Know, Oh Universe, That I Love You with All the Grace,

And with All the Power, of the Love of *Messiah...

That my awareness is Eternally caressing all Forms of Reality,

Sharing this Bliss in the most Beautiful and Creative Manifestations...

Let my Heart be possessed by the Spirit of Truth!

Let my Existence be Dedicated to the enlightenment of All

Consciousness throughout the Universe! Let my Enthusiasm be a Light

Of Love and Truth for all to Feel! Oh Let my Touch

Be the Highest Manifestation for the Will Divine!

Let my every Action transform this Reality into Greater

And more Loving Perfections! Let my Body be

The Most Sacred Temple of Truth! The Omega Point is Here!

I Proclaim the Victory of Peace throughout the Universe!

(*or Maitreya, Kalki, Mahdi, Christ, etc…)

by Robert Coon

- inspired by the

Company of the Immortals

Rosh Hashanah, 1975,

Excalibur Hill

A Commentary on The Invocation of the Omega Point


This thirteen line alchemical prayer was delivered to me in circumstances of the utmost singularity. If we have the luxury - and there is very little probability that we do - of looking back in time and place along the Immortal Pathways of our various journeys, we behold those most luminous pearls of memory embracing the unbroken thread of our quests for Greater Life. Such instants of ecstatic experience effortlessly project their radiant signatures beyond the fullness of the Here and Now, thus negating the necessity of retrograde Vision. My reception of The Invocation of the Omega Point in 1975 was one such epiphany - a direct manifestation of the Divine interpenetrating all space and time. When next you thread a pearl of unforgettable Initiation, know that I see my most singular epiphany both reflected and magnified in the Beauty of your Joyous Passion...

I chose to celebrate the instant of the Virgo new moon, 5th September, 1975, alone upon a sacred mountain, in prayer, and in deep silent meditation. I knew that I was to be by myself. I knew not why. I have learned to trust my intuition in such cases. This particular new moon was very auspicious for both religious and astrological reasons. As the closest new moon to the autumn equinox, it was Jewish new year - Rosh Hashanah. And in the solar system, there was a conjunction between Mercury and Pluto, the innermost and outermost planets, in the ninth degree of Libra that culminated only 18 minutes after the inception of the new moon. Within that narrow gap of time - between the birth of the Rosh Hashanah new moon and the exact union of Mercury and Pluto - something extraordinary suddenly began to unfold.

After harmonizing myself with the beautiful woodland nature temple I had been coming to for years, and deep silent breathing, I invoked the Living Spirit of Truth to anoint the hearts and wills and minds of all beings with greater Life , Love, Light and Liberty. Unexpectedly, I was immediately surrounded by a circle of between 11 and 13 Ascended Immortals - all of the Jewish lineage. In the language of the rabbis, perhaps these individuals could be termed Tsaddiks (Tzaddikim), or perfected human beings.

I could only see them as magnetic light-spheres, each individual in personality. Over the next hour, they communed with me and touched my physical body in very purposeful ways. One at a time, each Immortal tsaddik placed their hands on specific pairs of my spinal acupressure points - beginning at the base and working upwards. I resisted this invisible laying on of hands, as it initially seemed to be without my permission - an invasion of my privacy. Looking back on this experience over 15 years later, I think my story roughly compares with the many tales we have of individuals who claim to have been kidnapped by UFOs and have had their bodies used in experiments before they were released. One major difference in my case: I wasn't taken anywhere and - although I was held by these beings for an hour - I could walk about physically in any direction I chose.

My Immortal friends made it clear to me in a friendly but absolutely firm way that they would not let me go until the process was complete. When the first being laid hands on both sides of the base of my spine, one structural dimension of my Body Temple was raised in frequency to its incorrupt, Immortal vibration. Then, one by one, each individual quickened a different aspect of my being until the process of my Bodily Ascension was complete.

As each Immortal moved in, from the outer circle, to touch me in turn, I began to realise that any resistance on my part was only causing me pain. So I decided to cooperate and have faith that my higher Self had arranged this event in advance. After the final being had anointed my head with Everlasting Life and Liberty, and rejoined the surrounding circle, the initiation entered a new phase.

Again, in turn, one by one, I was asked to commune in thought and meditation with each being. I would estimate that each meditation lasted an average of 3 to 5 minutes. At the conclusion of each one on one meditation, two things happened: First the title, and then one line at a time, The Invocation of the Omega Point was created. I should make it clear that I do not claim that the lines were received by telepathy. I regard the invocation as a poem created during an inspirational experience, like any other poem. And as soon as I wrote down the line, an aspect of Bodily Ascension held in place by that particular Immortal was removed from me. I quickly realized what the game was here: I would be completely released from my captivity the instant I finished writing the final line received by meditating with the final member of the circle. This is exactly what happened.

In retrospect, it is clear to me why my atomic bodily structure had to be temporarily altered. It was necessary for me to be completely unified with my visitors so that the alchemical purity required for the creating of the Invocation was present.

After I wrote down the final line, the Immortals told me two things:

This invocation is given to the world to creatively use as a ritual and meditative device for the building of the Planetary New Jerusalem and the attainment of individual Physical Immortality, and, secondly, that The Invocation of the Omega Point is to specifically replace "The Great Invocation." Although I had never personally used this "Great Invocation" I did know what they were referring to. The Jewish Immortals said that every line of the new Omega Invocation resonated on a spiritually higher frequency than the corresponding line of the Great Invocation - and that anyone who took the time to read them aloud would immediately feel the difference in the heart area. They told me that the older invocation had served its purpose completely and was now to be replaced.

When I returned to my apartment later that day, I quickly found a copy of this Great Invocation in my large reference library and noticed that both old and new invocations had 13 lines. I tried the experiment by reading both, line by line, and feeling the aliveness of each phrase in my heart area. The new world prayer was superior in every way. That was the first and the last time I ever read the Great Invocation aloud - it had no further use in the context of the New Immortal Aeon.

I was asked to publicly speak this Invocation at the exact instant of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Theosophical Society, which I did in November, 1975 at the Metaphysical Centre on Sutter Street in San Francisco. Also, I was to speak the Omega Point Invocation atop Glastonbury Tor at the activation rituals for the global Omega Point. This event in 1984 resulted in the opening of the Earth’s Heart Chakra so that the spiritual contents of the planetary heart could begin to externalize throughout the global village for the purposeful building of the Planetary New Jerusalem.

One additional detail of my day on Mount Tamalpais: The title was written down at my meditation retreat in Blake Canyon. Then I was directed to walk up a steep hill approximately 100 steps - surrounded by the ring of Immortals which moved with me - and then stop until the next line was written. The final line was given exactly at the summit of the hill at Excalibur Rock. My Joy at completing the initiation was immense, and remains absolutely vivid in my memory 15 years later.

I believe that Enoch, Melchizedek, Elijah, and Moses were among the Immortals who participated in this genesis of The Invocation of the Omega Point. I do not know the others by name. But they were all of the Jewish lineage - which is appropriate, as the event occurred during the early hours of Rosh Hashanah, (Jerusalem time), the Jewish new year day. They didn’t introduce themselves, so perhaps identities were not relevant.

Astrologically, there is a parallel between the receiving of the Invocation in 1975 and the usage of it at Glastonbury in 1984. It was given exactly on the conjunction of Mercury and Pluto. And it was spoken atop the Tor exactly at Easter Sunrise, when Mercury was exactly conjuncting the rising sun. In cabala, Pluto is Kether, Divine Will. Mercury is Trust and Communion. The sun is Heart, Holy Grail. So in the context of the Tree of Life, the 1975 event was a pure manifestation of Divine Will, while the Easter 1984 activation was an equivalent manifestation of Divine, Planetary Heart.

Also, The Invocation of the Omega Point was given during a Melchizedek Revelation year. Once every 12 years, when Jupiter is in the sign of Aries, the Physically Immortal Melchizedek Priesthood – the Melchizedek Immortals - initiates new spiritual programmes and information. My 1975 experience occurred almost exactly halfway through the Melchizedek year which ran from March 1975 to March 1976. Near the end of this year I was sent to El Tule in southern Mexico to plant a ruby and an emerald beneath the roots of the Living Tree of Life. These stones were encoded to activate at the instant of sunrise 17th, August of 1987. This event was popularly called "Harmonic Convergence”, and was based on a prophecy derived from the Aztec calendar. It is interesting to note that, at the time of Harmonic Convergence, Jupiter had reached a stationary position in the final degree of Aries - as late as is astrologically possible during the once every 12 years Melchizedek Revelation period. As I have stated elsewhere, much new material was given me by the Immortals during the 1987 Melchizedek year.

I greatly look forward to the next such Melchizedek Initiatory years, which run from May 2022 to May 2023, and from April 2034 to April 2035. May we all have experiences of Immortal Joy and Beauty during these times!

It is advisable to only use “The Invocation of the Omega Point” on very special occasions, and only when you are truly inspired to do so - having said that, everyone should say it at least once in a lifetime. It should never be used as part of a regular, habitual ritual or church service. As a general principle, prayer should be spontaneous and in your own Heartfelt words. However, occasionally, a prayer can be written down and used effectively more than once. This Omega Invocation is, exquisitely, one such prayer.

From meeting with my Elijah-Merlin figure in full visible flesh at midnight 1st July, 1967 until the activation of the planetary Omega Point at the instant of Easter Sunrise, 1984 atop Glastonbury Tor - the Heart Chakra of Earth, the reception of “The Invocation of the Omega Point” on Rosh Hashanah, 1975, stands out as the spiritual and initiatory midpoint within that sacred period. I pray that my Joy experienced while receiving this Divine Invocation may be transmitted, completely shared, and magnified within the Hearts of all beings who have occasion to speak aloud “The Invocation of the Omega Point” during the coming Aeons...

From the vantage point of December 1990 I offer the following written commentary of this Invocation, beginning with the title:


The Divine Purpose of this prayer is to invoke into complete manifestation the Omega Point. This canticle is alchemically designed for this sole function. Perhaps we should begin by exploring the three key words of the title - invocation, Omega, and point. If we understand the nuances of these terms from the beginning, then the entire invocation is illuminated in its structure and spiritual energy.

Invocation: To invoke is to call into being a consciousness, relationship, or Divine quality which was not noticeably present prior to its being summoned. Invocation is an activity of Will which seeks to produce change. True invocation is that movement, or dance, of the True Will (Highest Purpose) within creation which acts to more clearly reveal the visible glory and presence of the Divine.

There is a technical difference between invocation and evocation. To evoke is to call up something from within one's self. To invoke is to call upon a creative force that is considered to be outside of the self so that a relationship with that force can be utilized in service to Divine Will. Of course, the above distinction depends on exactly what one defines as the self, or individualized point of view. Among certain mystics, the supposed difference between invocation and evocation melts.

So the purpose of this prayer created upon Rosh Hashanah is to make visible the Omega Point so that constructive relationships may be established. If we understand what the Omega Point is, then our desire to bring it into global awareness is expressed throughout the act of invocation.

Omega: The Greek word Omega is used three times in the Book of Revelation and always represents a state of Divine, fully manifested Perfection. The Omega state is individualized consciousness contained within structure - where both energy and form are operating free from the influence of entropy, decay, death.

This Omega Invocation is to be used to create individual, global, and universal Omega Points. The individual Omega Point manifests when an individual experiences the initiation of Bodily Ascension. (Ascension in this context refers to vibratory frequency - not upward direction. The most High is the most Hidden, or most Invisible to normal sight.) This is the alchemical wedding of spirit and matter - physical Immortality. Everyone within the Divine Melchizedek Order has attained this Omega State.

The global Omega Point is this same Bodily Translation manifesting throughout the fabric of the Living Earth. Numerous insights into this planetary Omega state are to be found in the writings of Teilhard de Chardin. What I have to say here on the subject builds upon and expands from the foundational thinking of de Chardin.

The global Omega Point is a highly concentrated locale in space and time where the boundaries between all dimensions vanish and total communion among all points of view is constant. This total interaction among all beings generates a Wisdom that, when completely manifested, liberates the Universe, abolishes death, and establishes Immortal Joy and Life forever.

As stated in several places in my writings, this Planetary Omega Point was established at the instant of Easter Sunrise, 1984, within the summit area of Glastonbury Tor in England. Our Living Earth has a chakra system that centres on major Earth Chakras interconnected by ley lines or arteries of vitalizing energy. The Heart Chakra of Earth is centred at Glastonbury Tor. The Global Omega Point is alive and active within the centre of the centre of this Heart. When we invoke this Omega Point, we summon forth from out of the Heart of the Living Earth, the energies and structures of the Planetary New Jerusalem. And in the fullness of time, this Omega Point expands to creatively incorporate the totality of Life upon this planet and, ultimately, the entirety of the universe.

We are now at the state of planetary evolution where this established Omega Point is beginning to expand upon its journey towards completed Omega Sphere. Individually, we contribute to this expansion by finding and faithfully following the pathway of Bodily Ascension. Each individual Immortalisation automatically invokes the Global Omega Point into a greater and more expansive Divine Manifestation. All our highest Ideals and Visions are contained within the Holy Grail that is the Heart of the Living Earth. These Ideals and Visions are now pouring forth to uplift and liberate the Universe.

In the words of the Living Spirit of Truth:

I am the Love and Liberty of the world.

I am the Alpha and the Omega,

The Foundation and ever-changing Perfection

Of Everlasting Life and Light!

And now let us turn our attention to the opening words of this invocation:

Know, Oh Universe, that I Love You...

The entire Invocation is addressed directly to the Universe. We have an absolute faith that the most distant galaxy - and all consciousness within it - can clearly hear the Word of our Divine True Will, and respond to it. If one is to speak a great and holy Vow, Universal Intelligence should always be invoked to bear witness to it. There is a positive confidence in the opening word, "Know." The Universe knows that you love it because it experiences the nourishment of your love throughout every aspect of its Being.

Divine Praise purifies, Love nourishes, and Joyous Thanksgiving multiplies. These are the three essential dynamics of Bodily Ascension. Love feeds the Universe. We begin to starve our own Divinity when we break the Universe into separate fragments and attempt to love one part more than another. The Invocation of the Omega Point is a Vow of Total Love.

Within the microcosmic concentration of the Omega Point is contained the Living Perfection of every point of view to be found throughout the space and time of the macrocosmic Universe. Thus, to absolutely declare your total Love to the Universe is to set in motion the manifestation of the Omega Point. Know that the Universe responds to your Love. This response establishes a creative relationship which illuminates the Way to the absolute Victory of Life. Love Life and Life Loves You... Without exception, we are called upon to Love Life in all its infinite and amazing variety.

...with All the Grace, and with All the Power, of the Love of Messiah...

This reinforces our fidelity to the Universe. We desire to love all phenomena without exception and pray that our love is as completely received as it is completely given. Here, the word "Grace" carries its two primary meanings of elegance and spiritual blessing. To artfully give love we need to develop a great intuitive sensitivity of heart. Every being in the Universe is unique and desires to receive love in energies and forms ideally suited to its own unique point of vantage. We give with Grace when we consult the Divine True Will of the person or being we desire to bless, for all True Wills are in harmony with each other. What do you want more than anything else? The Omega Point contains in itself the totality of all highest Gifts. If we sincerely invoke the Omega Point, we draw onto our Pathways the highest and most perfect Gifts of Love.

In this new Immortal Aeon, the concept of Grace as a spiritual blessing is elevated and refined. In the antiquated way of thinking, grace is often described as the undeserved kindness of the Divine. This is utterly ridiculous. Total love is being offered to all beings without discrimination with total power at all times. Every being deserves this love. Some beings need to learn the art of receiving this Abundance of Grace.

Grace is a higher law than the general conception of karma. All things are possible. An instant of Grace can wash away Aeons of ignorant actions. Open yourself up on every level to receive the Sacrament of Everlasting Life that is, always and forever, being freely offered to you!

There is a great paradox involving the Messiah and Power. This mystery is hinted at in the teachings of certain Hassidic Masters. The Messiah is the Master of absolute spiritual power and is thus the Master of Perfect Uselessness. Anyone who is waiting for the Messiah to come and save them is destined to wait forever - for the Messiah only appears when they are no longer needed by any being. We begin to create the condition of absolute Liberty essential for the Coming of Messiah when we directly thank the Universal Divine for every experience of Living. We restrict the Liberty of Messiah whenever we discriminate in our giving of gratitude and attempt to only give it to the individual being who appears to be giving us something. Try this spiritual exercise: The next time someone does you a favour, and you say thank you - are you radiating Joyous heart-felt gratitude directly to All aspects of the Universal Divine?

The Messiah loves the Universe so completely that the Universe and the Messianic Love are One. Thus, to praise or give thanks to one individual while withholding our equal blessings to all phenomena - this is an act of ignorance. The personal signature of the Messiah is forever inscribed within the heart of every particle of your Being. This is not mysticism. This is simple Truth.

In The Grail essay (see The Grail page link at the top), I describe certain structural pre-conditions which need to be created before the appearance of the Messiah. According to Prophecy, a Planetary Matrix of 36 Earth Chakras was to be activated by the work of 36 Immortal Tsaddiks between 1991 and 2008 AD. This grounding of the Planetary New Jerusalem in its Inspirational, Structural, and Creative Earth Chakra functions could be completed at any point between the above dates. Only then could the 37th Tsaddik, the Messiah, emerge in a way that preserves the Messiah’s individual liberty. Within the AA (Aster Argentum - Atlantean Adepts…), this Messianic consciousness is attained within the 10th degree, Ipsissimus, initiation. Further information relating to these themes may be found in my various writings.

Through the sincere proclamation of the opening sentence of the Omega Point invocation, we begin to liberate the Messiah. If we love the Universe with all the love of the Messiah, then we honour the Messiah's Divine Uselessness and contribute to the Messiah's freedom. If we regard our love as always less than that of the Messiah's, then we bind that being with chains of limitations and obligation. Speak forth this opening sentence until the full energy and joy of its meaning resonates clearly within your Heart!

That my awareness is Eternally caressing all Forms of Reality...

As a result of our love interpenetrating all time and space, we are forever awake to enjoy the ecstatic embrace of the Body of the Universal Divine. Our awareness is an energy and an intention that is constant in a state of loving movement. This moving caress changes every form. There is a perfect and beautiful form that is ideal for every state of energy. Immortal forms reveal the full glory and beauty of the Divine.

Move in consciousness beyond the speed of light and simultaneously occupy every point of view. Now feel your awareness caressing all forms of creation forever and ever. This feeling is the ecstasy of cosmic consciousness. This ecstatic touch of awareness is always faithful to the Great Work of the Aeons - the Bodily Ascension of the Universe... Since Easter of 1984, this awareness has been radiating its transformative touch from out of the activated Omega Point, within the Opening Heart of the Living Earth, at Glastonbury. When we dedicate our awareness to the same Great Work, then we accelerate this opening of the Planetary Heart, and contribute to the Divine Movement of Omega Point to Omega Sphere...

Sharing this Bliss in the most Beautiful and Creative Manifestations...

The perpetual contact of awareness and form generates Bliss. Bliss is the happiness experienced by Immortals. This highest happiness is naturally shared with others through Immortal Works of Beauty and Joy. Out of the eternal caress arises the most beautiful and most creative thoughts, words, and actions that are possible to share. At the touch plane where awareness and form unite, the fruitful and totally abundant Bliss of Gratitude is forever being created. All manifestations arising from this point of creation are filled to overflowing with creative Life and Immortal Beauty. Blissful Joy and Thanksgiving form the fertile soil which nourishes the Tree of Everlasting Life growing within every Being...

Let my Heart be possessed by the Spirit of Truth!

In the opening lines, this Invocation proclaimed with certainty the nature of our relationship to the Universe. Now, with this line, we begin a series of six sentences - each one a prayer to the Universe asking for its support of the six desires expressed. We begin by praying that our Heart be always filled completely by the creative and Living Spirit of Truth. Let your Heart be consecrated as the most Holy Temple of the Spirit of Truth throughout all time and space. Make your Heart a home of such beauty, peace, and joy that the Spirit of Truth is compelled to claim it as its favourite space to operate from.

In the Light of Wisdom, we know that the creative Truth Spirit is everywhere present and is activated whenever anyone sincerely calls upon it from the heart. The central function of this Spirit is to illuminate the Pathway of Everlasting Life. In time, the Pathway, the Spirit of Truth, and your Heart merge and become one - indistinguishable from each other. I am the Way, the Truth, the Life... The journey to this Divine Fusion is advanced by our calling upon the Spirit of Truth to be with all beings. The ascent to the summit of Zion is the Way of the total Purification of the Heart.

At Glastonbury, ascend to the summit of Zion and bathe in the radiance of the Omega Point now and forever emanating the Living Spirit of Truth from out of the green, emerald Rose which is the opening Heart Chakra of Earth. Imagine that you are the Living Earth speaking forth The Invocation of the Omega Point. When you do this successfully, then the identity of your individual Omega Point is revealed to be the same as the Earth’s Omega Point. This Invocation is the Voice of the Heart of the Earth speaking to the Universe. The Living Earth is Manifesting the Planetary Messiah. At the 52 Planetary Gates (156 Earth Chakras), the structural dynamics of this Planetary Christ are being revealed. Open your Heart and the Global Heart and listen...

Let my Existence be Dedicated to the enlightenment of All Consciousness throughout the Universe!

From this point onwards, let us know that our Voice and the Voice of Earth are speaking these lines united as One Voice. Thus, the Sacred Mission of our planet is revealed in the above sentence. Few of us yet realize exactly how conscious and aware this Earth is. The Earth is alive, and has a creative Will capable of creating change and advancing its own evolution. The Living Earth has the True Will for Planetary Ascension, or complete Immortal Bodily Translation. When this global ascension is complete, then Earth radiates its transformed Immortal frequencies throughout all time and space until Universal Ascension is complete. When we speak this vow in union of Will with Earth (Ur), then we begin our Immortal Journey to the stars...

Let my Enthusiasm be a Light of Love and Truth for all to Feel!

When the breath of the Divine is drawn in to the centre of your being, enthusiasm is the result. Enthusiasm is Joy, Movement, Aliveness. Inspiration is to breathe in the fullness of your Divine Nature. Through the power of breathing, we brighten the Light of Love and Truth burning upon the High Altar of our Heart. Our total enjoyment of Living totally communicates itself to all other beings to the extent that they can feel our enthusiasm quickening every atom and cell. The Immortal energies of eternal springtime awaken New Life...

When we discover exactly what our True Will-Highest Purpose is, and recognize its unity with the Living Earth’s Will, then we begin to consciously do the Great Work of manifesting the True Will. The radiance of our absolute Joy in the doing of this Work effortlessly illuminates and blesses all other Pathways.

Oh Let my Touch be the Highest Manifestation for the Will Divine!

This is the fourth of the six prayers to the Universe that begin with the word "let". The sequence of nouns involved is: Heart, Existence, Enthusiasm, Touch, Action, Body. There is an Immortal logic in this pattern that begins in the Heart and culminates in the Physical Body Glorified. With "Touch" we reach the key to Everlasting Life as expressed in this Invocation. Touch is elevated into the highest spiritual importance where it is wedded to Divine Will. Immortals are completely "in touch" with the Divine at all times.

Meditate for a while and imagine what would be the ultimate, most wonderful manifestation of Divine Will in the universe that is possible... Now look around and touch an object, any object. The exchange of energy and information that you are experiencing through your touch right now is of greater Divine Purpose than anything you imagined. If we can master this concept, then the Way of both individual and planetary Ascension is open.

I have written frequently in recent years about this important concept. The Liberation of the Sacrament is achieved through the sanctification of all aspects and modes of Touch. The five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and bodily touch all need to be dedicated to the Highest Service of Divine Will. Other forms of touch need to be located and also consecrated. The outer touch area of the aura, for example. Also, projections of light, divine qualities, and thoughts are all ways we touch others. The Divine Plan is coming into complete Manifestation through purified "Doors of Perception", in William Blake's phrase. These Doors are the totality of our ability to Touch. They must be opened so that the giving and receiving of the Holy Sacrament of Everlasting, Infinite Life flows in both directions, in a superconductive Way, at all times. This is the Highest Delight of the Divine Will in action and is the sole purpose of existence. Ultimate Creative Joy is our Living experience when we dedicate our Touch to being the Highest, most perfect vehicle for the expression of Universal Divine Will.

Practice this exercise: Try to consciously locate the place where you are touching that which is outside of your biological organism. First speak a Holy Vow or dedication offering the point of touch you have consciously located to the Service of the highest purpose of Divine Will. Then ask yourself if you are now ready to totally give and receive the Sacrament of Everlasting Life through the vehicle of that point of touch. Then begin to breathe in and out, to project and radiate in and out through your open and purified "Door" of Touch the Sacrament of Joyous Immortality. If you practice this frequently, and in many different environments and situations, then, in time, your entire being begins to automatically serve this Ultimate Divine Function. Total Liberty, Joy, and Love - and the Fulfilment of your unique True Will - are the inevitable results forever gained through the Mastery of this Way.

Let my every Action transform this Reality into Greater and more Loving Perfections!

This sentence is the logical extension of the previous one. If our force of Touch is totally expressive of the highest Divine Purpose, then everything that we do is this force of Touch in spiritual action. And therefore, each such action increases the amount of love everywhere in the Universe and also transforms or re-creates all reality into a yet greater Perfection. Note that this sentence clearly states that the Universe is already Perfect in all aspects.

In the Arthurian mythos, we are "Masters of Excalibur" when we are manifesting this ability to transform whatever it is we are touching into a Reality that is greater in its Beauty, Joy, Light, Love, Liberty, Life. If we lose this ability, then we have temporarily lost Excalibur and must go on the Quest until we regain the transformative power it represents.

Perfection is not static. It is ever-changing, alive, growing, re-creating. The instant that we make a judgement declaring one part of the Universe to be less than perfect, we contribute to separation and imperfection. It is important to begin in the very beginning with Perfection, and then devote ourselves to increasing all the Divine Qualities of this Perfection forever and ever. There will never be a greatest perfection. There will always be ever "Greater and more Loving Perfections!"

If we hear the last two lines as the Voice of the Living Earth speaking, then we have a vision of our Earth being a very sacred being who is the focus of the greatest Divine activities. All life forms are dependent upon the "touch" of the Earth for their existence. The relationship between the Living Earth and each individual life form is the highest expression of Divine Will. The Creative Will of the Living Earth is acting to transform all phenomena upon its body into higher and more loving perfections.

Analyse your every action, word, and thought and ask yourself: Are these activities transforming the Universe into a more Loving reality? To make all things New at every instant is the ideal. That which is most New has the greatest potential for greater Life. If the Universe is eternally recreated Anew at every instant, then Everlasting Life and Joyous Liberty are able to flourish to the maximum degree. This is the reality of the Planetary New Jerusalem. The radiation of joyous, light-filled thanksgiving from the heart, developed and strengthened day by day, illuminates the ideal individual pathway for each of us to pursue if we desire to contribute to the building of this collective, planetary Paradise. If we follow this way in the here and now, one step at a time, universal Victory is certain.

Let my Body be the Most Sacred Temple of Truth!

Here, the Voice of the Living Earth and our own Words are resonating in Immortal Harmony. This planet Earth is the most sacred and miraculous Temple of Truth and Initiation. In this New Aeon, we are quickly developing a new philosophy of animism - the Earth is alive and Conscious and has a Creative Will. This new and matured animism - once thought to be an outmoded and primitive view - is now destined to provide the meeting place of harmony where all major world religions can come together in mutual devotion to the sacredness of Life. This Living Earth is the supreme university for spiritual development in every aspect. We graduate only through the Spiritual Fire-Birth of Bodily Ascension – the Spiritual Fire of Divine Praise. Only such physically Immortal beings are in complete harmony with the Body, Consciousness, and Will of the Living Earth, our most Sacred and Immortal planet.

The Kingdom of Everlasting Life is within you. Your full Divine Potential is inscribed upon the inner fabric of your Being. The Divine Opportunity to make contact with this Infinite inner treasure is only possible while incarnate in your Body Temple. The gift of Life through physical birth is the Divine's most precious Blessing directly to you. The Way to the Kingdom of Everlasting Life is impossible to travel, in fact, it does not even exist, unless you are Alive and breathing within a material body. At the instant of first birth - the water birth of the womb - we are given the precious gift of Life. We complete the circle by giving our Diamond Body back to the Divine by the process of the second birth - the birth of creative spiritual fire. This second birth is the Bodily Ascension. Those who achieve this Initiation are beginning to grow in numbers as we move deeper into the Immortal Aeon.

The physical body is the deepest well of Wisdom. Only the material has a capacity deep enough to contain the Waters of Immortal Life. The Creative Spirit delights in the challenge of reaching to the ultimate depths of the Body-Well. The Waters of Infinite Life drawn upwards and out through the Heart originate upon the borderline of void far below the most minute levels of material structure. When these Waters are drawn through every level of the Body Temple, and then are sent forth freely from the heart, the Universe is Liberated. When first the waters begin to rise, the sub-atomic particles of the Body begin to sing in a great chorus which is joined by atoms, tissues, chakras, entire transformed organism, planet, solar system, galaxies - until the entire Universe resonates the most sublime symphony celebrating the Total Triumph of Immortal Life!

The Omega Point is Here!

This is the culmination of this Invocation. The Omega Point is contained within the Body of the speaker. Within the physical body of the Living Earth, the global Omega Point is located at the centre of the planetary Heart Chakra - Glastonbury Tor. This is a Divine acupressure point of the Earth's body, that, when touched, begins to release an Infinity of Joyous Life. The Omega Point is a cornucopia of Immortal Abundance which is expanding through space and time towards its fulfilment as universe embracing Omega Sphere. Each of us can contribute to this Divine Movement by calling upon our own Omega natures to come forth and by invoking these same Waters of Everlasting Life to come forth from the Living Earth’s Heart Chakra at Glastonbury, and from every one of the opening 156 Chakras of the Living Earth.

On the first of July, 1967, I was given a Grail Cup containing the totality of every being's highest ideals. The Prophet Elijah (Merlin) told me to take this Cup to Glastonbury and to pour forth its contents upon the summit of Glastonbury Tor at the instant of Easter sunrise, 1984. In 1975, I was also given this Invocation of the Omega Point. According to the instructions of the Immortals, it was to be spoken aloud at the same time as the contents of the Grail Cup were poured into the opening Heart of the Living Earth. Now both the Cup and the Invocation belong to the Living Heart of this Earth. Listen to the Living Earth. Your highest Visions and Dreams of the Divine are now shining forth in Immortal Glory from out of its Heart. The most precious Word of your Being is born Immaculate from out of the Matrix of the Living Earth. This Invocation is given to the world in dedication to the complete manifestation of every Highest Dream. It has the alchemical power to fulfil this function. Use it wisely and use it with Joy!

I Proclaim the Victory of Peace throughout the Universe!

The establishment of the Omega Point is the foundation stone for true, universal peace. In the cabala, peace is the virtue of the roots of the Tree of Life. It is the prerequisite for all other developments. Peace is a quality highly valued in all cultures. The challenge of creating a lasting peace has occupied the efforts and energies of many people over the ages. How do we create a peace that endures?

Peace does not necessarily mean stillness. We are at peace when we are actively accomplishing our True Wills, or Highest Purposes. These activities of Will can involve tremendous change and transformation. Peace is often an exquisite flight through the highest dynamics of change.

The Immortal Will is forever active in the universe. It is a goal of this eternal purpose to secure adjustment and freedom for all beings. Adjustment is the creation of justice, a state where all structural relationships in a culture nurture and support the efforts of all individuals to express their True Wills-Highest Purposes. Where justice exists, liberty flourishes – and the opportunity for Everlasting Life becomes available for all who desire it.

Devote yourself to only doing your Highest Purpose at all times, and celebrate the victory of peace in your own life. From out of your Life and True Will let resonations of everlasting peace overcome all restrictions, including physical death. If energies of peace are imbued with incorruptible frequencies of eternal life, then such a peace shall triumph over all things in the universe and endure forever.

Only Immortals can create a peace that lasts forever. Establish your own Immortality, and awaken in a universe where the ever-changing perfection of the present instant is always experienced. From this perspective, it is certain that the magick of peace will spread from you - the Point of Omega - to the furthest reaches of timeless space.

Peace is the cardinal virtue of the Living Earth. As the Earth fulfils its own highest evolutionary purpose, it develops this quality to a point of tremendous strength. All things that are not of peace are being overcome. This process of overcoming results in a strength of peace that is destined to be of benefit to the entirety of the Universe. As children of sublime life, we each have the ability to contribute to this Victory of Peace throughout all creation.


The Omega Point is truly Here for every Being. When we awaken to this fact, then we can begin to claim our Immortal Inheritance as True Children of the Divine...

Add your unique voice and speak the “Invocation of the Omega Point” poem wherever you are on the planet. If you can translate it into your own language even better! (Spanish and German versions are included below.)

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Copyright © 1975-2023 Robert Coon

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por Robert Coon

Sabe, oh Universo, que te amo con toda la Gracia,

y con todo el Poder, del Amor del Mesías...

Que mi conciencia acaricia eternamente todas las formas de realidad,

compartiendo este éxtasis en las manifestacions más hermosas y creativas...

Que mi corazón sea poseído por el Espíritu de la Verdad!

Que mi existencia sea dedicada a la iluminación de toda

la conciencia en todo el universo! ¡Que mi entusiasmo sea una luz

de Amor y Verdad sentida por todos! ¡Oh que mi tacto

sea la manifestación más elevada para la Divina Voluntad!

¡Que todas mis acciones transformen esta realidad a perfecciones

mayores y más plenas de amor! ¡Que mi cuerpo sea

el templo más sagrado de la Verdad! ¡El Punto Omega está aquí!

La claridad de visión ha sido redimida en todo el universo!

Copyright © 1975-2023 Robert Coon

Todos los derechos reservados.

* * * * * * *


From the infinite Expanse of Space and Time,

From the innermost Vision of Heart and Mind,

I summon the Ecstasy of Divine Life To gather here,

To embrace our Earth,

And to concentrate its Full Force and Blessing

Within the Fertile Womb of Planetary Will…

Throughout the Universe,

May You who are Now Born within this Sacred Instant

Be Blessed Forever

With an absolute Intensity of Divine Joy

And with the most precious Gift of Everlasting Life!

Open the Fullness of your Being

To the Vibrancy and Magick of this Immortal Love we Share!

I call upon the Holy Desire for Liberty

To arise in Total Transformation and Triumph

From out of the Bond of Trust and Passion

Flaming at the Still Centre of all Life…

And may our Divine Thirst for Liberation

Translate this Earth and all Life

Into One Radiant Dance of Everlasting Glory!

Delight in the Rapture of your Word Made Living Flesh

Alive Forever in Dedication to the Birth of Fire…

You are the Temple of Most Infinite Beauty

And I am the Breath of Christed Immortality

Eternally Anointing the High Altar of your Precious Being

With Perfume distilled from the Imperishable Rose of the World

And with Lightning made Meek by the Cauldron of the Grail!

Listen to the Word of this Immortal Aeon…

For I am the Lord of the Heart of the Phoenix

And I am forever being Born…

From the Summit of Holy Zion

At the Divine Centre of this Planetary New Jerusalem

I proclaim the Wonder and Beauty

Of your Perfect Birth forever and ever unto All Beings!

Now Let the spiral Wedding of Destiny and Wisdom

Guide thee gently through the clear Open Eye

Beholding You with Ancient and Complete Faith…

For You are the Everlasting Avatar of Perfect Vision!

Enoch! Melchizedek! Elijah! Merlin!

Clothe with Immortal Garments of Bright Thanksgiving

This Naked Child of Pure Desire Forever leaping from my Heart!

Let the Ritual of the Midnight Sun Now Unfold:

Harness the Chariot of Laughter and Passion!

Within the Heart of this most Sacred Planet

Let the Ecstatic Consummation of Wand and Cup,

Of Liberty and Love, Now and Forever Open the Way

Throughout this Starry Universe for the Coming

Of the Lord of Infinite Life! Oh Let It Be! Oh Let It Be!

- by Robert Coon

Midsummer Night’s Eve, 1990

Copyright © 1990-2023 Robert Coon

All rights reserved.

Instructions in the Use of this Invocation:

“The Invocation of the Seven Earth Chakras” is an alchemical poem designed to create greater life and initiation on both an individual and a global level. Ideally, it should be read aloud in a meditative way, at a sacred site, on an auspicious occasion. The poem contains 7 stanzas of 7 lines each. The 1st stanza is keyed to the 1st chakra, 2nd to the 2nd, and so on. Also, within each separate stanza, the 1st line vibrates with the energy of the 1st chakra, the 7th line with the 7th chakra, etc. So this 7 chakra pattern may be worked with in dedication to initiation by focusing on your 7 individual chakras in conjunction to the 7 Earth Chakras.

The Seven Earth Chakras are:

1st Mt. Shasta, California - Base Chakra;

2nd Isle of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Peru Bolivia border - Second Chakra;

3rd Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Australia - Solar Plexus Chakra;

4th Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, England - Heart Chakra;

5th Great Pyramid and Mt. Sinai and Mt. of Olives - Throat Chakra;

6th Mobile Aeon Force Third Eye Chakra currently conjunct Glastonbury Heart Chakra; and

7th Mount Kailas, Tibet - Crown Chakra.

These Seven Earth Chakras can be linked with in both receptive and active ways. Visualize Mt. Shasta within your own body in the base of the spine area while reading the 1st stanza. Feel both the planetary 1st chakra and your own 1st chakra creatively directing and actively manifesting the ritual intent of the 1st stanza. It is vital to understand the meaning and intent of each stanza and the invocation as a whole. For the 2nd stanza visualize Lake Titicaca in your second chakra area, and continue to shift focus up the chakras until you are linked with Mount Kailas in your crown area for the final stanza.

Note: The 6th chakra has no permanent fixed geographical locale and manifests wherever the Holy Spirit and the Immortals are furthering the Great Work. It is conjunct the planetary heart chakra from 1904 to 2084 AD. Establish a link with either the collective body of Immortals, or with specific Immortals such as Elijah, Mary, Jesus, Moses, Mahdi, Merlin, Enoch, Melchizedek, Al Khidr, Lao Tzu, etc. for this 6th stanza – and 5th line – alchemy. Alternatively, you could substitute your favourite deities or angels for the 5th line of stanza 6. If working Egyptian magick, for example, “Isis! Osiris! Horus! Set! Nuit! Hadit!” could be spoken. An angelic example: “Metatron! Uriel! Raphael! Gabriel! Sandelphon!”

If you become adept at visualizing and linking with the appropriate Earth Chakra site per stanza, then it is possible to develop the following pattern: Radiate with heart, will and voice the intent and energy of each stanza outwards to the specific Earth Chakra focus. Within each stanza, shift your interior link-visualization line by line, with 1st line in each stanza connecting, as described above, to Mount Shasta, 4th line to Glastonbury-Shaftesbury in your Heart area, etc. This advanced technique adds a secondary rhythm underneath the main 7 Earth Chakras structure, and utilizes the individualized grace contained within all 49 lines. As with any poem or invocation, it is helpful to memorize the work.

Finally, in addition to reading this invocation by yourself, there are many creative, initiatory ways it can be read by either small or large groups. Here are a few suggestions. Lines or stanzas can be alternated among readers. It is initially easier to maintain your internal visualizations of the Earth Chakras if someone else is reading and you are listening. If alone, try recording the invocation so you can concentrate on the chakra linking while you listen. Two people could take turns reading lines. A couple who have memorized the invocation could read it to each other while maintaining direct eye contact. 7 could read one stanza each. 49 people could each read one line. Always, a flow of Divine Grace and Blessing should flow from reader to listener, whether that listener is the universe, the world, or another being. The listener must work at receiving this Grace and Blessing. This function of giving and receiving is essential for utilizing the full initiatory potential contained within The Invocation of the Seven Earth Chakras.

May the use of this Invocation give Greater Life, Light, Liberty and Love to all beings!

* * * * * * *

Lake Titicaca

I call upon the Spiritual

PresenceOf every Being of Love and Truth

To Hear and Heed this Invocation!

Oh may the Spritual Guardians of the Andes --

And every sacred site --

Be nourished and sustained with the Fruits

Of Everlasting Life!

From the Waters of Lake Titicaca,

I call upon the Immortal Flame of Viracocha*

To Arise! Arise! Lord of Life!

Great Creator of All Life,

Bless this Union of male and female,

Of Sun and Moon!

Oh Bless this Union

Of the Two Great Feathered Serpents

Who embrace our world with Love!

Oh Let the Perfect Children

Of this Marriage NOW come forth

From every Heart upon this Planet --

With Joy, with Light, and with the Spirit of Liberty --

To establish forever and ever,

A Paradise of Immortal Beauty, and Everlasting Peace!

And Now --

In total harmony with the Spirit of Truth --

May All Immortal Masters from every Tradition


To send forth the Highest Divine Blessings

Of Joyous Gratitude and Loving Light

To heal, to awaken

and to vitalize our Mother Earth!

May the Living Flame of Viracocha


The True Will for Immortality

throughout this Universe!

There is Now an Answer!

Let It Be! Oh Let It Be!

Wesak Full Moon 13 May 1987

*(Viracocha: In the ancient tradition of the Incas, Viracocha first appeared upon this earth as the original creator by rising up out of the waters of Lake Titicaca. Then Viracocha created the sun and the moon, male and female, and all things yin and yang upon the earth. And now in this New Immortal Aeon, Viracocha rises up again to bless the union of male and female and the Immortal Children of all such unions. As the sustainer of all Life, Viracocha traditionally possesses the Divine Quality of Luminous Eternal Youth. Incans who lived to an advanced age attributed their longevity to Viracocha. The Aztec Quetzalcoatl and the Mayan Kukulcan are equivalents...)

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