas (Chakra Seven), to Sergiev Posad-Danilov to Shaftesbury-Glastonbury. As this Rainbow Serpent force travels around the world it absorbs and releases information at the various sites. Shaftesbury, in particular, acts to decode information brought by the Rainbow Snake from Mt. Kailas, in Tibet.

It is also possible to shift the force from Chakra Three to Four by utilizing the opposite direction on the Rainbow Snake – from Uluru to Lake Titicaca, over the Azores, into Cornwall, and up to Glastonbury-Shaftesbury. Also, a simultaneous dual impulse in both directions would complete a great world circle involving the Following Earth Chakras: Two, Three, Four, Six, and Seven. (For more detailed information on Earth Chakra Four, the World Heart Chakra, see my book Voyage to Avalon: The Magick of Glastonbury Heart Chakra of the World.)

Chakra Five: Sphinx-Great Pyramid, Mount Sinai (Jebel Mousa), and Mount of Olives

The world “Throat” chakra, where the voice of Earth is emerging, is unique among the world sacred centres. Alone among the chakras, it is not on either the Rainbow Serpent (yin) or Plumed Serpent (yang) ley flows. By its spinning function this chakra does help to drive the force along the Rainbow Serpent path – but at a great distance. This sphere of fifth chakra energies, in the Middle East, is also a major component of another vital Earth structure – the Four Vortices, or Spinner Wheels, which regulate qualities related to the four elements of fire, air, water, and earth. Earth Chakras related to these four areas will be described after this section on the seven world chakras.

For all of the Earth Chakras, the art of listening to the will of the Earth is something which needs to be mastered. Humans will never harmonise with the purpose of life until they learn to hear and respect the voice of the Earth spirit. Nowhere is this more crucial than in the Middle East, where the world throat chakra resides.

The Earth is speaking, and no one seems to be listening. Imagine a Middle East where Jerusalem and Mecca are world heritage cosmopoli, open to all cultures. Imagine a Middle East that is at the world vanguard in advancing the respect for all beings – human and non-human – to live, and live abundantly. From Egypt to Iran, imagine a Middle East that is culturally united, and communicating to the rest of the world the Art of Everlasting Life. The voice of the Earth is singing the gospel of life in this region. Who is listening?

Three sites are given here as best defining the centre of this chakra. Mt. Sinai, between the other two, is a useful point from which to construct the expanded circle. The Immortal Moses, who carried Cabalistic wisdom from out of Egypt, crossed the abyss and beheld Living Eternity at Sinai. The Great Pyramid is one of the few artificial earth chakras. Unite your own True will with the Highest Purpose of the Earth and, with energised enthusiasm, project this united force as a living word from out of the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid – or from the summit. The Mount of Olives, on the eastern edge of Jerusalem – overlooking the mystic Golden Gate – is a focus for Jewish, Christian, and Islamic futurism. If Immortality is the key, archetypal Word of this Aquarian Aeon, then this Word needs to be clearly heard, by all cultures, from the Mount of Olives. From here, let the Word of the Aeon open the Golden Gate, so that all beings may enter into full life within a Planetary New Jerusalem – an eternal home to all species, cultures, and faiths.

Chakra Six: The Aeon Activation Centre, mobile

This earth chakra, like the others, has a geometrical centre and an ideal, expanded circumference. The difference is that this "third eye" moves 1/12th of the way around the world, to the west, at the dawn of each new Aeon. The great Aeons are determined by a slow revolution of the Earth's axis. The names given to these Aeons are taken from the 12 signs of the zodiac. Currently, we are said to be leaving the Aeon of Pisces, and entering the Aeon of Aquarius. Sometime after 4000 AD, this shift occurs again, when the Earth enters the Capricornian Aeon ...

When the time arrives, the Earth spirit sends out a signal which invites all interested forces to gather in a certain geographical area for the purpose of inaugurating a new age. As these forces coalesce, the world sixth chakra establishes itself, begins to operate, and expands. This chakra remains in place for 150 to 200 years - long enough for the new Aeon archetypes to be instituted - and then it dissolves. Over two millennia ensue, and then the call goes out again to gather 1/12th to the west.

The purpose of this activity is to distill the gathered wisdom of life on Earth from over the centuries, and then to use these fruits of wisdom to open new directions of Earth evolution. In each great Aeon, different themes are emphasised. Compassion, for example, was a key Word of the previous Piscean Aeon; physical immortality is the word of the new, emerging Aquarian Age.

At the present time (1904 to 2084) the sixth chakra is geographically conjunct with the world heart chakra in western Europe. In terms of time, this Aquarian frequency was at its most potent in April and May of 2008 AD. Worldwide cultural forces which accelerated at that time reach their full maturity in 2065 AD.

In many regions of the world, there are legends of the Immortals. Often, when these stories imagine a collective body of immortals, an invisible city is named. Examples of this are Pulaki (Bali), Shambhalla (Mongolia), Avalon (England), and The Church of the First Born (biblical). These legends interpret a revolutionary truth – immortality has existed for a long time on Earth. Often, the immortals follow very individualistic, solitary pathways, hidden from the outer world. Then, when the Earth spirit summons all forces for the birth of a new Aeon, many of these social misfits make new contributions to the new area and its new themes. This coalition is temporary, and, after the Aeon is activated, all parties resume their individual pathways for another 2000+ years. (For more detailed information on Immortals and Immortality see my books The Art of Everlasting Life and The Path of the Phoenix.)

Here is a list of the geometrical centres for the most recent Aeons, and for two future Aeons: Gemini - Tai Shan, China; Taurus - Mt. Belukha, Siberia; Aries - Malek-Siah-Kuh, Iran; Pisces - Mt. of Olives, Great Pyramid, Middle East; Aquarius - Glastonbury-Shaftesbury, England; Capricorn - near Recife, Brazil; Sagittarius - near Manaus, Brazil. (Brazil plays an important role in the next two Aeons, circa 4000 and 6000 AD.) Also see the Chakra 6 page link at the top for more information on this Unique chakra.

Chakra Seven: Mt. Kailas

Kailas is the most sacred mountain in the Himalayas, and is the centre of the Earth's Crown Chakra. Located in Tibet, it is the focus for the annual Scorpio full moon event, in April or May. For the Earth, and for all immortals, this moon marks the new year, in terms of global evolution. For those who have never worked with the lunar calendar, this particular full moon, associated with Mt. Kailas, is a good place to start.

Chakra Seven broadcasts the Earth purpose, or True Will. If we see the world as an architect, at work in building a global immortal structure, then the blue prints for this vibrant edifice are being released, year by year, from the crown at Kailas. For this reason, it is important to give one's full attention to this annual full moon, in particular, to the 90 minute period leading up to the exact culmination time of the Scorpio full moon. It is at this time that an individual may find their own True Will illuminated by the Earth spirit. The design and details of one’s own work becomes clarified through this activity.

Work progresses through time. In addition to the annual lunar cycle, Kailas also releases information concerning larger time cycles. For example, the principal constructive activity of the mobile sixth chakra is controlled from Kailas, through four great 19 year time cycles based on special Scorpio full moons, from 1989 to 2065. These 19 year periods are sometimes called Great Wesak Cycles. A second, more frequent, 12 year cycle is also utilised by immortals in the building of the future. This 12 year pattern is called the Melchizedek Cycle, and is initiated when Jupiter is in the sign of Aries. Recent Melchizedek starting points were in 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, and 2010-11. The current Melchizedek Cycle began in 2022. Future Melchizedek Cycles commence in 2034 and 2046. The commencement dates for the Great Wesak Cycle and the Melchizedek Cycle have a unique merge point in 2046. This event initiates the fourth phase of world development, which culminates in the Bermuda Synthesis of 2065.

There is a legend about the Lost Chord of Creation, somewhat like the story of the Holy Grail. If three lost notes could be found, and sounded together, then the world will unveil its eternal nature, and all things mortal will vanish. It is possible to reconstruct this lost chord by working with the Earth Chakras. Listen for the sound of praise emanating from Chakra Seven, Mt. Kailas. Hear the note of love sounding from Chakra Four, the world's heart centre. Then hear the sound of joyous thanksgiving singing from Chakra Three, Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Have the creativity and wisdom to combine these three notes into one force, and then regenerate the world!


The 4 Great Earth Chakra Spinner Wheels

1 Fire Vortex

2 Earth Vortex

3 Air Vortex

4 Water Vortex

There are four great vortices on the Earth body, two yang areas north of the equator which regulate the elements of fire and air; and two yin centres in the southern hemisphere which govern water and earth. These four spinner wheels are able to revolve in either direction, according to circumstances. This tendency to powerfully spin results in these four chakra circles having greater maximum radii – up to 1746 miles – than the driver wheel Earth chakras on either of the two great Dragon paths. These four areas should be regarded as equal in status to the Seven Chakras. Here are the Inspirational geometric centres for these Earth Chakra Spinner Wheels:

Alchemical Element Earth: Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain, overlooking both the Indian and Atlantic oceans, is the world earth element vortex, and governs the usage of light as a force to develop life. Light can be either destructive or constructive. Table Mountain directs the constructive potential of light. How can the power of light contained within matter be used to develop new global cultural structures? Listen to Table Mountain for the answer to this question.

Table Mountain displays the greatest creativity and fluidity in dealing with all things that the earth element symbolises alchemically. Imagine the summit of this mountain as a planetary Round Table, where there is no hierarchy, and all traditions, races and cultures are respected. When the positive wisdoms of all cultures are distributed globally, then all boundaries vanish. This is one of the inevitable consequences of Earth Chakra development.

Although the light-earth forces of Table Mountain may be spun in either direction, according to specific needs, the natural spin here is clockwise. Along with the anti-clockwise fire vortex at Haleakala, Table Mountain influences the flow of the Quetzalcoatl (Plumed Serpent) current around the world.

Alchemical Element Water: Rotopounamu, North Island, New Zealand

The second elemental vortex in the southern hemisphere is centred at Rotopounamu, a small sacred lake just south of Lake Taupo, in New Zealand. The natural flow for this spinner wheel chakra is in an anti-clockwise direction. The pathway around the lake takes about 90 minutes to walk. Locally, Rotopounamu is the second chakra of the mountain, Pihenga - consort to the mountain Tongariro. The fruit created from the union of these two mountains emerges from Rotopounamu, and advances the adventure of life throughout the world.

According to Maori understanding, Rotopounamu is the lake of the second emerald stone. Green is symbolic of the heart. Worldwide, the first emerald stone is an archetype at Glastonbury Tor, and the second emerald stone defines the centre of the world water vortex. These two sacred site centres are antipodean to each other. If the Holy Grail is associated with one of these poles, Glastonbury in England, then the Grail Net - the totality of all global ley lines activated - is initially raised from Rotopounamu in New Zealand.

Light is the quality worked with at Table Mountain. In the water vortex, the quality is love. Multiply the speed of light by itself, and you arrive at the velocity of love. The best use of light, worldwide, is to develop love and compassion. The best use for love is to expand the presence of everlasting life throughout the world.

For each of these Earth Chakras and Elemental Vortices there is an auspicious time, which occurs once about every six months, when the Earth Chakra area is at its most powerful phase, in terms of advancing the Living Earth’s purpose. For Rotopounamu this is at the time of the Pisces full moon, in August or September; and at the time of the Pisces new moon, in February or March each year. Consult the Calendar page link at the top to see the lunar correspondences for each of the other major earth chakras.

Alchemical Element Air: Sphinx-Great Pyramid, Mount Sinai (Jebel Mousa), and the Mount of Olives

The world air vortex is identical to Chakra Five, the Throat Chakra of Earth. The locations are the same. (This is something to meditate upon…) The natural clockwise rotation of this area stimulates the flow of the Rainbow Serpent Great Ley energies from England towards Sergiev Posad-Danilov. It was in this direction that the world's Life Force moved in 1984, to begin the global process of openness (glasnost) and restructuring (perestroika).

At this world air-immortal life vortex, on special occasions, let simultaneous clockwise and anti-clockwise life forces arise as a twin spiral archetype, speaking the first and last word of the cosmos – Everlasting-Life. From the Middle East let the wind of the Earth's breath ignite every thought. Burning thoughts are eternal magicians, conscious of their purposes.

Multiply the velocity of love by itself, and you arrive at the speed of eternity. When the heart of the Earth is open to its maximum, then the Rainbow Serpent accelerates to the frequency of immortality. Opposition to the Union of Love and Will declines throughout the 21st century. The Victory of Life is assured.

There is a special relationship between the world elemental earth and elemental air vortices. This is symbolised by the Sword and the Stone. The Stone is Table Mountain, while the Sword is the Mount of Olives (or the Great Pyramid, or Mount Sinai). It is essential to visit the Interior parts of Matter. While the Sword is within the Stone, let the sword absorb an understanding of liberty, as it is understood within matter. Do not seek liberation from matter - seek the liberation of matter. Matter does not seek to escape or transcend; it only seeks to express its Highest Purpose.

On the lunar calendar, Virgo is associated with the planetary earth vortex, and Libra rules the planetary air vortex. On the September equinox, the sword is plunged into the Heart of Matter from the planetary air element vortex. Simultaneously, from Table Mountain - the planetary earth element vortex - the Sword is pulled from the Stone. In the northern hemisphere, the sword enters the stone at the instant of the Autumn Equinox, on the Virgo-Libra cusp. In the southern hemisphere, the sword is pulled from the stone at the exact instant of the Spring Equinox. Let your imagination and purpose expand to experience this simultaneous Global Magick.

Alchemical Element Fire: Haleakala Crater, Maui, Hawaii

The final elemental spinner wheel chakra is centred at Haleakala in Hawaii. This is the global fire vortex, and governs liberty. Liberty is the result obtained when the "Straight and Narrow" pathway of the True Will (Highest Purpose) is followed at all times. In order for Liberty to flourish, the prerequisite of Adjustment must be established, individually and throughout society. Adjustment is a synonym for justice. It is only after justice and liberty have been united that the fruit of Everlasting-Life may be gained. Haleakala deepens the world understanding of liberty, in this context.

In the Cabala, there is a pathway travelled only by mystics that crosses the centre of the Abyss. This path is symbolised by the High Priestess card in the tarot deck. Also, the image of a camel crossing the desert is associated with this path. It connects Tiphareth with Kether. Tiphareth is the sphere of love, and is represented in the solar system by the Sun. Kether governs Highest Purpose (True Will), and has a representative in Pluto. The mystic safely travels this road above the abyss because their love for the divine everywhere present creates a burning desire to utterly merge with the "Divine Will". Again, Haleakala can increase one's wisdom on this connection between Love and Will (Love and Highest Purpose).

According to legend, the ancient Polynesian god, Maui, captured the Sun as it passed through the zenith above Haleakala Crater. Maui told the Sun that it could not gain its liberty until it agreed to give the Earth a special blessing through Haleakala, as it reached the zenith each day there. The Sun agreed to this, and continues to keep its word.

The world elemental fire and elemental water vortices combine to create the alchemical formula, the Wand conjoined with the Grail. Aries governs the Haleakala fire vortex, while the water vortex at Rotopounamu is the world focus for Piscean energies. At the instant the Sun is on the Pisces-Aries cusp, the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere, the Wand of Will infuses the Holy Grail with fires of liberty. At the same instant in New Zealand, at the Autumn Equinox in the southern hemisphere, love emanating from the Grail nurtures the True Will (Highest Purpose) of the Earth spirit.

These symbolisms can be studied through the Cabala, for those with such an interest. All real learning through the Cabala comes from direct actions, not from the written word. In the Tree of Life, the fusion of wand and grail is also shown as a horizontal union between Chokmah (Neptune) and Binah (Saturn). Chokmah represents the luminous eternal wisdom of the Wand-Will; Binah designs the structure of the Holy Grail. Thoth holds the Wand, while Isis holds the Grail. When the Cross is activated from Kether (Pluto) to Tiphareth (Sun), and from Chokmah (Neptune) to Binah (Saturn), then a path of Harmony between the True Will of the Earth and individual True Will is forged, and the Dweller in the Abyss is No More.

On an Aries new or full moon, picture yourself inside the crater of Haleakala, meditate upon alchemical fire, highest purpose, and physical-spiritual liberty.

The remaining three Earth Chakra regions to examine from the 12 Original Foundation Gates are:

Area 10 The World Purification Chakra

Area 11 The World Balance and Harmony Chakra

Area 12 The World Immortality and Ideal Beauty Chakra.

Area 10 Planetary Purification Chakra of Earth – Bali, Indonesia

The Two Great Dragon ley arteries cross at two points on the Earth: Lake Titicaca, the world Second Chakra, and on the island of Bali. The sacred sites of Bali act to purify the blood of the Living Earth. All forces transmitted by the World Ley System eventually pass through this filter. There are six regions on Bali which are dedicated to the purity of the world. Four of these sites act as pivots to alter the cross of the two dragons into the pattern of an Ancient Hindu Symbol. A fifth centre expands from the central area of this Ancient Hindu Symbol pattern, from the most sacred spring on Bali. The sixth world centre is in the western part of Bali, operating from a more Invisible Realm. These are the Six World Temples.

As the Great Rainbow Serpent Ley Artery enters Bali, from Australia, it is cleansed at Ulu Watu of any impurities contained within light. Ulu Watu, site of the immortalisation of Nirartha (a 500 year old immortal), is the world temple dedicated to the purification of elemental-earth and the quality of Light. From there, the Rainbow Serpent shifts towards the northeast and arrives at the second centre - Batur. Batur purifies elemental-fire and the quality of Liberty.

The Great Quetzalcoatl (Plumed Serpent) Ley Artery current is cleansed at two other pivotal points. Arriving from Lake Titicaca, this Ley is cleansed at Batakau, the elemental-water and Love quality centre. Next, this current reaches the highest mountain on Bali, Gunung Agung, where elemental-air and the quality of Life itself are made pure.

All the world's ley forces enter Bali through one of the above four gates. After the initial purification of one of the four elemental frequencies, any remaining ley impurities dissolve more easily within the central area of the Ancient Hindu Symbol pattern. By the time a ley artery exits Bali, it is totally purified. Tirta Empul, the fifth world centre, contributes to this central purification process. Its spring waters bathe the Two Great Dragon leys with the amrita of immortality. The sixth centre is called Pulaki, and exists on the inner dimensions in the area around Mount Merbuk, in western Bali. This is where the Immortal "highlanders" of Bali operate from. If one of these Immortals desires to contact someone mortal, they may assume the shamanic form of a white tiger. Pulaki also is dedicated to world purification. On Sagittarius new and full moons there are special interactions between these Immortals and the other world sites on Bali.

Area 11 Planetary Balance (Yin Yang) and Harmonious Communications Chakra of Earth - EI Tule and Palenque, Oaxaca, Southern Mexico

There are many sacred sites near the centre of this Mexican Earth Chakra. The El Tule Tree (Arbor del Tule), near Oaxaca, is directly on the path of the Great Plumed Serpent Ley Artery. Sites such as Palenque are equally important, but at a greater distance from the main world ley artery. This region is the world centre for androgyny - the inner balancing of yin and yang forces for a living being, of any species. It is from this Earth Chakra that the macrocosmic balancing of the world is governed. The northern hemisphere is yang. The southern hemisphere is yin. The alchemical elements of fire and air have their Spinner Wheel chakras in the yang hemisphere. The alchemical water and earth vortices are in the yin, southern hemisphere. These structures, and others, have their formative matrix in Southern Mexico.

Is the Earth feminine? Despite the tendency of some to call Earth a goddess, the answer is no. All beings upon a spiritual path eventually arrive at a point where they are whole. What may have been previously thought of as masculine or feminine qualities ultimately reveal themselves as neither. All real qualities are eternal, beyond gender, and attainable by all who seek greater life. Palenque, El Tule, and other sites in this region teach this sometimes difficult lesson.

The El Tule Tree was the world focal point for the activation of the Great Plumed Serpent Ley Artery at sunrise of 17 August, 1987. Previously, on 22 April, 1984, the Great Rainbow Serpent Current was activated. When the Earth Force of the liberated Quetzalcoatl spirit rose up from the roots of the El Tule living Tree of Life, then all the Earth Chakras and Elemental Spinner Wheels began to operate as an integrated system. Glasnost and perestroika began to rapidly accelerate after this point in time.

Palenque is the most famous temple city of the ancient Mayan culture. Legends suggest that several individuals attained physical immortality from this site hundreds of years ago. Palenque is one of those rare mysterious cities from which the entire population has suddenly vanished - for no apparent reason. Like the fabled City of Enoch, perhaps the residents of Palenque immortalised and went off to be with the Eagle People. There is a story that one of these Immortals appeared on a hill near Niagara Falls many centuries later. (Niagara Falls is the Inspirational centre for Earth Chakra Gate 15)

When constructing the Expanded Chakra circle from this region, centre your circle at El Tule, or nearby Mitla. Extend your radius out to touch the extreme north-eastern point of the Yucatan peninsula, and then draw your circle. All sites within this great circle contribute to the balancing function of this Foundation Gate. Gemini new and full moons are particularly efficacious at any of these sacred sites associated with El Tule, Palenque and Southern Mexico.

Area 12 Planetary Immortality and Ideal Beauty Chakra - Mount Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture, Honshu, Japan

The last of the twelve foundation areas has its Inspirational centre at Mount Fuji, Japan. Each of the Twelve Original Earth Chakra Foundation Gates is the "anchor" for one of the twelve zodiacal forces - particularly as those energies are expressed through the new and full moons. Mount Fuji is the world Earth Chakra focus for the Aquarius new and full moons. Thousands of pilgrims climb Fuji-san on the night of the Aquarius full moon, in July or August of each year, in accordance with tradition.

Once every 19 years, it may happen that the Fuji Moon culminates on 6 August. As this date is Hiroshima Day, and also Transfiguration Day (the day Jesus met the immortals Elijah and Moses, and became immortal himself) 6th August Fuji Moons are very auspicious. When working with the rhythm of the Moon, it is useful to remember that the Moon does a very precise and complex dance in the heavens which takes it back to the same place in the sky, in the same phase, and on the same date, once every 19 years. This is known as the lunar node cycle. It is used to structure major portions of this Earth Chakra work throughout the world.

The name "Fuji" means immortal, and is derived from a very ancient, indigenous word. Many of the myths and features of the mountain emphasise this physical immortality. Several hundred years ago, a Japanese woman eternalised her body from the summit. There is a spring of Everlasting Life on its slopes. Fuji, in the Aeon of Aquarius now unfolding, is destined to be a World Beacon communicating the Truth of Everlasting-Life. The poet Keats said that Truth is Beauty, and Beauty is Truth, and that is all one ever needs to know. The Earth Wisdom of Immortality gracefully emanating from Fujiyama is a Truth of powerful Beauty. Hence, the designation of this site as the World Centre for Immortality and Ideal Beauty.

Quest the Ideal: Devote yourself to seeking the most beautiful Truth. When you find this most beautiful truth in the universe, become that beauty, incarnate that truth, and remember Fuji San.

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