The entirety of the Planetary Structure, as described on this website and in Robert Coon’s book Earth Chakras, is unique intellectual property, and is copyrighted. Due to its Architectural complexity, it has never been imitated since its release more than 50 years ago. What is not copyright is how individuals apply the World Earth Chakra Structure to improve the quality of life for this Living Earth, all species and all individuals.

The Planetary Earth Chakra Structure – including the Seven Earth Chakras, the Rainbow and Plumed Serpent World Ley Arteries, the 156 World Circles, the 72 Bonded-Pairings, the Four Great Wesak Construction Cycles, Lunar attributions and other related structural information - was first released 1 July 1967.

All of the above structural elements are Copyright 1967. Prior to that date there was no unified interconnected global system whatsoever. All structural information on this subject originates from July 1967, and has been transmitted throughout the world solely via the writings and lectures of Robert Coon since then. The World Structure, with its 156 expanding, contracting and interlinking circles, is unique in its design. No one has ever tried to imitate it in its entirety, but several have ‘borrowed’ from it.